Disparita: the Latin term used to describe chaos and, namely, despair. Ironically enough, it was also the name of one of the country's most tranquil cities. There were robberies and gang activity in sparse amounts but for the most part, Disparita City was a relativity hospitable place to reside. Until as of recently... According to the police, there were countless reports of theft and assault all under the work of a pair of fraternal twins. Little was known about the siblings except they were both adept in the martial art of taekwondo, both equipped with special powers that magnified their deadliness.

One bright, sunny afternoon in the bountiful city, a man clad in a fedora and brownish-gray trenchcoat strolled down an abandoned pier. That said pier had also been the spot for smugglers to ship drugs, weapons, and other harmful items and it seemed reasonable that none of which were present in broad daylight. However, standing on a building above the mysterious man were two figures concealed from the sun's view. One of the two, with a feminine body, turned to the other with a more masculine build speaking in a slight whisper.

"Remember, exactly as we planned."

Whatever part of that said plan involved the feminine figure to depart from the shadows, diving off the building with her leg cloaked in magenta flames about to ensnare the man. Unfortunately for him, the man took the blow to his fedora-donning head as it sent him down the concrete. Taking a better look at the female who attacked him, he knew from the way her tongue slid around her lips that she was poised to tear him to shreds. Like a lioness on the hunt for her cowering prey. The female then hopped towards the man, planting a series of side kicks before she moved on to a couple helicopter kicks, ending her sequence with an upwards kick that sent him to a clutter of crates. Thinking he could escape the girl's wrath, the man stumbled to his feet, about to shuffle off. But, somehow, knowing he'd make his getaway, the female had her left leg covered in flames once more, lifted towards the sky and bought it down with an earth-shattering stomp. The flames and shockwaves proved to be a deadly combination for the crates that happened to contained explosives. All the poor man could do was stand helplessly in the thick cloud of light magenta smoke, praying it would be the end of his misery.

And unfortunately, that didn't seem to be the case. A boy whooshed through the fumes and caught the man off-guard with a flurry of kicks of his own. A few side kicks to his cranium and some spin kicks to his abdomen, finishing him off with a kick directly at his gut. Now by the edge of the pier, the man's disheveled body laid sprawled out. Today just wasn't his day. He mustered up what little strength he had as he attempted to sit up. A few inches in front of him was his wallet that left his coat, now unbuttoned no thanks to the troublesome twosome. Reaching out a trembling hand, the man suddenly felt it being crushed underneath a foot. Presumably, the female's due to the raspberry pink nail polish on her toes. Seconds later, the boy appeared out of nowhere and snatched the wallet, tossing it in the air in a playful manner.

"Aww... lookie what we got here, Clark. Another kind soul willing to give up their cash for us. Isn't that just lovely?" the female clasped her hands together and cooed. "Really, you have no idea how much it means to us to see people like you risk their lives to make ours a lot richer! We'd love to stick around and chat but we have other things to do, including maxing out your credit cards on junk food! It's been fun, sir! Ta-ta!"

With that, the two figures left from the scene, not knowing they weren't the only ones carrying a hidden agenda.

"...did you get all that?" he muttered to one of the buttons of his trenchcoat.

"Alright, hold up. Pause for a sec. Now I know what you're thinking. You're probably like 'who the heck were those two guys and why'd they have to kick the crud out of that shady dude?' Well, first off, the name's Cindy and that's my dorky brother, Clark, and second, who the frick asked you? I'm guessing you're new around here because, in so-called "squeaky-clean" Disparita, we're basically a household name for obvious reasons.

You see, growing up in a large city without your folks or any adult to take care you can be pretty rough. Rougher for some guys, I bet, but for us, it's a freakin' treat. No rules, no boring chores or homework, no curfews, nothing! You only got one life, why live it the way your folks want you to? So, who exactly are we? Guess you could say I'm the kind of girl who likes to have a good time. And by that I mean, give some unlucky punk a bad one. With a loose tooth or two."

A flashback appeared in Cindy's mind, where she found herself in the middle of a barren street one late night. Hands on her hips, pacing back and forth impatiently.

"Hey! You pansies aren't calling it quits, are you? The night's young and I'm barely warmed up!"

To answer the girl's cry, a group of hoodlums appeared from the alleys with knives and bats in hand, but this did little to frighten her. Hopping into the air, Cindy delivered another divekick to an unsuspecting crook and worked her way around. And for their weapons? Every last one had been sliced to bits thanks to her hand blades.

