A/N: Kyou looks like Tobiichi Origami off of Date A Live, whom this was likely inspired by.

Sakuraba Kyou.

She's the girl that sits on Aoi's right on the back row of the classroom. She's mute and talks either with sign language or a notebook, and she's very cute. But, as Aoi found out, she's got to be the weirdest girl in his classroom! She can be so spontaneous and 'say' the strangest things, and she can be a real handful at times. But, worst of all, he's the one she's always talking to!

Tap tap tap.

Speaking of her...

Aoi timidly looked over at Kyou, dreading what he was going to see. Her dark blue eyes were staring at him, the end of her pencil against the notebook she was holding up.

I found it out. Read the notebook.
Aoi sighed and signed, 'Found what out?'

One of Kyou's good points is that she's a fast writer; her pencil was almost a blur as she wrote the next few words down.

Sensei's secret.
Aoi had a seriously bad feeling about this. 'What secret?'
With the next words she wrote, she leaned forward, her expression dead serious. His hair is fake.

Nooooooooooooo! Aoi screamed inside of his mind. Everyone knows that; it's not a secret! Adachi-sensei is really sensitive about his balding head! Don't do anything to upset him, you baka!

'Everyone knows that.'
So everyone laughs behind his back?
'No! No one laughs behind his back!'
His hair is fake.
'You already said that!'
It's funny... but sad.'
'It's not funny! He's really sensitive about it!'

Aoi was starting to get worn out, but he had to protect Adachi-sensei's dignity at all costs, and there's no telling what Kyou is going to do next!

Kyou looked back at him, a fire burning in her eyes as she held her notebook up. I have to tell him the truth.
Aoi rapidly shook his head 'nononono!'.

But Kyou didn't listen to him; instead, she stood straight up and raised her hand.
"Yes, what is it, Sakuraba-san?" Adachi-sensei asked, blissfully ignorant of what was about to happen.
'Your hair is-' Kyou started to sign (the headmaster is deaf, so sign language is a must-know for the school staff), but Aoi couldn't let her have her way!

He grabbed a paper fan from his bag, scooted forward out of his chair and on the ground, and as everyone focused on Kyou's hands, he-


Kyou would have gasped if she could; instead, her cheeks lighted up as her hands snapped down to her stinging butt. Her eyes narrowed at Aoi who had jumped back into his seat, the boy glaring at her as he held the fan in his lap.

"Is something wrong, Sakuraba-san?" Adachi-sensei asked, unaware of what had transpired.
Kyou softly shook her head before, under Aoi's careful watch, signing, 'Your hair looks really good today, sensei.'.

Adachi-sensei blushed, his hand going up to his fake hair. "Oh, thank you, Sakuraba-san. I tried doing something a little different today, so I'm glad it looks good!"
That's so a lie. Aoi sadly thought.

Kyou tried sitting back down, but her butt was still stinging, so she had to raise it off of her chair. She glared at Aoi, wrote something on her notebook, and held it up. You slap my butt, you massage my butt.

A paper fan hit her square across the head.