A brief short story today. There is a smexy scene. A very long one. lol. If you enjoy that kind of stuff, continue on. If not, I suggest you not read this.

Liam sneaked a quick peek at the man who was currently trying to woo him. He was good looking, in a sense. The man had the pale skin that highlighted his Asian heritage, with almond-shaped brown eyes and a straight nose. His face was very boyish and looked extremely geeky with his block frame glasses he was always wearing. And Liam meant always. He had never seen him without them. Did the guy not realize how bad they made him look? As a matter of fact, his whole fashion sense was geeky. Button-ups and khakis were all he seemed to wear. That's what you get when you pick an IT guy.

Though, if forced to honesty, Liam would have to admit he was slightly attracted to the man. And when he said slightly, he meant slightly.After all, the guy was kind of cute with a charming smile and perfectly tasseled black hair, but besides that, he had nothing going for him. Liam had to give the guy serious props for having the guts to keep asking him out for coffee, but it was mean to keep playing around. If Liam didn't let him down now, the guy might think he was serious, which Liam definitely wasn't. Thus, there was no point in getting the guy's hopes up.

Sighing, Liam sat back in his chair. He hated when he had to be an asshole, but it was necessary.

"One mocha latte with extra whip cream." Tamaki sat down across from him, pushing Liam's order across the table to him.


Liam tried to think of how he should start. Sorry but this isn't going to work out. No. Too direct. The guy might take serious offense. I'm too good for you.Mean as fuck. He wouldn't be surprised if Tamaki ran off crying if he said that. Hmm…

"We've been getting coffee together for a week now," Tamaki said, taking a sip of his drink.

"Yeah." Liam nodded absentmindedly as he tried to think of a good let down. Why was this so hard? Maybe he could write a spell that made the guy forget him completely. But that could backfire easily due to the sheer stupidity of it and the last thing he needed was Karma going against him.

Truthfully, Liam just wanted to find someone he loved and lusted for. Was love and lust too much to ask for? It seemed all the guys he had been dating only fulfilled one want and most times it was the lust. Okay. It was lust every time, but still…

"So, I was hoping I could take you out tonight. On a real date."

"Mmm-hmm…" Damn. Why couldn't he think of anything? Liam was the letdown queen. He never had this much trouble breaking things off with a man.

Probably because he usually didn't mind being coarse, if need be. For some reason, he didn't like the idea of being rude to Tamaki. It's not like he did anything to deserve it though most beings probably didn't deserve Liam's harsh treatment. Liam wanting to be nice to Tamaki most likely had to be due to the fact that the man exuded innocence.

Now that Liam thought about it, he would probably forgive the Tamaki's dorkiness if he had a colored soul. Liam was born with the talent to read other beings' souls with a simple look. He didn't even have to meet their gazes. It was one of the reasons the matriarch of his coven decided to mold him into the next leader. And Tamaki's soul was so pure it hurt. Like, did the guy never tell a white lie?

"Great. I'll pick you up at seven."

Seven. Seven… Wait, what?

Liam's eyes shot to Tamaki, who stood up. "I have to get back to work. See you tonight."

"But… But…" Only it was too late. Tamaki was already heading towards the exit without even a backward glance.

Seriously? He couldn't spare one glance, especially after managing to get Liam to agree to a date without meaning to. That gave Liam's ego a kick. And this whole time of Liam politely thinking of a nice way to crush Tamaki's hopes of them ever being together.

Dammit all. Liam was going to break off this stupid courtship, if you could even call it that.

At exactly seven, there was a knock on Liam's apartment door. Liam sighed and took one more look at himself in the mirror. Hair straight? Check. Handsome face? Check. Awesome outfit to match awesome body? Certainly checked.

Unlike many other witches, Liam didn't need magic to look good. So while others of his kind performed spells that made them enthralling to others, Liam conserved his power for what really mattered: making his life easy. Though it didn't seem to be helping his love life.He had already been through two guys this month, not including the current wooer.

Liam went to the door at the second round of knocking. What laid on the other side had his eyes nearly leaving their sockets.

"Tamaki?" Gone was the meek IT nerd. In his place stood a man that breathed pure sex. Tamaki's hair was slicked back, away from his face. His glasses were gone, revealing two stunning obsidian orbs that beckoned Liam's natural curiosity. Without the glasses, Tamaki's face appeared more angular. Masculine.

