There's a boy that I so dearly and so truely do love.
I consider him a gift, a special present from above.

But he thinks that he is just an absolute mess,
How can I convince him he's the absolute best?

A true man of his word, dishonor is not him.
He would never surrender and would never give in.

To tell a lie, that he may, but never to harm.
His slight trickery and mischief is just part of his charm.

We come from two different worlds, my lover and I.
For if worse comes to worse, it is better to die.

At least, that's what he believes, my dear lover so fair,
But I'll have to disagree, for I cannot bring myself to not care.

I've lived in a world where every single person has been kind.
He's seen many people who have a sick, twisted mind.

We'll never agree, but I suppose that is alright and okay.
For I still wish to be with him and marry him someday.

Maybe our children will be better than the two of us.
Maybe they'll learn to be suspicious and also how to trust.

All I can hope and pray for is that we will find our middle ground.
Between the evil and the good, where there is a peaceful sort of sound.

I love him, he loves me, what more does one ever need?
I trust him, my lover, and will follow where he lead.