On a snowy morning, in the outskirts of a city, two college-aged girls walked side-by-side, happily chatting despite the cold weather. Dressed in matching brown jackets and hand bags, the two were definitely best friends. The one on the right had light brown hair tied in a ponytail, and brown eyes. The other had navy blue hair with curling tips, and purple eyes.

"I still can't believe you dyed it like that!" The one on the right exclaimed. "And those eyes, they're gorgeous!"

The other one laughed. "What can I say Mary? I wanted to stand out. I'm a unique girl!"

"Heh heh, I can't argue with that!" The girl on the right said. Then she hummed in thought. "Say…what's your favorite story from your childhood? I've always liked Snow White." She sighed wistfully. "Getting woken up by your true love, then getting swept off your feet by him, it's so romantic."

"Well, you may like mine." The other girl said confidently.

Then she reached into her bag, which had the name 'Ciel' written in red. When her hand came out she was holding a black hardback book, with 'Myths and Legends: Vol. 2' on the cover in gold. She opened it, flipped through the pages, then stopped halfway in.

She placed her finger on a picture of a knight wearing white armor and a mask, riding on a pegasus over the clouds, the point of a silver sword shining in the sun as it was held high.

"The story of the Sacred Knight, God's chosen servant." Ciel explained. "A woman chosen to be a savior, should the world be ended prematurely. Riding her steed to the earth, she would be a hope to all, and a proof that even though God can't interfere directly, he can find a way to help us in our most dire need." She closed the book and put it back in her bag. "I know it's a myth, but wouldn't it be nice to meet her?"

"It is really interesting." Mary admitted. She sighed impatiently. "Isn't there something we can do, other than shopping?"

"We'll think of something."

After a moment of walking, Mary gasped. "Wait a minute, it's Christmas! I know a place where we can go!" She announced. "The cemetery!"

Ciel looked at her curiously. "Why there?"

"Oh right, you're still new here." She remembered. "Well, for the past four years, people have been seeing a man in dressed all in black visiting a grave over there. Starting on Christmas Day, he stalks the cemetery, like a ghost. Many, including me, have tried talking to him, but he runs off before we reach him."

Ciel looked at her in disbelief. "You want me to see a ghost who haunts a cemetery? Are you kidding?"

Mary laughed nervously. "It sounds kind of crazy when you put it like that. But you just have to see him! He's a well known figure around here."

Ciel thought about it, then nodded. "It sounds interesting enough, might as well." She said.

"Here it is, the cemetery." Mary announced.

They stood in front of an iron gate, which was attached to an iron fence that made a box shape around the place. Ciel peeked through the bars and took a look at the place. Numerous graves were placed in rows, with some of them having flowers in front of them, and all of them were covered with snow. The whole place seemed gloomy, like you couldn't be happy here at all.

"It's sad." Ciel said. "Some of these people probably had a future, then they're lives were cut short."

"Yeah." Mary agreed. "Not even the nicest people are exempt from death."

She looked to the right, and her eyes widened. She tapped on Ciel's shoulder and pointed at what she saw. Ciel followed her gaze, and gasped.

Standing over a grave was the man, and his back was facing them. He wore a black coat that covered his body down to the ankles, and a black hat to match. Only one thought popped up in Ciel's head.

"He's quite a mystery, isn't he?" Mary voiced her thoughts.

"Yeah…" Ciel agreed.

She stared at the figure a bit longer. She felt a feeling stir within, like she had to talk to him at that moment. Without warning, she opened the gate and walked inside, despite Mary's protests. She slowly crept up to the man, trying not to make a sound.

She closed the distance, getting closer with every careful step. She was almost there, just a little more…she opened her mouth to speak.

'Crack' She had stepped on a twig covered in snow.

The man quickly turned around, and they stared at each other for a moment.

Ciel squeaked. "Hi." She managed.

All of a sudden, the man back flipped over the grave and took off. She was stunned at what he just did, but she shook her head, and ran after him.

