Lost my shape
Trying to act casual!
Can't stop
I might end up in the hospital
I'm changing my shape
I feel like an accident
They're back!
To explain their experience
Isn't it where?
No, looks too obscure to me.
Wasting away.
And that was their policy!
I'm ready to leave!
I push the fact in front of me.
Facts lost...
Facts are never what they seem to be...
Nothing there!
No information left of any kind!
Lifting my head?
Looking for danger signs?
There was a line.
There was a formula.
Sharp as a knife.
Facts cut a hole in us?
There was a line?
There was a formula?
Sharp as a knife?
Facts cut a hole in us!
I am still waiting!
The feeling returns...
Whenever we close out eyes.
Lifting my head.
Looking around inside!
The island of doubt?
It's like the taste of medicine.
Working by hindsight.
Got the message from the oxygen?!
Making a list.
Find the cost of opportunity.
Doing it right!
Facts are useless in emergencies!
The feeling returns...
Whenever we close out eyes!
Lifting my head?!
Looking around inside.
Facts are simple and facts are straight!?
Facts are lazy and facts are late?!
Facts all come with points of view!?
Facts don't do what I want them to..
Facts just twist the truth around.
Facts are living turned inside out..
Facts are getting the best of them..
Facts are nothing on the face of things!
Facts don't stain the furniture!
Facts go out and slam the door!
Facts are written all over your face?!
Facts continue to change their shape!?
I am still waiting.