The Dance

The lights were shining, sparkling coloured beams breaking into thousands little points and then melting together into one again. The music was high and fast, directing the moves of hundreds of people in the room, the dancers synchronised their motions with the happy beats while a subtle sweat's scent filled the air. Her dark eyes scanned the room, looking around for a suitable match, a potential partner who could rival her skills and let her lose her mind in that frenzy. As if feeling her eyes upon himself he met her gaze, then his sight lowered onto her inviting lips and her muscled forms. Her silky black hair fell down her straight back, gently caressing her smooth curves. She bent her head to the side, her eyes enquiring, an unspoken request being passed between her and the in a dangerous game of hide and seek she blinked twice before moving to the side, avoiding his hungry look. Yet, he was the hunter and she was the prey, or so she liked him to believe.

He strode across the dance floor, making his way through the moving bodies, unable to see anything or anyone else except for the hem of her dress, her scent already intoxicating his lungs. He stood tall in front of her, his blue eyes demanding, his fierce look igniting fire within her core. She giggled, a small smile pecking on her lips while she tried to cover it with her delicate hand. He dared not touch her, instead he politely bowed and offered his right hand waiting for her approval, giving her the power to refuse him. She weighted her possible choices, tasting the effect it would have on him if she were to reject his offer after making him run so far. His eyes glowed silently but effectively warning her and with a wider smile she accepted him and the power shifted again. Her eyes rested on his wide shoulders and lean arms while she was following his figure to the centre of the dance floor.

She lightly placed her left hand on his shoulder while he firmly held her close. Her hips slowly wavered under his ministrations while he let them be absorbed into the flow of the music. Slowly they began to move, a few shy steps at first, a turn, then parting their ways before coming close again, this time more ardently. Her movements mirrored his and she bent under his will, his skilled hands shaping her forms and taming her body. The music turned into a mean to express their roaring emotions, a connection between their souls. Nothing mattered anymore, no one was there except for the two of them, their bodies entangled in a battle for dominance and power. Because nothing was set in stone and there was no fixed winner or loser.

He led her and she swiftly followed, he lifter her arms inviting her into a turn and she twirled around him. She teased him, her body gluing on his while her bewitching eyes dared him to take control. His male scent invaded her breath, sending her whole system into overdrive and she felt inebriated by it. His eyes locked into hers as he slowed down according to music, he held her tight using his grip to make her body twist in fluid motions, his left hand rested on her lower back sending pleasurable shivers down her spine. A smile cracked his lips as he fully took in her stunning appearance while she was totally under his control, every inch of her body, every single movement.

He bent his body, his own movements rivalling hers, but everything came to a halt the moment she turned around smiling and every single ounce of breath came out of him. Her satisfied smile made him burn hot and deep, desire filled his lungs as he accepted her challenge. The first one to break would be the one to lose in this war of fire and touches. She rolled her head as his hand instructed, her wild hair tickling his forearms while she lasciviously executed the move. With his hands back on her upper hips he arched her back, bringing her on her tiptoes as her chest widened forward. He didn't give her a single instant of rest making her twirl around and causing her stomach to knot in excitement as they restlessly interchanged positions while the music went crazy. Then they were back circling around each other, eyes locked, beats synchronised.

At a sharp change in the music they came clashing together, their pace adjusted to the slower rhythm while their bodies softly collided against each other. Carefully measuring the time, he spread her legs wide open with the aid of his own, then went down in an effortless move before rising up again. She excellently followed his lead, shifting her weight accordingly and he held his breath as she moved her hips against his. She gracefully glided on the floor, her ever-present smile almost mocking him because she knew who was actually in charge. Her thigh sensually caressed his as he pivoted her, his hands roamed over her body not resisting the temptation of leaving light touches all over her. An electric jolt coursed her whole body almost causing her to lose her balance.

He smirked, savouring the sweet taste of revenge on his tongue, and relished the look she threw at him, a powerful mix of annoyance and need which brought him almost over the edge. He made her turn again, wrapping her body tight around his, guiding her hands over him before locking their bodies together into a wild spin. The lights danced into her stunned pupils and she allowed herself to lose to the overwhelming emotions just for a second. Her heart thundered into her chest when they finally stopped spinning and slowed back into an oscillating motion. She took the occasion to close the distance between them and leaned her head against his, breathing in his addictive scent. As the music came to a close, he dextrously turned her around for the last time, drawing her even closer before stylishly finish with a drop. Her cheeks burned with red fire as he brushed his hand under her chin tilting his head. Their eyes met for a brief instant before their breath was caught in between their mouths.

'It was a pleasure,' he suggestively whispered.

'Likewise,' she replied with lustful eyes.

And when their ways parted, both of them were sure that they were never going to dance again the same way they just did.