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Shadow opened the door, and was met by a heavy wind that nearly blew his hat off. He had been led to the roof of the palace.

And standing there, at the edge of the rooftop, was Yusagi Koshiro.

"Well, look who we have here." He said with a sneer. "Agent Shadow, the man who is a woman. A woman, yet a man. Either way, he abandoned his friends, because he just couldn't get over the woman he loved."

"You're the reason she's dead." The man in black said. "I'm not blaming myself. If you terrorists would just learn to give up, the world would be a much happier place."

"Maybe. But it's all human nature. Violence is a natural thing. The desire to have more, that's also natural. It's true, whether you like it or not."

Shadow looked down. "You might be right...but..." He looked up. "The desire to protect the innocent, and the desire to share with others. Those are natural too. When you terrorists show yourselves, we'll be there to put you down. And that's it, isn't it? When something bad happens...something good will come too."

"It's a never ending cycle. When you think about it, you realize that world peace will never be a thing. It's impossible."

"You're right. But we can at least strive to give people hope. We can put their minds at ease, if only for a bit. That's why we fight."

Yusagi chuckled. "So, you're not going to stand down?"

Shadow pulled out the black blaster, and pointed it at him. "Not a chance. You made me realize...that I have a job to do. It's not just about my revenge. It's about protecting other people so they don't go through the same shit I did."

"Then do your worst."

Then to Shadow's surprise, the terrorist began to take off his clothes. His suit, pants, shirt...they all went to the ground.

"What..." Shadow's eyes widened.

Yusagi was wearing some sort of robotic armor, which had a dozen wires extending from the back.

Even more horrific was that these wires were inside Yusagi's arms and legs. They seemed to be pumping some sort of blue energy into him, making his muscles pulse.

That must be...

"Mani-Tech." Shadow gasped. "What have you done?"

The terrorist's smile was absolutely maniacal. "I made myself the most supreme organism on this planet!"

Then a helmet formed around his head, covering all but his lips.

He charged at Shadow, his fist prepared to punch. He was so fast, Shadow could barely see him coming.

The agent narrowly avoided the attack, his eyes wide with surprise. But he managed to recover and counter with a few shots from his blaster.

However, Yusagi blocked the attack with his arms, not even being fazed as his skin got burned. And to Shadow's horror, the injuries started to heal within seconds. In less than a minute, not even a scar was left behind.

"No way!" The man in black exclaimed.

Yusagi laughed. "I am undefeatable! Surrender now, or die right here!"

"I will never give up! You will fall here!"

Yet, as Shadow said that, he knew only a miracle could save him. This was an impossible challenge.

(I just hope my friends are safe...)


Sol sliced a robot in half, then leaped back to get behind Armstrong.

"Follow up!" Sol ordered.

"On it!" Armstrong complied.

He charged in with a shout, and unleashed a mighty punch that had enough force to create a shockwave.

That cleared out the room, for a few seconds. But then more guards came marching in.

Homer scowled. "That's the fourth wave! There's no end to them!"

Cowgirl wiped some sweat from her forehead. "Phew...I don't know how much longer we can hold out for."

"We have to do something, or we'll end up dying."

Sol quickly looked around for something of use. But all she could see was the gladiator statues.

Wait a minute...

The navy haired agent grinned. "Armstrong, can you knock over one or two of those?"

Armstrong eyed the statues nearest to the entrance, and nodded. "Leave it to me."

"Alright! Homer, Cowgirl, cover him!"

"You got it!" They said in unison as they took aim.

Armstrong charged at the statue on the right, and the robots tried attacking him. But they were quickly shot down by Homer and Cowgirl.

Once Armstrong reached the statue, he positioned himself in just the right spot, then drew his arm back. Energy began to charge up in his gauntlet.

A robot took aim at him as its brethren took the blaster shots from the other agents. But Sol hopped over the crowd of enemies and sliced that guard in half.

By then, Armstrong's gauntlet had fully charged. And with a shout, he unleashed a ferocious punch.


The statue fell over, crushing everything that was under it. Dust was kicked up as it hit the floor.

When it cleared up, the stairway was revealed to be blocked off.

Sol let out a loud, relieved sigh as she fell backwards and landed on her butt.

"It's...over..." She panted.

"Not quite." Homer said with a frown.

He turned towards the electrical wall, which looked like it wasn't going to go out anytime soon.

"Shadow's still fighting out there."

Sol got up and walked over to the barrier. She looked conflicted.

"I want to help Shadow...but isn't it his fight?"

"Didn't he say it was our fight too?" Cowgirl reminded her. She narrowed her eyes. "I'm certainly not going to let a varmint like Yusagi get away, not with everything he's done."

