Star Wars from the Unknown Regions Episode III: Kana

Chapter 1 : Beginning's

Merely 6 months after the Akkadian defeat from the Universal Alliance the Akkadian Clans divided and fell. 50 years later Akkadia is still divided and the Republic and Universal Alliance are experiencing fruitful relations. One of the splinter clans of the Akkad were called the Khan's. The Khans were a very war like race and hated the idea's of democracy. The Khan's were lead by a mysterious man simply known as Kana, Kana was secretly uniting the Clans of Akkadia into a war machine that would not be stopped.

The Akkadian Empire was reborn, but not under the original dynasty but under the mysterious being known as Kana, he united the Clans of Akkadia into a new vision, a vision of war and human slavery. His first plans were going to be to get the Empire and New Republic in a war that would weaken the Alliance's Defense Capabilities and Offensive Capabilities. By the year 5023 AD the Prince and Heir to the throne of the Empire of Earth would be killed in a "accident" over Luna. The New Republic would do just what Kana wanted, the New Republic supported a new Family for the Empire and the current Emperor refused.

Chapter 2 : The Beginning of the End

The Imperial War of Succesion had started and was in the New Republican favor for about 2 weeks until the 14th Battle of Oraido when the Grand Democratic Army was obliterated. Kana's plan had come to fruition as the Empire and New Republic fought and the Universal Alliance fell apart. The Gaurds of Kana a very religious unit within the New Imperial Army were sent to assissanate Chancellor Vin Rhan of the Galactic Republic. This part of Kana's plan would secure the complete dissolution of the Universal Alliance. The gaurds arrived and hid in his room. When the Chancellor came home they grabbed him and gave him a posion that couldn't be tracked and it killed him in 1 second. The gaurds then left. With the chancellor gone the Republic fell into civil war and many of there akkadian provinces joined the New Akkad Imperium. The last part of Kana's plan had come it was now time to build the Military...

Chapter 3 : The Human Question

For Billions of Millennials the Humans have been the dominant species of the universe but with the recent Akkadian Empire showing superiority over the Human Republics and Empires. During the era of the Akkadian Empire there were massive genocides against the Humans but now with The New Empire of Akkad, the question remained whether the humans should be eridicated or left alone. With war jsut around the corner and the Humans And Akkadian's fighting amongst them selves the question still remains...The Human Question...

Chapter 4 : Operation 3 Decada

With all the preperations made Kana initiated Operation 3 Decada. The Initial Attacks were brutal and quick and entire fleets were destroyed within minutes. The Emperor and President of the Empire and New Republic soon put there differences aside and began fighting together. Kana suspected the New Republic and Empire would fight together and he imposed a operation to destroy the public's faith in the Empire and New Republic. Within months the Empire and New Republic had fallen to the might of The New Akkad Imperium. Kana then quickly occupied the Trading Empire and the Remenants of the Galactic Republic. The Akkadian Clans fighting them selves quickly joined Kana's empire. Kana had counqered the Known universe in a matter of months. Kana had done what the final Akkadian Emperor failed to do; Reestablish the Empire of Fel (Akkadia). Humans almost immidiatly became segragated from the Akkadian People and sectors were devised.

Chapter 5 : An Uneasy Peace

The First year under Kana was completely peaceful no rebellions or riots. The New Akkad Imperium was very racially segragated and slavery was common. There was a movement on Akkadia to find and dispose of Kana and restore the Akkad Emperor. The Imperial Military would keep peace and the Kana's Council would rule. Kana would view earth like this 'The Throne and the Thorn of the Old Empire'.

To Be continued...

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