Also gone was his preppy attire. Instead he wore a pair of ripped skinny jeans, a white tee with a black leather jack, and black combat boots.

On the scale of hotness, Tamaki went from barely a three to overload. When he grinned, it was one that hinted wickedness. "Are you ready?"

Liam stared at the new man in front of him in complete awe. He was exactly his type. And his soul… His soul was completely black. How could that be possible? No being could color their soul so much in such a little period of time. Not even massacring millions of children, one of the most damning acts, would have such a dramatic effect. But that blackness was an enchantment all on its own.

It was as if Tamaki had changed into a completely different person. While many supernatural beings and demons can change their appearance, changing one's soul was impossible.

Tamaki looked at him expectedly, reminding Liam he had asked him a question. "Yeah. Yes, of course." Liam stepped out of his apartment making sure to the lock the door, even though it wasn't necessary. He had cast a spell on his home so no one other than those he invited in could enter his place. The locking was just for show.

As soon as he pulled the key free of the lock, Tamaki took a hold of his hand. Without complaint, Liam followed the new Tamaki down the stairs to the parking lot where they stopped in front of a jet black Yamaha motorcycle.

"This is yours?" No way. Tamaki drove a sensible sedan that was nowhere as new as this motorcycle.

Not even bothering to answer his question, Tamaki handed Liam a black helmet with red Chinese dragons on either side. "Get on."

Normally Liam would have snapped at anyone who tried to order him, except for his matriarch, but he wanted to play with this Tamaki 2.0 version and see the man for all he was. So instead of snapping, Liam pulled on the helmet and climbed onto the back of the bike. When Tamaki sat down in front of him, Liam immediately wrapped his arm around the man's waist.

The engine revved and off they went. The streets lights speared the night sky as they sped along the streets, weaving through the traffic. Red and blue lights were suddenly flashing around them and the loud, piercing noise of sirens filled the air. Tamaki didn't stop, instead pressing down more on the throttle.

Liam looked back to see two cop cars chasing them. Adrenaline began pulsating within him as the thrill boiled his blood.

"Go faster," He called out, no sure if Tamaki would hear him.

But he must have because soon they were speeding with such force that Liam was holding onto Tamaki for dear life. And he loved every second of it. The cops weren't able to keep up with the speed, traffic hindering them as well. Soon the blue and red lights disappeared and the sirens faded.

When they finally came to a stop, they were in the red light district of London in front of the most popular club. Liam broke his stronghold on Tamaki and climbed off the bike. Adrenaline still rushed through his body and dancing seemed like a great way to use it up.

He hadn't been down here in a while. Before he could do it himself, Tamaki pulled the helmet off his head and placed it on his bike.

Liam raised an eyebrow. "Not afraid someone will steal it?"

"No. Everyone knows they would be dead for even trying." His voice sounded deeper than Liam remembered and dripped with a lethalness that backed up his words. Shivers wracked Liam's spine.

Was Tamaki a secret drug lord? Gangbanger, maybe? Liam had dated a few and it had been fun. Until it wasn't.

Without another word, Tamaki took Liam's hand, Tamaki's hand surprisingly cool, and led him across the street to the club's entrance, bypassing all the people waiting in line. As soon as the bouncer caught sight of Tamaki, he undid the rope and bowed his head. "Young master."

Tamaki didn't even spare the man a glance as they walked past.

Young master? Liam eyed his date as more curiosity filled him. Who exactly was this man?

Tamaki continued to pull him along as they walked through the club, receiving several of the same type of greeting he got from the bouncer from the staff. The club was packed with humans and few other races. The air was thick with sweat and sex. Music almost deafening as the club goers mingled. Liam looked at the dance floor where bodies pulsated against each other to the catchy beat. He was definitely ready to do some of that, but Tamaki kept tugging him along.

At the back of the club was another bouncer, guarding a door. This bouncer repeated the previous actions of the last. As soon as he stepped across the threshold, the strong presence of magic hit him. In the back of the popular club was another popular club only for those not human. With one glance, Liam spotted vampires, shifters, demons, sorcerers and many more mingling together in the hidden club.