"That's right." Homer agreed, scowling. "Snow was not his first victim, and it will not be his last."

"The entire world is in danger." Armstrong added, frowning. "We have to stop him."

"Then..." Sol looked at her sword.

It wasn't just hers, it was Snow's. The girl who Shadow loved, and a fellow agent who fell to Yusagi's schemes.

Everyone was right. Yusagi couldn't get away. Not after all the suffering he had brought. Not when the world was in danger.

Sol took a deep breath, and nodded.

"Let's join Shadow." She said.

"Great, we're all in agreement." Homer crossed his arms. "But do we get past this wall?"

"Well, it's electricity, so there must be a power source somewhere." Cowgirl guessed.

"Maybe if we just cut it off, the wall will shut down." Armstrong suggested, cracking his knuckles.

"Brother, what are you doing?"

Then suddenly, Armstrong punched into the floor near the barrier. Then with a grunt, he yanked out some wires, which sparked as whatever electricity they had was discharged.

And just like that, the barrier faded away. Everyone was stunned.

"...huh." Was all they could say.

"Well, are we going or not?" Armstrong questioned.

"R-right!" Sol snapped out of it and dashed towards the stairs. "Come on guys!"

Her friends followed her to the rooftop, where Shadow was fighting for his life.


The man in black ducked under a punch, and retaliated with a few shots to Yusagi's abdomen. But they didn't even lay a scratch on the Mani-Tech armor.

Shadow tried to back off, but gasped as he was grabbed by Yusagi's powerful hands and lifted over his head.

The terrorist laughed maniacally and jumped high into the air, prompting the agent in his hands to scream.

Then Yusagi came down and slammed Shadow into the ground, cracking it and shattering his barrier.

"Gah..." Shadow groaned weakly. "Can't...lose..."

He remembered his other blaster on his left side, and tried reaching for it. But then a foot came down and pinned his arm to the ground. Then another came and stomped on his other arm.

"How the mighty have fallen." Yusagi taunted. "I'm going to enjoy killing you."

The man in black scowled.

"Just like I enjoyed watching your lover die."

Shadow became enraged. "YOU BASTARD!"

He struggled to break free, and the terrorist laughed at his futile efforts.

"That's right! Squirm beneath my feet! It makes it so much more enjoyable!"

Yusagi clasped his hands together, and raised them over his head. This prompted Shadow to struggle even harder, to the point where his arms were in danger of cracking.

But it was no use, he wasn't strong enough to break free.

With a crazed yell, Yusagi brought the hammer down on the agent's head.

Then suddenly, he was sucker punched with enough force to send him tumbling several feet across the ground.

Shadow looked up in surprise. "What..."

Standing above him was a panting Armstrong, who offered him a hand.


The man in black accepted the hand, and was helped up.

"We're all here." Armstrong said.

Shadow looked behind him, and saw a winded Sol, with Homer and Cowgirl beside her.

"Y-yeah..." Sol gasped. "Dammit...need to...phew..." She straightened up, and put on a tired smile. "No worries."

"Let us handle this." Homer assured. "Ready everyone?"

"Yes!" They said unison.

Shadow watched as his friends took positions in front of him. They all had their attention on Yusagi, who was now getting up. It looked like Armstrong's attack didn't even damage the armor.

"Insolent fools..." He growled, clenching his fists. "You'll die too!"

"This is for all the suffering you caused!" Homer shouted. "All out attack!"

He and Cowgirl opened fire on the terrorist, causing him too raise his arms to shield himself.

Then Armstrong and Sol rushed at him. The former struck Yusagi's left leg, making him fall to one knee. Then Armstrong moved out of the way to let Sol follow up.

She came from above with a downward slash. Then she made several swift cuts all over Yusagi's body.

However, the assault only brought an annoyed growl from the terrorist. Everyone watched in surprise as his wounds were completely healed in seconds.

"Wait, what the-" Homer started to say.

Then he gasped when Yusagi suddenly appeared in front of him. He, and the other agents, were frozen in shock.

Then the terrorist punched him with enough force to break his barrier, and he staggered backward. Then Homer yelled as he was grabbed and thrown off the roof.

"HOMER!" Cowgirl cried.

"So fast..." Sol whispered in horror.

Yusagi turned towards them. His lips made the most frightening grin Sol had ever seen.

"That was fun." He said in amusement. "Who's next?"

Armstrong's face contorted with anger, and he let out a ferocious shout.

"YOU WILL PAY!" He screamed.

His gauntlets charged up with red energy, and he charged towards Yusagi.

