I shivered as the water hit me. Waves continuously caused me to sway from side to side as I waited on the side of the boat. A man peered over the edge at me, just a young girl, clinging onto a ladder. He asked if I was ok. I nodded and braced mysef. Taking a deep breath, I sent a silent prayer to the skies as he placed the helmet over my head, resting it on my shoulders. Sinking into the water, I let go and the weight of the helmet dragged me underwater. The darkness of the murky water enveloped me and sucked me in even deeper. Once submerged, all noise ceased except for the eerie sound of my own breath. In, out, in, out.

A hand seemed to spring out of the watery darkness and knocked on the window of my helmet. I blinked in surprise as the hand began to make signals at me. It brought its pointer finger and thumb into a circle, creating the universal diver's signal for ok. I mimicked the hand with my own and began to sink. The hand had grabbed onto my waist and pulled me further down into the watery depths. After a few feet, we stopped and the hand knocked on my helmet again. It made the signal, repeating the procedure. Once more, I held my hand up, signaling I was ok and we began to sink again. This process was repeated over and over again, a seemingly endless dance with the water, the hand and myself. The dance kept steady to the sound of my breath. In, out, tap-tap. In, out, sink again. In, out, tap-tap. In, out, we began to sink once again. The dance went on and on.

But as all good things come to an end, I finally reached the bottom. My bare feet hit the sandy ocean floor and the hand gestured for me to walk towards a dark figure. I gave it a thumbs up and it vanished, the darkness swallowing it up. Perhaps it went back to collect another diver and begin the dance once again.

I turned to the black angel that floated before me. Bubbles came out of its mouth as it motioned for me to move closer. I stared at the being before slowly moving across the floor. A tube, connected from my helmet to an oxygen tank on the boat, stretched out as I moved towards the figure. The sensation was almost like flying. With each step, my body began to float, carried by the water.

I was an astronaut. My helmet was fed oxygen from a tank. I was flying across the ground. The god of gravity had no power here. The freedom was exhilarating and adrenaline coursed through my veins.

The black figure extended its hand towards me, a small ball resting in its palm. I took the offer and held it up. The ball must've been a piece of food because immediately small monsters came out from the darkness to snack. One by one, they swam around and nibbled at the ball. Each took its fill and left. Monsters of all colors, from red to blue to black to green. Most were smaller than my hand, some large enough to eat it. I watched in awe as each small being bit at the ball, a feast for all the little creatures of the darkness.

But as all good things must come to an end, soon the ball of food was nothing but a crumb. I looked for the figure but it was gone. It had vanished into the shadows.

In its place was the hand. It waved and grabbed my wrist. Where was it taking me? I felt like I was soaring, as the hand pulled me. Up and up, towards what I assumed to be the surface. The hand moved at a rapid pace as if it was a sprint to the finish. No graceful dance, no mystery and wonder, just a straight shot to the top. The ladder appeared out of the gloom and I grabbed onto it, hoisting myself up. Breaking the surface of the water, my helmet was removed and I breathed in the salty sea air.

"Well? How was it?" I looked up seeing my brother peer over the edge, grinning at me. "Is helmet diving fun or what?"