I've been thinking about the reprobate and the elected. I've been thinking all sorts of things as I tossed and turned in bed, yet this thought bombarded me.

Well, I don't think I'll say much, because I am very ill. My arms and shoulders and legs… Everywhere hurts. I just feel yucky.

Scattered seeds… Well… I believe the reprobate people are those who esteem themselves as everything. The reprobate people don't necessarily lack a conscience, but they ultimately feed themselves some way. They are ultimately selfish. They don't see a problem with sin, because they think they're too good to be sinners. When the Gospel is preached, they don't believe at all.

Shallow soil… There are some more reprobate people who briefly react to the Scripture, but the love of the truth is not in them. They join along the bandwagon of Christians to fit in, and to be liked for their 'good behavior.' I was once that fool and I thank God for extracting me out of the state of hopelessness.

Thorny soil… The third type of reprobate is interesting to talk about. They might accept the Gospel with utmost gladness of heart, even professing to know and love the truth. Then opportunities arrive to appease their flesh, either by giving into sexual temptation or seeking experiences, and they think that, 'I'm worshipping God my way,' and end up falling away entirely.

Good soil… Finally, the elect! Be happy. These people are not lovers of themselves. Even before becoming a 'found sheep,' they display characteristics that are in line with the Bible. They have an innate call inside to love truth, morality, and etiquette. They will help others without even thinking otherwise, because helping others is in their nature. They will respond to the Gospel with joy and immeasurable faith, and stick to the faith like it is the meaning of their life, because it is. Christ is ultimately the meaning of their life.

I hope God convicts you if you display any of the traits of the reprobate man. Turn from your sins. Repent. Abandon the old and love the new.

God bless.