He was never going to marry her, he had made that promise to himself within two minutes of shaking her hand. How he had come to stand at an alter with her walking down the aisle towards him he'd never know but now it was happening and he couldn't back away.

If he had admitted he was totally and utterly in love with her from the very beginning he wouldn't have believed it himself. He was so in love in fact that he mistook it from something he didn't understand and was annoyed that she would create confusing feelings within him. He had decided that it must be something resembling hatred, there was something about the way she talked and walked and looked that burned such a passion of hatred within him. If he had paid enough attention to the passion he would've realised it was one of love.

When he had found out she thought something of him he almost marched right to her place to tell her to stop thinking those ridiculous thoughts. Instead he told himself he would do it politely, over a coffee which like a true gentlemen he would pay for.

He spent every sip trying to find a way to slip it out of his throat but every time he went to say it she would launch into another story about her dog or cat or hamster or something and he never found the chance. Even when she said goodbye that afternoon she waved him off quickly and disappeared. If he had been paying any attention at all he would have jumped at the pauses where she waited for him to say something.

Like a gentlemen he had to accept the next coffee she asked for and he planned to tell her then. He would have to say it, even if it meant pushing in the middle of another tale about her gerbil.

It didn't take long for the coffee cup to empty without any chance to say it and he only realised he hadn't told her when she waved him off again.

For how many weeks it continued like this he wasn't quite sure but coffee progressed to dinner, then picnics and activities and eventually he found he was down on one knee asking her to marry him.

He still wasn't quite sure how it had happened but as she walked down the aisle towards him he didn't care anymore. He was filled with such a burning passion and right now as she came to stand next to him he realised what it was; true love.