"Hey!" She called. "I just want to talk!"

The man didn't even look back.

Ciel didn't even realize where they were going, until they reached the fence. She stopped when the man skillfully climbed and flipped over it. She watched the man land in a perfect crouch, then get up and resume his escape.

She looked at the bars for a moment. "You're not getting away that easily!" She shouted confidently.

Ciel grabbed the bars and lifted herself up. Once she was high enough, she used her strength to vault up and flip over the fence, making a perfect landing when she came back down. She wobbled a bit as she got up, steadied herself, then took off in the direction the man went.

"Gymnastics really do make wonders." She remarked as she ran.

Ciel soon found herself back in the city, having lost track of the man, and out of breath from the chase. She bent over and panted for a moment, beads of sweat on her forehead.

Once she had recovered, she looked around. Numerous people were walking through the streets, but none of them looked like the man she was after. Then she noticed a black figure slip into an alley between an apartment and a hotel, and she resumed her chase.

When she got there, the man was climbing a ladder. He noticed her, and tried to hurry his climb. Ciel ran up to the ladder and went up after him. Her breathing grew heavier the higher they went up, but he didn't even seemed fazed by the physical activities.

(How can he stand this?) She thought. (My whole body is on fire!)

Then she reached the top, where she found the man running up to the edge of the roof. She heaved herself up, and approached him.

"There's…nowhere…to run…" She said breathlessly. "Please, let's just talk."

The man turned to her, then put a hand in his coat. Ciel's breath hitched as he pulled out a pistol and pointed it at her.

"Get away from me. Now." He said coldly.

Ciel just stood there frozen in fear. The man sighed.

"Look, I just want to be alone." He said with no emotion. He put the gun back in his coat.

"Not everyone wants friends." He continued. "I don't want anybody to be near me, so stay away."

Before she could answer, a woman with a Southern accent spoke from behind her. "Really? Because we were all best friends, weren't we?"

Ciel turned around to see the speaker. She was her age, with short blonde hair beneath a cowboy hat. She wore a red and white checkered shirt and brown shorts, and cowboy boots. Standing upright beside her was a double-barrel shotgun.

Before Ciel could even register who she was seeing, another voice, this time a young man's, spoke up. "Yeah, we all had such good times together."

He was her age, good-looking, brown hair and he wore the attire of a baseball player, complete with a cap of his team, the Red Sox. He held a metal bat over his shoulder. He stood beside the man in black.

One last voice came right after him. "You really shouldn't have left like that, Nights."

Beside the cowgirl was a muscular young man, who had the same shade of blonde as her. He wore more casual wear compared to the other two, and had thick bands around his wrists.

Nights looked at them, then looked down. "You have been looking for me?" He asked.

The baseball player grinned at him. "Of course! For the past four years." He answered.

"We've been really worried." The cowgirl added. "You just went missing after that, we didn't know what happened to you."

"Then we heard the stories about a man in black visiting the cemetery." The other blonde said. "We figured you had to be somewhere. Around here, but we couldn't find you." He looked Ciel, who stepped back. "It was thanks to this girl that we found you."

Nights was silent for a moment. "…Well, you found me, now what?" He asked.

The baseball player twisted his cap. "Well, now that you ask that, something suspicious just popped up." He admitted.

"And we think it's high time you return." The strong man finished. "And catch up with us."

Ciel held her head for a moment. "Wait a minute, return to where?" She asked in confusion.

The cowgirl grinned at her. "Well, to the Agency." She answered. "And after all you've seen today, you deserve to join it." She looked at the others. "Right fellas?"

The muscled man and the player looked at each other and shrugged.

"Well, if she can keep on chasing Nights, I don't see why not." The player said.

"She might just have the skills to make it." The other one added.

"Just…what is the Agency?" Ciel asked.

The cowgirl patted her shoulder. "Don't worry." She assured. "We'll show you."

"Well, what are we waiting for?" The baseball player said with a grin. "Let's go!"