It's odd the memories that come back up to strike fear into your heart. Where the glimpse of something makes it flood through your veins as you stand horrified, your mind going back to when he had looked at you and your notions of safety and comfort had been lost.

He pulled up in his truck, and you should've ran then but you didn't thinking it would be easy for you to get away if you really needed to, your house was just across the road. You didn't realise that road would become like a raging river. As his intentions of kidnapping you, to work in his carpet factory and not do anything worse come clear you don't want to turn and run. You see the carpets laden in the back of his car and know that you'll have to haul them around all day and as your legs go to move you find that they're stuck with weights weighing them down. You just have to cross the road. If only you could open your eyes and find it was a dream.

Somehow your legs do begin to move but you run up the street, not across the road. All you want to do is get away from him and you'll go wherever your legs will take you. You get up the road, not far up, but up enough and you know you have to cross, the only way to be truly safe is to get across and into your home. You will your legs to turn and they do but as you step onto the road you see a car coming towards you and you know it won't drive by smoothly. There's nowhere else for you to go, so close to home you've been left threatened, frightened by the prospects of what is to come.

When the fear enters you heart, fear from a memory that was years ago now when you were still young, you know that you should shake it off easily. When now you look at the truck filled with carpets at the back you know you don't need to be worried or afraid and that a man is not making you work in his factory. Whoever owns this trucks with the carpets doesn't care about you. It's odd still the way a sight can take you back to the memory, one that had not been remembered for a long time and the feeling of fear in it was forgotten. You have to shake your head, shaking away the fear that had risen in you. The only place someone would kidnap you to work in his carpet factory would be in a dream, and that's all the memory was, a dream that had made you wake sweating in the night but still just a dream. So why are you still afraid?