Despite all these beings not being human, the atmosphere of the club was the same as the other one. Liam used to frequent here a lot, picking up many of his ex-boyfriends from this very spot.

He looked at Tamaki once more and tried to figure out what he was. When they first met, Liam thought he was no more than human, but humans didn't know about this place. By the way the staff acted, Tamaki had to be related to the owner, but no one knew the owner's identity.

Vampire, maybe? Yeah. Liam could definitely picture Tamaki with fangs. And, he was way too skinny to be a shifter who were known for their muscle mass. He could be a witch like Liam, but Liam knew all the covens in the country (he had to learn them as part of his leader training) and Tamaki's name didn't come up on any of the list. Unless 'Tamaki' was not his real name.

"Would you like a drink?" Tamaki's voice touched his ear.

"Vodka." The alcohol was his favorite, especially at this club. They mixed the liquor with some component comparable to ambrosia.

Tamaki gave a curt nod and walked off towards the bar. As he was gone, Liam surveyed the club once more. It hadn't changed much from two weeks ago. He had stopped coming due to boredom and because his last boyfriend, a regular at the club, was an annoying meathead.

"Hello, sexy." Speak of the devil, and he shall appear.

Liam eyed his ex with disgust. He was classically handsome but had always been too heavy on the alcohol. Cleary, he was more than drunk now. What had he ever saw in the man? "I'm with someone else."

"Oh Liam, don't be like that. Remember all the fun times we had? I had loved fucking that pert ass of yours." His ex reached for him but before his hand made contact it was suddenly twisted by another.

Tamaki held Liam's ex's arm in a painfully twisted grip against his back. "Do not touch what is mine." Though calm, his voice held an undeniable threat.

"Let me go! He was mine first!" His ex's constant whining had been another reason Liam had broken things off. Others near them looked on with mild curiosity and obvious pity.

Liam's eyes fell to the man who currently had his full attention. He was most definitely sexy,Liam thought licking his lips. Despite the lean undertone of his body, Tamaki was stronger than his ex, a wolf shifter. And that was hot. Liam had always liked strong men being incredibly strong himself with the craft, those weaker than him lacked appeal.

"If you ever come back here again, I will cut you up and feed you to my pets." Tamaki gave the man's arm one more hard twist that had him howling before letting go. Liam's ex scurried away quickly without another word.

When Tamaki turned towards him, Liam noticed he still had drinks in his hands. Tamaki handed the glass with the clear liquid to Liam, who swallowed the shot quickly. "Let's dance." If Liam didn't have the other man's body pressed against him soon, he was going to implode.

Tamaki grinned before taking a sip of his drink and placing it on a nearby table. He led him out to the dance floor where they began grinding to the upbeat tempo of the music. This close, Tamaki's scent beat out all the others in the club, wrapping around Liam's senses, intoxicating him. Tamaki wrapped an arm around Liam's waist pulling him even closer so that he could feel the other man's erection. Liam felt his own penis grow hard at the thought of Tamaki using his tool on him.

The man leaned closer until his lips were brushing against Liam's ear. "I wanted to fuck you since the first time I saw you on this dance floor."

He saw him before? When? The first time Liam met Tamaki was at the coffee shop around the corner from his house last Saturday.

"I watched as you made out with your pathetic excuse of a boyfriend, wanting to steal you for myself." Tamaki's hand fell to Liam's ass, giving it a squeeze. Liam gasped as he pressed his body closer to Tamaki. His erection begged to be touched by this wicked man.

"I almost killed your boyfriend that night, unable to contain my jealousy." Was he talking about Axel? A few months ago the guy had come to him completely bruised and broken up with him on the spot. If it was him, it explained the sudden break up. But Liam couldn't lie. It was more of a turn on than anything else. This man with a completely black soul was most definitely Liam's perfect man. No one else had attracted him so hard in such a short time.

He wondered which was the real Tamaki. This sexy, dark man or the nerdy, sweet guy that had been buying him coffee for the past week?

Tamaki nipped at Liam's ear drawing out a moan. "Say yes to being mine and I'll make it worth your while."

"If I say no, what will you do?"

"Chain you to my bed until you say 'yes'."

If Liam hadn't been so turned on already, he would have gotten hard at those words. That being said, his skin got tighter and his breathing came quicker just imagining what Tamaki would do to him while he was chained to his bed.

