Well, good afternoon fellow believers in Christ and those who are not yet believers in Christ our Savior.

I wanted to talk about pride today. Pride is something I deal with on a daily basis. I commonly tend to think of my theology as 'high theology' and can get pretty obstinate when someone tends to disagree. My pride prevents me from seeing where the other person comes from.

Pride creates judgmental thoughts. All those thoughts stem from an 'I'm better than you' thought and it goes from there. I would tend to get razor sharp teeth when someone, who is probably a true Christian, disagreed with me on a theological matter.

The only way I could ever let go of my pride is to keep the magnitude of my Savior in remembrance. He alone is good, not I, not anyone else, not even the wisest man who ever lived. It is a hard concept to take, because my flesh always wants to be on top of things.

The theology I subscribe to is a lot of times riddled with issues of pride. I have a hard time not sneering when I think about the word 'goats.' It makes me think of people who are jumping into Hell blindly and not even caring. Yet that is not to be my focus. My focus is to be the sacrificial atoning work of Christ on the cross for our sins.

For anyone who is buried in their pride, I pray that they can see the pureness and divinity of God, the magnitude and the holiness of God, etc. It should be an example to all those who are in a struggle in their regenerated Christian life.

For anyone reading this, go before God and mortify your sins. Cast them away in repentance to the LORD. Ask the LORD to purify your heart. Ask the LORD to chastise you and make you more whole in His sight. Be of good cheer.

God bless.