"Armstrong, be careful!" Sol warned him.

But it fell on deaf ears.

He threw the strongest punch he could muster, right towards Yusagi's head.

However, the terrorist ducked under the attack, then countered with a punch of his own. But Armstrong blocked the attack, and now had Yusagi's right hand in his grip.

The agent let loose another powerful punch with his free hand, but Yusagi leaned out of the way and grabbed his wrist.

Now the two were in a deadlock, and struggling to overpower each other.

"You're good." Yusagi admitted. "Definitely better than the other playthings."

"My friends are not your damn playthings!" Armstrong shouted angrily.

He looked back at Sol and Cowgirl, who were watching him with expressions of worry.

"I can't hold him for long! Do something!"

"But what can we do?" Sol wondered.

"The wires!"

She looked over to see Shadow shouting at her.

"Cut the wires!" He repeated. "They're supplying power to his body!"

Sol looked at the wires connected to Yusagi's limbs, and put up a determined smile.

"Okay!" She nodded. "Let's do this, everyone!"

"Yeah!" They all said in unison.

Cowgirl took aim, while Sol charged in, flourishing her sword. Meanwhile, Shadow pulled out his red blaster, and started rapidly firing it along with the black one. Each shot sparked as it made contact with Yusagi's body.

"NO!" Yusagi roared. "I will not stand for this!"

He kneed Armstrong in the stomach, making him let go of Yusagi's hand and double over. Then the terrorist proceeded to grab the agent's other arm and swing him at Sol, making a direct impact that broke both agents' barriers.

The girl yelped as she was knocked away, and she nearly tumbled off the roof. But she managed to grab on to the ledge with one hand. However, she lost her grip on her sword, and it fell to the ground below.

However, Yusagi wasn't done there. He then tossed Armstrong off the building, laughing as he did so.

"Don't let him win!" Armstrong yelled as he went down.

"NO!" Sol exclaimed.

Shadow stopped firing. "ARMSTRONG!"

"BROTHER!" Cowgirl shrieked, tears starting to fall from her eyes.

She gasped when Yusagi was suddenly right in front of her.

"Don't worry, you'll be together!" He said with a laugh.

He grabbed her by the throat, and lifted her up. She struggled to break free, but it was no use.

"Let me go!" She begged.

He grinned like a maniac. "Alright, I will!"

He drew his arm back, prepared to throw her off the roof.

Sol managed to pick herself up, but she froze when she saw what was happening.

"Cowgirl...not you..." She murmured.

"Leave her alone!" Shdaow yelled defiantly.

He fired more shots at Yusagi, but they didn't do anything. He laughed in absolute glee as he witnessed the agents' futility.

"Just give up!" He ordered. "You have no chance of stopping me!"

To prove his point, he slammed Cowgirl into the floor, making her scream as her barrier shattered.

"STOP IT!" Sol and Shadow said in unison.

"This is what happens when you defy me!" The terrorist declared.

He lifted Cowgirl up again, and shook her now unconscious body in front of their eyes.

"My rule is law! Disobey, and you die! I'm the Supreme Emperor of the world, and you're just tr-"


Yusagi gasped, and he looked to his right.

His first set of wires were cut clean in half. They sparked as the energy flowing through them had nowhere to go.

He groaned as he felt his arm get weak, and he dropped Cowgirl onto the floor. He turned to the one who cut the wires.

She was an angelic knight in white and gold armor. A silver sword was in her right hand, while a silver shield was in her left.

Sol recognized her immediately, and she couldn't help but be in awe.

"The Sacred Knight..."

Yusagi scowled at the newcomer. "Aren't you God's servant? This doesn't have anything to do with you."

The Sacred Knight inclined her head. "On the contrary, it does. You are a threat to the entire world, and so I must eliminate you."

"Hmph. So be it." The terrorist took a stance. "I'm not afraid of divine beings! I have enough power in these limbs to match you!"

He charged at blinding speed, and struck with his one strengthened arm.

But to his surprise, the knight had blocked it with no trouble.

"That all?" She tilted her head.

He roared in fury, and unleashed a series of punches and kicks.

Sol and Shadow watched in amazement as the Sacred Knight dodged and blocked each attacks, and provided swift counters in return.

Each movement was graceful, like a dancer's, and Sol thought the knight had the most beautiful way of fighting she had ever seen.

However, Shadow couldn't help odd sense of déjá vu. But why was he feeling that?

"Strange..." He muttered.

He snapped back to attention when Yusagi stumbled back, panting from his exertion. The wires in his legs were cut, leaving him the ones in his arm.

"Damn..." He growled.

