Mythical Mirage Online Glossary:


Mythical Mirage Online is an original story I wrote. The premise is about a set of characters getting trapped in a fantasy game world. A whole world was invented, and during the course in writing the story, I thought it would be nice to write a reference journal for readers to refer to should they get lost in all the lingo.

General Terms:

MMORPG - Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. This is what the game Mythical Mirage Online is. Like World of Warcraft, this is a game that people from all around the world can log onto an play with each other in a fantasy roleplaying setting.

NPC - Non-Playable Character. This is a person in a game that's not a real person, but a character.

HP - Health Points. This indicates how much health a player has.

MP - Magic Points. This indicates how much magic a player has.

EXP - Experience Points. Point accumulated in order to level up a character.

Level up - A character becomes stronger the higher the level is. By gaining EXP, a player can not only become tougher, but can use higher ranked items and armors they couldn't use before. Also dangerous areas of the game become more assessable.

Party - A small group of players teamed up to play a quest/mission

Guild - A large Party

Field - Open areas outside of towns that may or may not have roaming monsters

Dungeons - Dangerous areas filled with higher leveled monsters

Bosses - The last monster at the end of a Dungeon, usually far stronger than any creature in the dungeon. These monsters always give gold, EXP, and valuable items.

Prisons - Main story dungeons. There are 56 of them. Generals are the Bosses in these areas.

Specific Story Terms:

The Aesir Institution: The company based out of Norway that is responsible for inventing and maintaining the Digital Dimension.

Digital Dimension (DD): A form of virtual reality, DD is a physical internet, which allows users to interact more physically via digital copies (or Proxies). Proxies may then interact in digital environments created by Aesir programmers.

Proxy: An avatar. A digital duplicate of a user that's uploaded to the Aesir Network. In various programs, the duplicate can be modified to look and sound different than the actual user in the real world. Proxies are mindless and requires the link Aesir servers provide with the users brain in order to function.

Njorun Headset/Chambers: A devise that connects users to the Digital Dimension. The Headset is a visor that covers the user's eyes and ears. Once online, user will be able to taste, smell, and feel the environments created due to the connection to the brain. The chamber functions the same way the headset does, only it moves the body at the same time. Operating in a sphere chamber, the user hooks up to machines that move the body corresponding to the movement the user is taking in the digital world. Operators outside of both devises (in normal circumstances) have the ability to view what the user is doing on a monitor and can communicated via the Njorun ear piece. The user can turn off these functions for privacy purposes.

Mythical Mirage Online: The MMORPG game the story is set in. It was co-created by Rei Harakawa and Koushun Waharaka. Players created a character and are transported into the fantasy world of Erda where they can battle magical monsters with people all around the world.

Mythical Mirages Online's Game Mechanics:

Mythical Mirage Online is like many MMOs out there. It's a game that encourages grouping with other players and taking on huge monsters and creatures for bigger rewards. While there are many in-game storylines and side quest, the main quest can only be completed once every year. The story behind the game is to stop the Hellwitch Ezuzia from conquering the all of Erda with her demon-beasts Generals. A typical story, but like many MMOs, the individual player can choose to ignore this and go on other quests. They can enhance the prestige of the Kingdom of birth's. They go to dangerous dungeons for individual glory. There are bosses in multiple dungeons and field hotspots all throughout Erda that give tremendous EXP and Item drops. They mostly tie into the country of origins individual quests or side quests. But the Ezuzia Bosses are different. There are 56 of them, 8 in each territory. Ezuzia bosses are hard to find, require massive parties with high leveled characters to beat them, and each have a rising level of difficulty. Because of this, they can only be play once every year under normal circumstances. Ezuzia Bosses drop items one can get no where else.

The Seven Kingdoms of Erda:

The world of Erda is separated into seven kingdoms. Strictly speaking, the northern territories aline with each other, while the southern ones do the same. Each kingdom's capital is named after it's kingdom, and the game features four other cities for players to visit/live. Unlike other MMOs, Erda's areas are based off of multiple real-world ancient cultures, given each area a distinct look.


The Western Kingdom of the North. It's cities and culture are heavily inspired by ancient Greco/Roman influences.

Cities: Epirus, Aliba, Chytri, Esedya, and Knopolis


The Northeastern Kingdom of Ice. It's influences come mainly from Norse Mythology.

Cities: Valsguarde, Alrekborg, Bierhal, Ralstad, and Munviken


The People of the Sea, located as a series of Islands central of Erda. It's main influence is Feudal Japan.

Cities: Utika, Obo, Kagochi, Kyoka, and Tokto


The North Central land of many rivers. Jianya draws it's inspiration from ancient China.

Cities: Jianye, Loujing, Nanyang, Beilou, and Zhouan


South Central land of deserts. Medica is based off of the fantasy works of Arabian Nights.

Cities: Medica, Tarut, Jandal, Madhah, and Asran


The Southwestern Kingdom of Jungles. Kital is largely based off of ancient South American cultures.

Cities: Kital, Calatan, Mulyuca, Bajaak, and Yucamul


The Southeastern Kingdom of the Pyramids. This land of deserts and oasis's' is based of ancient Egypt.