"See? I really know how to sweep a guy right off his feet, don't I? Oh, and there's my bro, Clark. He's clearly not a powerhouse like his big sis, but if there's one thing he's good at, it's bringing a chick to her knees. Literally."

Another flashback with Clark came up. This time, he was found departing a convenience store with a bag of chips and a can of soda under his arm. Both of which were unpaid for.

"Ah, excuse me, sir, but you must pay for your items before you leave. Shoplifting will not be tolerated," said an Asian female by the counter, expecting the boy to head over but he chuckled quietly. "And what exactly is so funny?"

Clark stopping chuckling and strolled to the counter with a seductive smirk.

"You are, hun. It's about half past midnight and you think you have the nerve to keep me from enjoying a late-night snack?"

"I didn't say that, I said-" began the woman.

"No, I heard you. Sweetie, have you ever found yourself lying in bed or watching television or whatever at a time like this and your stomach's like 'Feed me! Feed me!'?" asked Clark.

"Uh, sometimes?"

"Then, you can probably see where I'm going with this. Believe it or not, late night snacking is much more beneficial than others suggest. Studies show that eating late at night can boost your metabolism, keep you from overeating, and it can even help you sleep better. And you want me to have pleasant dreams, don't you, sweetheart?"


Before the woman could speak, Clark gave her a grin and wink that completely left her speechless, like she had been knocked out by a wave of overwhelming romantic energy.

"As I assumed. Good night, dear. Hope you dream of me later because I'll definitely dream about you."

"Sheesh, with moves like that, he'd have girls from all over kneeling at his feet. Long story short, we're just a couple of kids goofing around and being jerks for the fun of it and as long as those cops don't get in our way, nothing can stop us."

After getting away with their latest heist, the twins on their way to the department store to spend their newly acquired savings. They were about to cut through an alley, a part of the shortcut Cindy knew until Clark stopped by the end and retrieved the wallet from his shirt.

"Man, just imagine all the sweets and stuff I'm gonna get and you'd think a creepy dude like him wouldn't be rolling in that much dough. Come on, Clark... Are you deaf? I said get your butt over here, moron!" Cindy glanced over her shoulder to see her brother with the wallet. "Clark!"

"Can you wait about thirty seconds? I just want to make sure he's as loaded as you claim he is." the younger twin replied.

"Well, the guy was rocking one of those fancy coats, why wouldn't he be loaded?" the brunette strolled beside her brother.

"First of all, it's called a trenchcoat and, secondly, everyone knows that if you wear one, you're either broke, mentally impaired, or both. We'll be lucky if he has anything left on his credit cards."

"You'll be lucky if I don't smack you in the next ten seconds! Now, check the stupid wallet!" screeched Cindy.

"Fine, don't be surprised if he..."

Apparently, the wallet the twins snagged wasn't a typical wallet. It was actually a wallet containing an FBI badge and the portrait on the ID shared the same face as the man they clobbered moments ago.

"Oh, crud, we're screwed..." Clark silently gasped.

"You gotta be kidding me. You mean we actually jumped on some dude from the FBI and snatched his badge?" Cindy observed the wallet with a growing grin. "...that's freakin' sick!"

"How is that sick?! If anything, we'll be sent to prison for this!"

"And who's we? You're the one who took the stupid wallet."

"Well, pardon me for mistaking an identification wallet for a regular one. Also, you're the one who plotted we take it."

"Tch, so? We needed some cash, didn't we?" argued the brunette.

"Yeah, but not from someone who happens to be working for the police!" the boy spat back.

"Aw, relax, will ya? Those lame cops never stopped us before and they won't stop us now-"

"Freeze! Put your hands up, don't move a muscle!"

In a sudden turn of events, a barrage of police cars stopped right in front of the twins, who had no choice but to follow the cops' orders.

"They won't stop us now, huh?" Clark muttered to his sister.

"Again, it was your fault for taking the wallet, not mine." Cindy whispered back with a glare.

"Well, well, well..." a portly officer with a light grey mustache strolled up to the siblings. "If I didn't know better, I'd say this is the first time we got you twerps to hold still. Now, tell me, how does it feel to finally be scolded for your actions?"

"Like we won the lottery," the brunette snarked, rolling her eyes. "The heck do you think, porky?"

The officer chuckled, "You know, if it wasn't for Stan taking a beating from you rascals and relinquishing his badge, you two would still be running wild and driving everyone to insanity. But I believe this little arrangement we put together will change things for the better."