The Sacred Knight pointed her sword at him. "Give up."

"No...not as I have power!"

He struck at her, but she simply sidesteped it and sliced the remained wires. Yusagi fell to his knees, and groaned in frustration. His helmet deformed, showing his sweaty face and tired eyes.

"Damn it..." He weakly pounded the floor.

"Well?" God's servant looked at him.

"I give what you want with me."

"I believe that is for them to decide."

She looked at Shadow and Sol, who approached the now powerless man.

Shadow stopped in front of him, and picked his head up. They could now look each other in the eye.

"Any last words?"

Yusagi just looked back down, much to the man in black's annoyance.


"...I was a fool." He said with a sob.


The terrorist looked at him with shell shocked eyes. "I brother and I could become Supreme Emperors together. I was the reason so many horrible things happened." He chuckled. "And honestly, I enjoyed them." He coughed. "But still...though I took pleasure in the suffering of others...I was heartbroken when my brother died...How you feel about your girl's death, is how I feel about Tetsuo's..."

Shadow raised an eyebrow. "So...what are you asking?"

"I regret bringing my brother into my schemes. And I want to apologise to him, in Hell. So I ask of you, kill me...and bury me beside him."

Shadow thought about it, and nodded. "Okay. You have my word."

Yusagi smiled, and sighed. "Thank you."

He closed his eyes, and Shadow stood up.

"Rest in peace." He said, drawing his red pistol.

He took aim at Yusagi's head, then pulled the trigger. And so, the life and ambitions of Yusagi Koshiro ended.

After a moment of silence, Sol spoke up.

"Mission complete." She solemnly said.

"Yeah." Shadow had the same tone. "But our friends..."

"Cowgirl's fine...but...Armstrong and Homer..."

"You called?"

They gasped, and turned around.

There, climbing onto the roof, was Homer and Armstrong. Both looked okay enough, albeit with bloody arms that looked like they had taken some nasty scrapes.

"You're alive!?" Shadow and Sol exclaimed in shock.

"Yeah..." Homer said weakly. "Managed get ahold of the wall...but..." He winced. "Fuck, my arms grinded against that thing..."

"Same here." Armstrong said through gritted teeth.

It was then that they noticed the Sacred Knight. Homer's jaw dropped.

"Holy...that fairy tail is real!?"

"Looks like I'm not imagining things." Armstrong said with a shake of his head.

The Sacred Knight giggled. "I'm very real, I can assure you." She looked at their arms. "Want me to take care of that?"

"No, thank you." Armstrong said politely. "We can get these patched up in the plane."

"Okay. I guess I should-"


She turned to an excited Sol, who was holding out a piece of paper and a pen.

"Could I have your autograph?" She asked.

"Where the hell did you have that?" Homer wondered.

This brought a soft laugh from the knight.

"Of course." She agreed. "Just for you."

She took the pen and paper, then started to write. After a few seconds, she gave it back.

Sol read the inscription, with Shadow looking over her shoulder.

To you special agents,

Never give up, and keep the light in this world alive. I hope that one day, you all will go to Heaven, and we can meet there.

Sincerely, the Sacred Knight

Sol looked up, and smiled. "Thank you! We promise to protect the world with everything we got!"

"I'm glad." The Sacred Knight said. "It's nice to know, that there are still those who will fight evil."

She turned her attention to Shadow, who was watching her with an odd look.

"Is there something wrong?" She asked.

He hesitated, and shook his head. "No...there isn't."

In truth, there was just something vaguely familiar about her...but he couldn't place it.

Then after a second of thinking, he decided to ask.

"Hey, Sacred Knight."

She tilted her head. "Yes?"

"I was wondering...what do you consider me to be?"

The knight was silent for a moment, which made Sol look between her and Shadow with a perplexed expression.

Then, the Sacred Knight laughed softly, before replying.

"I might not have known you long...but I say you're...a friend.

Shadow's eyes widened in shock, and he froze.

Before anything else could be said, the Sacred Knight turned around and walked to the edge of the roof.

"Now it's time for me to return. Goodbye."

Then she jumped, and came back up a moment later riding on a beautiful pegasus. They soared high into the air, before disappearing in a flash of white light.

Sol stared at where they disappeared, awed for a moment. Then she looked at Shadow, and became worried.

"Are you alright?" She asked.

When he didn't answer, Homer stepped up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"You alright, buddy?"

The man in black flinched and shook his head.

"I-I'm fine." He assured.

"Dude, what is up-"

"We're done here."

Shadow looked at the still unconscious Cowgirl.

"You should be more worried about her."

Homer followed his gaze and gasped. "Cowgirl!"