Cities: Adybos, Yumfai, Komfu, Kopdera, and Asara

The Five Races of Erda:

In the games, each race did originate from a various parts of Erda, but when the game takes place, it's pretty multiple cultural. As such, there tends to be a wide variety of races in each location, and the player is not restricted on location by choosing a certain race.


Humans are a neutral versatile race who's can play any style of play with little difficulty. As such, they don't have an outstanding race specific skill. Their size can range from 5'3" to 5'10. They're hair and skin tone can be just about any color. Because of their versatility Humans can level non-combat skills quickly, which makes them the best armor/weapon craftsmen of the game.


Ranging from 5'5 to 6'4, Fae look very much like Humans, other than having a variety of elfish ear lengths. Like humans. they are flexible but have a natural advantage as mages. Fae females have a bonus of a slightly higher MP bar, but Fae males have higher HP. Fae tend to be the best are magical crafting and the use of ranged weapons, and are more resistance to magical attacks.


A small, cute looking race around 3'4 tall, they look like children with long elf ears. Their special abilities allow them to crawl in places other players can't. They work best in stealth, support roles, and item finders and make the best Monks in the game.


Massive giants, Wargians are always 7' (or higher) and only male. They have bluish skin, dark/blue hair, and generally have red eyes. As their size indicates, these are the strongest and more durable race in Erda, and make the best Warriors. They aren't fast, and magical effects like dizzy, confusion, and sleepiness have no effect on them. Magical attacks do, however.


Zomzons are always women, and look very much like humans. They always have white hair, pale to gray skin, and vivid purple, pink or red eyes. They're size general can be from 5' to 5'6". They have body tattoos which are magical ruins that work much in the way as conventional armor until level 70. Their natural abilities are agility and speed, and make excellent Rangers and Rogues. They are the weakest race because they level slower and can't wear regular armor until higher levels. As such, not many play as Zomzons, even with the claim that after level 70 that Zomzons become the fastest leveling and strongest race of the game.

The Job-Classes System:

When creating a character the three most important choices a user has to make is Race/Appearence, Job-Class, and Location. A Job-class, when paired with certain races and locations can either be beneficial to a player or worthless. The five classes for players to choose from are:


Characters in this class can deal massive amount of damage in combat, and also take a lot of it. The weakness to this class is slow speed and not very resistance to magic. Typically Two handed weapons are used for this class. Wargia and Humans make the best Warriors


Characters in this class are balance of power, speed, and defense. For players who want to play the middle ground, this is the best option. The benefits of a Knight is more options are available to the player, combat-wise. All classes make great Knights, but Humans really shine more here.


Characters in this class are all about speed, agility, and stealth. As such, they are weak to physical damage. Typically players choose a Rogue to advance thieving skills. Cork and Fae excel as rogues, in higher levels Zomzons become the best if leveled correctly.


Characters in this class are about speed, stealth, and accuracy. They attack with ranged weapons, always from a far, and go for one-hit kills. As such, close combat is not a friend to Ranger players. Human, Fae, and Zomzons make the best Rangers.


Characters in this class are offensive magic users, that is they use magic mainly for attacks. Focusing on one element can make these players the most hard hitting players in early levels. They are magic resistant but weak to physical attacks. Fae and Cork make the best mages.


Characters in this class are defensive magic users, that is they use magic for healing, poison curing, status boosts, and summoning. Like Monks are the weakest to physical attack of all classes, but are strongest in magical defense. Corks are the best monks, followed by Fae and Humans.

Characters and their Affiliations :

Tomoko Togawa

Character Name: Kiriya

Race: Zomzon

Class: Rogue

Kingdom: Medica

Guild: Southern Alliance

Beef Supreme (? - Unknown Real Name)

Character Name: Beef Supreme

Race: Wargia

Class: Warrior

Kingdom: Valgarde

Guild: Southern Alliance

Aya Kishi

Character Name: Moxie

Race: Human

Class: Ranger

Kingdom: Jianye

Guild: Southern Alliance

Aoi Matsuno

Character Name: Zahra

Race: Fae

Class: Mage

Kingdom: Medica

Guild: Southern Alliance

Anthony Williams

Character Name: Kronos

Race: Human

Class: Knight

Kingdom: Epirus

Guild: Northern Knights

Sarah Ito

Character Name: Lady Itora

Race: Fae

Class: Rogue

Kingdom: Utika

Guild: Northern Knights

Red Cloud (?)

Character Name: Red Cloud

Race: Human

Class: Mage

Kingdom: Kital

Guild: Northern Knights

Hemlock (?)

Character Name: Hemlock

Race: Fae

Class: Monk

Kingdom: Jianye

Guild: Southern Alliance

Rondo (?)

Character Name: Rondo

Race: Human

Class: Knight

Kingdom: Utika

Guild: Southern Alliance

Cillie (?)

Character Name: Cillie

Race: Cork

Class: Monk

Kingdom: Adybos

Guild: Southern Alliance

Micchi (?)

Character Name: Micchi

Race: Fae

Class: Warrior

Kingdom: Jiayne

Guild: Northern Alliance

Natrokos (?)

Character Name: Natrokos

Race: Fae

Class: Monk

Kingdom: Valgarde

Guild: Northern Alliance