"Then, send us to jail already. I mean, we left one of your guys semi-conscious. Why keep us out here any longer?" Clark sighed.

"Oh, you're not going to juvie. In fact, you're not going to spend another minute in this city because as of right now, I, hereby, declare you banned from Disparita!"

"What?!" the twins cried.

"Where are we supposed to go now?! Our folks are dead, we have other relatives but we have no clue where they are, and I doubt our master will wanna take us back in after everything we've done!" Cindy shouted.

"We know a place that's perfect for wannabe criminals like you and it's not too far from here. It's called Statera." answered the officer.

"Statera? You mean the town that's the size of a juice box?" asked Clark.

"Correct and, for such a small town, it also houses the most deadliest, craziest, and just plain pitiful crooks. I think you'll feel right at home there."

"Pfft, well, it can't be that bad. Deadliest's my middle name." scoffed the brunette with a rather boastful smirk.

"So is craziest and pitiful," snarked the younger twin, wearing an acerbic stare. "Anyway, you guys wouldn't be so kind to provide us some transportation to get there, would you?"

"Do I look like I was born with two heads? You kids seem smart... a little too smart, if you ask me... I'm sure you'll figure out something." the officer turned on his heel back to the clutter of cars.

"Perfect. Things could not get any better, could they?" Clark glowered at his sister.

"The heck are you looking at me for? Maybe if you didn't take the stupid wallet, I'd stock up on a ton of cookies right now." Cindy shrugged, unsurprisingly nonchalant about her current situation. It almost always baffled her brother how she never took anything, but fighting and sweets, seriously.

"How can you think about cookies at a time like this?! Ugh, I don't know why I'm arguing about this with you."

"I don't know why I haven't smacked the crud out of you yet. Now, are we gonna get that to dumb town or not?"

"Might as well. If I recall correctly, Statera is about 1.7 miles from here. Unless we can find someone willing to drive us, our best bet is to get there on foot." explained the wise male twin.

"Then, what are we standing around here for? Let's move." the brash female twin said.

It was well into the evening and the twins began their tedious trek to Statera. While they knew the trip would take about a day or two, they decided to try their hand at hitchhiking. Sticking out their thumbs as they stood on the sidewalk, the twins waited anxiously for one of the cars to stop by, but every last one drove past without acknowledging them. Hours flew by and Clark sat by the edge of the curb, spent from the time wasted on finding a ride, but Cindy refused to give up. Mostly because she wasn't one for walking hours on end, especially in a sour mood. And her mood was about to turn for the worse from one driver in an SUV about to pass them, glaring at the twins before he shouted,

"Take your good-for-nothing butts back to juvie, you little runts!"

The second she left that insult sink in, Cindy dropped her thumb and grit her teeth, glowering at the SUV driving down the road.

"Oh, no, he didn't!"

Taking off in a streak of scalding magenta flames, the brash brunette charged down the road following the SUV, hurled her body over the vehicle, and stomped down on its hood. The man's once contempt expression had been replaced with a mortified one, certain he would be heading straight for his grave.

"Yeah, say that to my face, you old punk! Say that again! Oh, what, you're too chicken to speak up now?" Cindy stared directly at the man as Clark rushed in.

"Cindy, will you leave that man be?! Need I remind you that picking fights with random strangers is what got us into this mess!" the bookish twin cried.

"I was trying to get us a ride, doofus! You don't freakin' expect us to walk all the way over to... what's that place called again?"

"Of course you'd forget. Look, just let the man go and let's be on our way."

"P-Please, if I offended you, I'm sorry! Just don't hurt me!" whined the man.

"Tch, fine... but you're lucky this is gonna be the last time you'll see me, you bald butthead." grumbled Cindy, hoping off the SUV before she roughly kicked it down the road.

For now, the twins had no choice but to travel down to Statera on foot and the lack of lights did little to make the trip easier.

"...you're such a nutjob, you know that?" Clark broke the silence after about an hour of walking.

"I'm a nutjob for trying to get a ride so we wouldn't have to walk?! I'm a nutjob for doing that?!" Cindy argued.

"That's not the only reason. We could've still been living with our master if it wasn't for your insubordination and devil-may-care attitude."

"And what in the heck is that supposed to mean? ...seriously, what's a insub-ord-ination or whatever?"

"Ugh, and this is why you need to skim through a dictionary once in a while. It'll do wonders for your vocabulary... or lack thereof." the boy rolled his eyes.

"Why waste my time looking through some boring book when I've got black eyes to hand out?" the girl casually placed her hands behind her head.

