If only she still had that handy dandy pack of trail mix. Then she would be able to lure the bush turkey with the rustling sound of the packet and the scent of assorted nuts, use the washing basket to trap it, the nuts (those useful things) as earplugs to block the noise of its squeals, then pick a feather, hold it up to the sky whilst chanting awimmy wimmy who da, wait for a gust of wind to rip the feather from her grasp which will then be taken through the sky, landing on a cloud that ends up raining it over Antarctica and onto the back of a penguin which eats it and ends up having a bush turkey feather covered penguin baby. Easy enough, if only she had the trail mix.

Instead she looked out of her window and sighed, she hadn't even seen the turkey for a few days and wasn't sure when it would be coming round again. She so desperately wanted a penguin to be covered in turkey feathers. Then the next time David Attenborough was in Antarctica he could look down, see this cute feathery penguin running round and in his deep voice exclaim "I've never seen anything like this before. The only explanation is that somewhere someone performed a mystic ceremony and now this is the result." It would be the only episode of David Attenborough's show that she ever watched and sitting through the painful explanations about ant mucus would still be manageable.

But she didn't have the trail mix and without the trail mix there was no point in any of it. It wasn't just for David Attenborough to praise her but one of the cool boys at school had teased her about her drawing of a turkey-like looking penguin. They said it could never ever exist but she knew it was possible. Then she could prove them all wrong. She'd let everyone watch David Attenborough exclaiming on TV, then she'd stand up as straight as she could and declare "That was me!" How that would all praise her.

She sighed again as the bushes only rustled because of the wind, she still needed the trail mix. Until then she'd just have to be content with her drawings, that no one else at school would be seeing. As she turned her head away from the window she saw something rustle unusually from the corner of her eye. The bush turkey! She dashed up, hope in every vein of her body. Perhaps she didn't really need the trail mix, crackers were just as tasty.