Atop a high and mighty crag in the vast and blistering desert where not even the Wrath Hawks dare fly and no serpents of flame tongue dare slither, there stands the Storm Demon in all here midnight glory. She stands like a goddess of demons overlooking the vast desert. Before her however a surreal thing appears a blue holographic screen. She taps and turns this ethereal image with her claws, places appear in circles upon the screen, a swamp, a jungle, cities, towns, a forest fire, a frozen wasteland with trees seemingly made of ice, among the myriad of unreal locations. A woman's voice projects from the screen, "No anomalies detected in Spiritual Rehabilitation Prison's matrix...correction, two temporal anomalies still exist, not entwined to Spiritual Rehabilitation Prison, criteria met, specific administration required."

Meanwhile in the desert Emily and Vicky are following the compass as they continue their adventures. A smile across Emily's face, a strange sense of contentment. Not long before they had found their way back to the Earth they came from and met the Shinigami that had possesed Emily's old body and confronted her father about his disgusting ways. To find him having a mental breakdown over his actions and this life the Shinigami had dragged him into, apparently playing superhero against supernatural threats, feels...that a good resolution for Emily. Since then they've asked the compass to seek out Vicky's true body, having learned that she was the avatar of some demon living life as a mortal and then experiencing Hell afterwords.

"Weird," says Vicky, "it keeps aiming down...but we never find a hatch or cave, or..."

The shriek of some monster draws their attention as a massive circular mouthed sandworm erupts from the desert. Emily turns intangible as Vicky leaps into the air, unleashing a hellish screech that surprised even her as she slams the sandworm with her fist. It slams back into the ground and suddenly the ground shakes and another screech erupts from all around them, the sound Vicky had made only much louder. The sandworm flees, seemingly trying to stay near the surface as it slithers away rapidly.

"Amazing," says Emily, "its like a fantasy adventure,"

"and the secret dungeon entrance awaits us," continues Vicky with smile.

They stop in their tracks as their mistress suddenly appears above them and lands before them. She walks up to Emily and embraces her. Emily is expecting to be taken to the sky any moment and taken to their mistress's nearby nest as so often before, instead, the mistress is whispering something inaudible, or too inhuman to be understood. Emily's body starts to glow blue and become see through. Vicky would try to intervene in what is happening but she finds herself stuck and silent, a rotating strange blue circular sigil beneath her feet. Emily has a content peaceful expression as she floats into the air, her body coming apart as blue sparks and swirls. The mistress however smiles mischeviously and gestures to the air, above the slowly rising form of Emily a large coffee brown circle appears with a lighter brown on the rims. To Vicky it looks like some sort of clock with strange symbols in place of numbers and a crescent moon facing in on its right side facing down. Emily's form swirls around the center of this barrier as their mistress the Storm Demon makes odd gestures as her eyes glow intensly, the crescent moon spins making strange mechanical noises, extends out from the circle on something resembling a plank made of tightly packed golden threads, and with the same winding an old clock noises pushed back in with a series of clicks. After locking in place with the main circle a small portal appears and Emily's form is pulled in. The entire thing then vanishes.

A female voice appears from no where Vicky can discern, "Won't this cause a paradox your majesty?"

"No," respons the Mistress in one her few plain and direct moments, so rare to see for Vicky, "it will be fractal at most, merging back into the main timeline as it would cause too small of a change to even be noticed, the smallest possible change. Not even I would I would not have known the girl."

She turns to Vicky and makes a swipe gesture, the sigil beneath her feet vanishes.

"What happened?" asks Vicky, her voice less angry than she thought it would be.

The Mistress clutches the air and makes a series of growling and clicking sounds, a massive red sigil appears beneath them, stretching for miles, its red light peirces into Vicky, a sickening feeling. Everything turns red and then darkness. In the darkness there is a very loud and steady sound like a wind...that is breathing. Vicky realizes in a moment that her eyes were simply tightly shut. She finds herself in a black cave, the walls seem to me made of or at least covered in a black substance resembling shells with red lines, it reminds her of the building where the Mistress's nest had been in that first city. The ledge is covered in a thick white spider like web that stretches to the floor far below, seperates by...pillas, up to...Vicky's eyes grow large, what she had thought was part of the cave is a body. She turns and nearly jumps as the Mistress too is standing there beside her, silent, and watching as Vicky looks upon the massive eldritch thing, a shell like black armored metal plates, extending in both directions. In a strange surreal sense Vicky can somehow see more of it, see through the crystal lights that illuminate the cave, she does not have time to think of it as this thing fills her view. Its body is in shape at least like a massive scorpion, at least several hundred feet in length, its legs look more like they belong to a crab however. The long tail is suspended on thick webs and has a presence about it that is strangely more serpent like than scorpion with its metal like segments arranged like the scale patterns of a snake's body and with odd curved blades on the sides. The end of the tail is almost club like, some weird immitation of a tuft that clearly can split into a trident like or three pronged fin like structure with sharp bladed points.

"A sea scorpion?" she thinks as her vision leaps back in the other direction, where its head should be it continues up instead into a human like body, a woman's body made of flexible armor, sharp ridges along the forearms, and sides. If it were not breathing she'd think its rising and falling chest was simply armor over its body. The sides of its face, its jawline, is too adorned with a sharp ridge that continues up into a dragon's crown like crest, in place of hair are biomechanical wires, although at this size more like tentacles, with needle nose pliars like pincers on the ends of them, she knows they can extend and grow in size somehow.

She closes her eyes, she refuses to accept it for a moment, remembering the words a devil had spoken to her, what Armon had called her, a juggernaut, but this...yes, the face, she looks upon it. It is not Vicky's face, it is somewhat like that of the Mistress, yet distinctly different, a bit sharper in shape. Lips of deep red nearly black, closed eyes.

"It is hard," whispers the Mistress in her ears, "to appreciate the beauty of humans, their softness, their pleasure tied with pain,"

Vicky continues it, "when you are hard, gigantic by comparison, and numb to all but the most extreme of sensations...a body of armor...I am.."

Vicky's body vibrates red and vanishes as red sparks. The eyes of the massive being open, shining a red light through the cave, shaking the webs loose, before her eyes turn blue, hard shells with hard eyelids, "I am Valtek! Empress Valtek!"

The cieling glows, the crystal lights turning red, merging together like a pool of crystal lava before swirling into a surreal pool, sigil lines appear and break one by one as Valtek swipes at them and crawls free of the massive chamber and up into the portal.

The Mistress fades away as shadow.

-Reality M
Earth: Mid-late 1990's

A baby cries as light hits its eyes for the first time. The cozy warmth of its dark confinement lost to the cold reality of life. Through fuzzy eyes that can't even discern shapes a string of thoughts are quickly lost and confined to the depths of an internal ethereal well of dormant power as the tiny mind is not capable of holding them or accepting them. It cries and is held to a breast to take its first meal.

The woman speaks, "Yes doctor we've chosen a name for our daughter already, her name is Mirai."