Silence is not vacancy, darkness is not absence
Light a candle if you wish, but do not call on sunlight
Electricity is not favored, unless you want to try your chances
Let what is done be done

Empty your mind, calm your nerves
Ignore the shadows that swirl and curve
You are safe, my friend, within this dark of night
Let what is done be done

Remember your wish, remember the words
The chants, the spells, the charms and mantras
Take out the feet of rabbits and beaks of little birds
Let what is done be done

Make your sacrifice, understand your intent
Allow the drops of darkness to collect
Feel the possession in every chakra
Let what is done be done

Hear the madness between your breaths
See the movements in the corner of your eye
Summoning, calling and dabbling does not suit you, my dear
But what is done is done

They're here

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