No longer being able to take it, Liam kissed the man. In the kiss, he got what he expected and more, as Tamaki took complete control of his mouth. He tasted him with sheer dominance and lust. Such intoxicating lust that had Liam's head feeling light. Liam threaded his fingers through Tamaki's slick hair as he felt Tamaki's essence engulf him. Willfully, he submitted to him, basking in the power that poured into his blood stream.

He grinded his hips into Tamaki, making sure to put pressure on his arousal. If he could, he would jump his bones right there. Tamaki's hand slipped under Liam's shirt, his cool touch having no effect on Liam's heated skin. Liam wanted to feel Tamaki's bare skin as well. He wanted him completely naked.

Tamaki pulled away with a nip on his bottom lip. Liam groaned at the loss of his touch.

"Not here. Come."

Liam tried to catch his breath as Tamaki dragged him through the club and past another guarded door that Liam never noticed before from his many times here. They went through a dark corridor and up some stairs. The door at the end of the hall opened before they reached it and slammed shut on its own once they were through.

Tamaki finally came to a stop and turned to face Liam. "Say yes."

Liam looked into Tamaki's eyes and saw fire raging in them. He was nearly breathless from the great desire there. He tried to think but his brain didn't want to function past the lust clouding it. "Yes."

As soon as the word left his mouth, Tamaki captured his lips with his again. Liam was shocked when the cool air suddenly touched his skin. He pulled back to find both himself and Tamaki naked without either of them lifting a finger. Before he could comment on their sudden lack of clothing, he found himself laying on the bed with Tamaki hovering over him.

Once more Liam wondered what Tamaki was, but Tamaki soon took away his ability to think rationally by slipping his tongue between Liam's parted lips. Liam's skin became sensitized as Tamaki caressed his body. Every inch of his flesh begged for his cool touch.

Liam's hands explored Tamaki's naked body as well, delighting in the feel of his smooth skin that was almost completely bare of hair. Tamaki dragged his lips away from Liam's and began trailing open-mouthed kisses downwards, leaving goosebumps in his wake until he was face to face with Liam's pulsing erection.

Tamaki grasped the base with one hand before looking up and meeting Liam's gaze. "This is all for me, yes?"

Unable to speak, Liam nodded. Without looking away, Tamaki leaned down and licked the tip. A moan fell from Liam's lips. His vision blurred when Tamaki opened his mouth and swallowed his length completely. Liam, who usually prided himself on being able to maintain his erection for long periods of time, knew he wouldn't last long as Tamaki sucked his cock.

He buried his hands in Tamaki's silky hair as Tamaki's head began moving up and down. Liam felt Tamaki's fingers on his balls, massaging with the cum-filled organ. Tamaki's mouth left his shaft to suckle on the pair before returning to his previous task.

Not once did Liam feel in control. Moans poured out of his body. All the blood in his head rushed down to his sex, leaving him lightheaded and dizzy. A finger slipped down to his ass and began playing with the puckered hole. Liam bit his lip as it pushed inside. It worked itself in and out of his body as Tamaki continued fucking Liam's cock with his mouth.

Everything went black when Tamaki swallowed him deep and sucked hard. His hands clutched in Tamaki's hair as he felt the cum shoot from his body and down Tamaki's waiting throat.

Afterward, Liam tried catching his breath. He suddenly felt cool as the air touched his sweat slicked skin. His body hummed with a deep satisfaction after receiving, arguably, the best blowjob of his twenty-five years of life. But he still wanted more. Tamaki made him want so much more.

His eyes trailed over the man on his mind and down to his thick, hard cock. Liam licked his lips at the sight of the beast. Tamaki's hand grasped it, beginning to jerk himself off slowly. "Like what you see?"

"Yes." Liam's voice sounded breathless as he following Tamaki's hand.

"Come have a taste."

Eagerly, Liam crawled to his knees and over to Tamaki. Instantly, his tongue flicked out, taking in the salty essence of the dark man. Liam groaned. Tamaki combed his fingers into Liam's hair, holding his head still as he fed Liam his hot desire.

