Dear Sailor,

You always liked the way her playful wind riffled through your hair.
And then tore open all the knots of your careful navy shirt.
You liked how she could take you places, breathtaking and new
And how she taught you that the sea cane be so much more than blue.
You couldn't get enough of the way her waves and curves caressed you.
Then haunted you, warm lips and tender, every moment she was gone.
Often she would scare you, when her storms brewed beyond her eyes.
And how her corals, secrets, quartz and pearls made you forget the color of the skies.
Sometimes you console yourself that you, my brave, have many mighty ships.
Afraid to know that her depths have drowned even men who knew well how to swim.
You paid no heed to the warning bells that all her wrecks have sung.
You cannot claim to love the Ocean then curse when salt gets in your lungs.


The Blue