Hey, y'all! So... I've got a new story. A prequel to His Plan. This will be Wesley's story. It is currently called "His Plan: The Road Home"

I really, really, REALLY hope that everyone who was with me throughout Beau and Lenore's book will be around to witness Wesley and Anna's story, too.

It's set several years before His Plan. Tommy is alive and Beau is only 8, so lots of cute baby Beau fluff! Wesley is all grown up and trying to make his way in the world, but is it really his way or his dad's? Can he be content following the path laid out for him or will he take a chance for what makes him happy?

Meanwhile, it's been a long time since Anna has felt close with anyone, least of all God, who she feels abandoned by. She struggles with the idea that maybe she doesn't need to care of everyone and everything herself. Can she let her guard down and learn to lean on someone else for help or will she continue to push everyone, including Wesley, away for good.

I should have the first chapter up soon and I hope you'll all give it a chance!