Liam opened his mouth as wide as he could, trying to take all of him in. He wanted to work Tamaki his own way, but Tamaki refused to let him move. It was obvious that Tamaki was to be in complete control of the situation and Liam truly didn't mind. Instead, he looked up into Tamaki's eyes as the man began to slowly fuck his mouth. With each thrust, forcing himself deeper and deeper down Liam's throat.

Tears pricked the back of Liam's eyes and Tamaki made him gag, but he didn't want him to stop. He wanted to feel Tamaki's hot seed filling his mouth and sliding down his throat. Liam moaned around the man's erection, feeling his own cock coming back to life with the thought of Tamaki cumming in his mouth.

Tamaki's breath came in heavy pants, his eye hooded with unmistakable lust. And love?

No. No way. Tamaki had no feelings for him besides lust.

Suddenly, Tamaki pulled free of his mouth and dragged Liam up into a hungry kiss. Liam groaned as he tasted himself on Tamaki's tongue, feeding his deep passion into the caress.

Tamaki didn't pull away until Liam was breathless. "Get on your hands and knees."

Knowing exactly what he wanted, Liam did as commanded, facing away from Tamaki. He felt Tamaki's hand on his back, his fingers drifting along his spine as a cool gel suddenly touched his ass. Liam distantly wondered where Tamaki got the lube from as the man covered Liam's ass with the solution.

Liam's body began warming as Tamaki started working two fingers in and out of his holes. He withered under his touch and pushed backward, trying to take his fingers even deeper.

"You have such a sexy ass, ai."Tamaki's voice murmured in his ear as he added another finger. He reached a hand around and began stroking Liam's re-hardened cock.

Liam clutched the sheets beneath him, the intense pleasure building in his body. Tamaki removed his fingers from Liam's ass, and Liam groaned at the loss. He wasn't disappointed for long as he felt the tip of Tamaki's cock at his hole.

Tamaki released Liam's erection and placed his hand on Liam's hip, holding him still as he penetrated him. Liam heard Tamaki mutter something under his breath before he suddenly surged forward without warning.

Liam gasped as he felt Tamaki's whole length inside him, Tamaki's balls brushing up against his own. His inner muscles instinctively clasped down on around the intruder.

"Did I hurt you?" Tamaki's voice sounded different. He sounded like the Tamaki that had been taking him out for coffee. His body shook against Liam's as if he was trying to control himself.

Liam was surprised how touched he was by Tamaki's worry. None of his other lovers had asked him questions like that when they were in bed. Whenever they did something he didn't like, Liam would simply shock them with his magic. But Liam was liking everything Tamaki did to him. "No."

Tamaki breathed a sigh of relief. He laid his chest against Liam's back then tenderly kissed Liam's neck. It was as if his whole demeanor changed. Liam felt like he was suddenly sleeping with a different person.

The tenderness, though, was short lived as Tamaki pulled out and thrust back in hard. Liam gritted his teeth as the sensation rocked his very core.

Tamaki repeated the process over and over, pulling out slowly then sharply thrusting deep. With every thrust, his sac banged against Liam's. Liam squeezed his eyes shut as moans continued to pour out of his mouth. He was going to cum any second. Tamaki just felt too damn good inside him.

Unexpectedly, Tamaki took a hold of Liam's shaft once more and gave it a squeeze that had Liam's toes curling. "Don't cum yet."

Don't cum? How did he expect him not cum when he was driving Liam insane? Liam took a deep breath trying to calm his body but every one of Tamaki's strokes pushed him closer and closer to the edge.

"If you cum, I won't control myself anymore."

Tamaki out of control? The thought of it excited Liam even more. Yes. He wanted to feel Tamaki when his control snapped. At the same time, he wanted to obey Tamaki's order, feeling submissive as he never had before. The thoughts warred in his head but his body didn't listen to either side, continuing to push closer to that edge.

Unable to stop it, his climax overcame him. His back arched as he deposited his cum all over Tamaki's hand and sheets. When it was over, he was panting, shocked and still shaking from the intense orgasm that had just taken him.

Tamaki removed his hand from Liam's softened penis. "Bad boy." That was all the warning he got before Tamaki began ruthlessly pounding into him. Liam cried out as he took Tamaki's hard fucking. He felt Tamaki's breath along his neck as the man claimed his body hard and fast.

It was mind blowing. Body numbing. Liam couldn't think past the point of where their bodies connected, where their bodies touched.