"Why waste your time doing anything to enlarge your peanut-sized brain? Better yet, why are we wasting our time fighting about trivial things?"

"I don't know. You're the kid genius, you tell me."

"Oh, forget it. Let's just focus on getting to Statera. The less we argue, the quicker we'll get there."

"Works for me..."

It took several hours for the twins to travel to Statera and both were without food or rest in their systems. The golden sun rose over their heads as Cindy dragged her brother by the back of his shirt whilst he snoozed, hardly paying attention as she stumbled down to a crawl on the now dirt road. She thought it would be the perfect spot for a quick nap, a quick nap that ended up being four hours long. Once she woke up, Cindy let out an exaggerated yawn and checked her surroundings, including a green sign in white letters that read:


Immediately, she grabbed Clark by his arms and shook him to wake him up.

"Clark! Clark, get up! We made it to Statera! Clark! Ugh, dang it, Clark!"

But there was one thing the brunette forgot about her brother: he was a heavy sleeper. A trait that came in quite handy when living in the boisterous city. Cindy knew she had to think of a different way to wake Clark and it involved the one show he enjoyed most.

"My Little Llama just got canceled!" she shouted in his ear as he bolted up.

"What?! No! Why?! It had a good run, why would they cancel after two seasons..." Clark contained himself long enough to find the welcome sign in front of him, then scowled at his sister's goading smile. "...I loathe you so much."

"Heh, likewise. Come on, let's go see what this crudhole's all about."

During their stroll, the twins were quick to notice the differences between Disparita and Statera. The most obvious one was the melting pot of townsfolk. While only humans resided in Disparita, Statera had humans, animals, and even the extraterrestrial roaming about. And like Clark mentioned before, the town looked as small as it appeared, a fraction compared to their hometown.

"Tch, haven't been here for a minute and I'm already sick of this place. The people are lame, the animals acting like people are lamer, and there's a dude riding a Zamboni on a brick road over there. The heck is up with this town?" Cindy shook her head.

"Remember, that cop said Statera is known for being weird and chaotic and its crime rate is supposed to be ten times higher than Disparita's. Though, given how outlandish this place is, I don't see why," Clark looked around before he caught a flier with his face. "Ahh! What the-?"

"Heh, sweet catch, bro."

"Oh, be quiet," the younger twin snatched the flier off and observed it. In large red letters, it said: "Statera's 2nd Annual Twin Games" with a picture of violet-eyed brother-sister twins with chocolate brown hair, sporting navy-blue and pink kung-fu uniforms respectively, underneath. "What's this? 'Statera's 2nd Annual Twin Games?'"

"Pfft, 'Twin Games'? Right away, that sounds like a snooze-fest." scoffed Cindy.

"'If you have a twin or not, come down to the Twin Day festival at Statera Park where food, games, and entertainment will be provided," Clark read from the flier. "'Twins can also compete in the festival's Twin Games, an event consisting of nine activities that'll showcase their strengths and weaknesses. Last year's Twinners were Statera's Saviors, Mark and Mindy. Do you and your twin have what it takes to keep them from securing their crowns?' Well, it doesn't seem like a total snooze-fest. What do you think?"

"I think whoever those so-called saviors are in for a surprise, in the form of a foot to the face. Beating those dorks will be as easy as cake," the long-haired twin strolled ahead as Clark stared at the pink female twin in the flier, appearing enamored by her stern, yet adorable scowl. "Clark! Clark, move it, we don't have all day!"

"Oh, right! My bad." the bookish twin slid the flier into his shirt before he jogged up to his impatient sister.

"Sheesh, the heck were you doing? Daydreaming again?"

"Why's it any of your-"

But before Clark could finish, the twins stopped to see a gang of robbers fleeing from a jewelry store with a sack full of jewels in hand. To Cindy, she could already tell what she and her brother had to do.

"Now, remember, exactly as we planned." the brash brunette smirked.

"We didn't plan anything!" whined Clark.

With that, the twins went ahead and defeated the robbers the same way they did with the mysterious man, by assaulting them with their lethal combination of superpowers and taekwondo. One of the crooks was unfortunate enough to crash into a box of explosive grapefruit. While it didn't seem like anything new for them, the twins knew their new residence would fit them to a T.

"Man, fatso was right, this town is practically made for us! A girl can used to living here..." Cindy nodded to herself, grinning at her brother.

"Yep, I'd say this place is definitely more our style." Clark added with his own grin.