"Sis!" Armstrong said in concern.

While they tended to her, Shadow touched his earpiece.

"Mr. Banks?" He called.

"Ah, Shadow." Mr. Banks replied. "I take it the mission is a success?"

"Yeah. We found Yusagi Koshiro, and eliminated him."

"Good. Ready for extraction?"

"Yes, and we need some medical supplies on there."

The CEO sighed. "Of course, this must have been tough. Don't worry, they'll be there."

"Thank you. We'll wait patiently for your arrival."

And with that, Shadow cut the connection. It was then that he noticed Sol staring out into the distance.

"What is it?" He asked her.

"The sun." She replied. "Look."

He followed her gaze, and was instantly enamored by the sunrise.

Slowly, the darkness around the Reveler's Palace was lit up and the two agent's began to see the beauty of the place. It was like a scene from a fairy tale.

Cowgirl groaned as she slowly came to, and she opened her eyes.

She saw Homer above her, looking positively relieved, though with tears in his eyes.

"Cowgirl..." He sobbed.

"Hey, Batboy." She smiled tiredly. "You're alive. I'm happy."

She glanced at her brother, who was standing a few feet away.

"Hey, brother. Nice to see you're well too."

"Not THAT well." Armstrong gestured to his injured arm.

Homer chuckled nervously, and showed his too.

Cowgirl blinked, then scowled. "What in tarnation did y'all do to get those!?"

"Well, know..." Homer didn't know what to say.

He yelped when Cowgirl suddenly pinned him to the floor.

"What the-"

He was interrupted when she kissed him deeply, right on the lips. It lasted for a few seconds, then Cowgirl pulled away.

"You owe me for scaring me so many times, Batboy." She said sultrily.

"Eh..." Homer blushed. "Wait...what...huh?"

He looked at Armstrong for guidance, but he just shook his head.

"What my sister wants, she gets." He said with a hint of annoyance.

Then the three noticed the sunrise, and began to smile. Cowgirl and Homer got to their feet, and followed Armstrong to join Sol and Shadow in gazing at the scenery.

After a moment, Sol remembered something. She brought out her phone, and clicked on her camera app.

"Come on guys!" She said joyfully. "Group picture!"

"Yeah!" Said everyone but Shadow.

"I don't know..." He frowned.

"Come on!" Sol begged. "Please!"

"...hmph. Alright. But first..."

He took off his hat and coat, and closed his eyes. Then after taking a deep breath, he opened them.

"Alright." Nights said with a bright smile. "I'm ready."

Everyone smiled back at her, and they all gathered up for the group photo.

"Say Merry Christmas!" Sol said

"Merry Christmas!" Everyone cheered in unison.



One week later...

On New Year's Eve, Nights was standing in front of Snow's grave.

She had new clothes on, including a silver jacket, courtesy of Ciel. Nights had initially felt kind of guilty that Ciel had spent so much money on her, but she said she didn't mind.

So the dark haired girl was now happy to be clean again. Although she still had to do something about her weight...

"Don't worry." Nights assured. "I'm slowly getting there. I gained two pounds this week."

Some would find talking to a grave rather odd. But for Nights, it allowed her to feel close to Snow again.

Even if she couldn't see her...Nights could at least let her know she was fine.

"Anyway, Lexi and Allen started dating." She continued. "Heh...yeah, about time, right? Those two are perfect for each other." She laughed. "And Matt hooked up with a scientist, can you believe it?"


She turned around to see Ciel running up to her. The fashionista had decided to go festive this week, and now had green hair with red streaks. She even used red contacts.

"We're going to the cafe to celebrate the New Year." Ciel informed. "You coming?"

"Yeah." Nights nodded. "Give me a minute."

She turned back to the grave, and made a quick cross over her heart.

"Amen." She murmured. "Please, let her know that we're all fine."

And with that, she followed Ciel out of the cemetery. Midway, however, she suddenly stopped.

"Huh?" She turned and looked around. "What is..."

"Nights?" Ciel looked at her curiously. "What is it?"

"I just...felt something watching me..."

"You get those feelings too? Huh, what do ya know?" The festive girl grinned. "Ah well, it's nothing to worry about. Come on, we're going to be late."


Hesitantly, Nights left with Ciel to the the cafe.

And from behind the trees, the Sacred Knight came out of hiding. She stared at Snow's grave, where Nights had been.

Then she let out a happy sigh, before summoning her steed and climbing onto it.

"Thank you, Nights, for everything."

Then she spurred the pegasus, and it took to the air. Then it disappeared, leaving a few white feathers to drift to the ground.