His vision went black. Or maybe he closed his eyes. He didn't know. All he could hear was the wet sound created by their bodies and feel Tamaki moving in and out of him, rapidly. He felt on fire despite Tamaki's cool hands holding his hips.

Out of nowhere, another climax blindsided him, and his inner muscles spasmed around Tamaki's thrusting cock. A soundless scream escaped him as his body bowed. He heard Tamaki groan as his hot seed shot out of him and deep in Liam's rectum. Tamaki continued pumping his hips until every drop of his semen was stored in Liam.

Unable to support his weight, Liam collapsed onto the bed. Tamaki pulled out of him and rolled Liam to his side. Liam tried to look at his new lover, but his eyes wouldn't open. He felt so tired, but he wasn't surprised after cumming three times.

"Sleep," Tamaki told him and Liam couldn't help but to obey.

When Liam awoke to next morning, he found geeky Tamaki staring down at him. He rubbed his eyes thinking he was dreaming but geeky Tamaki remained. Was last night all a dream?

The room was softly lit with sunlight that peeked through the heavy curtains on the windows. The sheets that covered him touched his body intimately letting him know he was still naked.

"Good morning," Tamaki greeted as he brushed the hair off of Liam's forehead. Once again his soul with white as can be. How could that be?

Liam sat up and stretched. As he did, there was a knock at the door. Tamaki got up and headed to the door while Liam tried to piece everything together. Tamaki came back to the bed with a tray in his hand. The smell of food had Liam's stomach rumbling, and he blushed with embarrassment.

"You're so cute." Tamaki smiled as he sat the tray down between them. "I had them make your favorite. Veggie omelet with blueberry pancakes and turkey bacon."

Liam looked at Tamaki surprised. The man had actually listened to him when he told him his favorite breakfast food. He didn't even remember when he had told him but he must have some point in the week.

"I got you some clothes as well. They're in the bathroom. When you finish you can take a shower." Tamaki cut into the omelet and picked up a piece, holding it to Liam's lips. "Ah."

"Ah," Liam repeated as he opened his mouth. The taste of the food exploded his taste buds. "That's amazing," he said after swallowing.

"You can have food like this every day after you move in."

"Move in?" The words barely left his lips as Tamaki fed him another piece.

Tamaki nodded. "You agreed to be mine so you must stay with me, which means living with me."

Liam chewed his food, confused. So last night was real. "What are you?" Liam asked once he swallowed his food. As Tamaki went to feed him again, Liam pushed the fork away. "Tell me."

Tamaki stared into his eyes. The look within his so vulnerable. He removed his glasses then looked back at Liam. Suddenly his eyes flashed red. It reminded Liam of a vampire's eyes when they experienced bloodlust, but they were a deeper red and held such an evil that Liam shivered. "Demon…"

Tamaki shook his head. "I'm only half demon, but my father is Lucifer, which is why I'm stronger than even some of the most powerful demons." Lucifer. The king of all fucking demons. Liam had always been attracted to evil, but the son of Lucifer was some serious shit. "My mother is a light witch, it's her family that runs this club."

Well, that explained why his soul was so freaking pure. There were three types of witches in this world. Light, dark and neutral. Neutrals were the strongest of the three since they could dabble in both arts, but all three were a force to be reckoned with. And of the three, light witches had the strongest conscience.

"How does your soul change?"

Tamaki looked at him, clearly unsure of what he meant. His eyes returned to their usual brown.

Liam sighed and tried to think of how to explain it. "When you're like this, you breathe rainbows but last night it was like," Liam paused as he tried to think of the words to describe him, "you were darker than a black hole."

Tamaki nodded, seeming to understand. "It is like I have two personalities. At day, I resemble my mother, and at night, the demon in me takes over." His eyes flickered red again. "The two parts of me never agreed on anything until you."


"Granted we had originally wanted you for different reasons. I wanted you because I liked you whereas my demon half wanted you because he craved your body. Eventually, our desire became the same and now we both want your body and heart."

"What exactly are you trying to say?"

Tamaki's hand shot out and pulled Liam's head to his, taking his mouth in a hot, demanding kiss. "I love you, Liam Linx, and I will stop at nothing until you are as obsessed with me as I am with you."

Liam looked at Tamaki and realized that didn't sound horrible.