The quiet between them was almost stifling. It wasn't like they had much of a conversation before but Robert wasn't really one to be all smiles either. Meeting gazes with the pinkette several times now, Aster would admit that the dead stare accompanied with a leer coming from his ex was enough to leave him unsettled.

"You keep staring at me, Aster dear," Robert commented as he clasped his hands behind his back. "Is there any particular reason why?" His grin broadened. "See something you like?"

"You seem a little off..." he replied.

"Do I now?"

A chill ran down the man's back as he continued to meet the other's gaze. "Um, at any rate, please excuse me for a moment," Aster said as he pulled out his phone.

"Take your time," Robert said as he rocked on his heels. "You only have about another forty-five seconds before I walk the other way anyway."


"What, didn't hear me earlier? I said that I would only be gone five minutes."

"Oh, right. Got to get back to your precious Ace, right?" Aster clarified. "Need to get back to your new boyfriend?"

"Do I detect a hint of jealousy, Aster dear?" Hazel eyes dropped down to regard the hand grabbing his collar. "Oh, I do," Robert chuckled before swatting the hand off. "At any rate, time's up." He straightened his clothes before combing a hand through his hair. "See ya."


"He's not in right now," he replied as he headed in the opposite direction. "I'll be sure to let him know you said hello."

"He's not in- what?!" Grabbing the man before he rounded the corner, Aster dragged him into a nearby alleyway. "Look, I don't have time to play with you."

"You seemed pretty fond of games in the late hours if I remember correctly." Inhaling sharply when his back hit the wall, Robert simply laughed as he was glared at. "Hey, not so rough, ok? Don't want to wake Princess up and trust me that's not going to be much fun for either of us honestly."

"Prince- what are you talking about? You know what, it doesn't really matter," Aster groused as he started dialing on his phone. "Pick up...pick up..."

"Trying to call your girlfriend? Ah, don't have one, right?"

Averting his eyes as the pinkette started laughing under his breath, Aster focused on the phone ringing. Hearing another remark about the time, Aster rolled his eyes before hearing the other party finally pick up.

"Took your freaking time, Tre."

"What can I say? Some of us are busy, IV."

"Don't give me that shit now..."

"Is there any particular reason why you're calling?"

"Because I have the objective."

"Oh really? No false calls this time, right?"

"Won't know unless you have Quin come pick me up!"

"Alright, alright," the one dubbed Tre said. "Be ready in an hour."

"How am I supposed to keep him contained for an hour?"

"I'd say do what you'd usually do but seeing how you're not an item anymore..."

"Fuck. You."

"Yeah, well, hang out for an hour and try not to screw this up. Una is going to have a fit if you're not back this week. You've been gone long enough."

Shoving the phone back into his pocket, Aster looked at Robert staring at him. When the other did not bother to blink, Aster steeled himself up until Robert started smiling.

"Who were you talking to, Aster?" he questioned as he leaned in. "Who's Quin and Tre? Are they your new friends? Princess dropped you like a bad habit and you run and replace him with two-"

A punch to the gut managed to bring Robert down to one knee. "Hit a nerve did I?"

"Shut up, Robert."Shaking his head as he got to his feet, Aster punched him again before watching him drop to both knees. "Just stay put for an hour. You can do that much without running, right?"

"I already told you that I prefer chasing over being chased," Robert stated as he started to climb to his feet. He then caught a punch before looking up at the orangette. "Why don't we stop playing around now?"

"I'm not playing with you," he replied as he pulled out a knife.

"Yet you've brought a toy."

"Smart ass."

"Quite," came the retort before Robert pushed the other back to stand up. "Now, if you don't mind, not like I care if you do or not, I'm leaving."

"You can't!"

"Watch my backside as I walk out this alley. I'm sure you've had enough practice in doing so," Robert said nonchalantly as he headed out of the alley.


"He's not in right now. I'll be sure to let him know you said hello."


"You really don't listen do you? Princess isn't around right now so beat it because, frankly, I don't like you so don't test me."

Aster laughed dryly. "Are you threatening me?"

Robert chuckled. "I don't make threats, Aster dear, so see ya."

Watching as the man walked away, the orange-haired man looked down at the knife in his hand before stalking towards Robert. Remembering the task at hand, he grabbed the pinkette by the end of his shirt just before he got to the sidewalk prior to having a hand being shoved in his face. Feeling a punch to the stomach almost made him lose his lunch before he was pushed into the brick wall.


"You really don't listen," he mused as he grabbed the man by the throat. "I wonder how long it would take to crush your windpipe." He tapped his chin as he steadily added pressure. "Maybe ten seconds?" he added as an afterthought. "Maybe even quicker...but it may be more fun to do it slowly. I kinda want to see what your face looks like as it changes colors."


"You'll run out of air if you keep talking," he commented, "but by all means, keep talking."

Trying to inhale felt nearly impossible. His vision was already blurring and darkness had long since began to creep into the corners yet the one thing that seemed to freak him out more was that he was still able to make out the impassive gaze that the pinkette had.

It just wasn't something that Robert should've been capable of.


"Robert!" Both men looked down that alleyway as they heard footsteps. "Put him down! You said murder was illegal!"

"Princess says that. I find it to be fairly effective in getting rid of unwanted and recurring nuisances."

"Put him down!" Ace ordered as he snatched the man's hand away. Red eyes then dropped down to view Aster holding his throat as he knelt on the ground before focusing on the other. "Can we please just go home?"

Flexing then cracking his fingers, the pinkette shoved his hands into his pockets as he made his way back to the street. "Yeah, yeah."

Getting to his feet slowly as he coughed, Aster watched as the pair began to depart before grabbing a hold of his knife. Not wanting to have to face the wrath of Una, or the offhanded remarks of Tre, the orangette charged at the duo.

His objective didn't necessarily have to come back alive.


"Jeez, he doesn't know when to q-!"

A sharp pain radiating from his back made him stagger before he looked over his shoulder to see head of fiery hair resting against his shoulder. Feeling a pull as he reached around to find the source, he flinched before watching as the raven shoved the other back prior to taking a step back himself.


Finally getting a hold of something solid, the pinkette flinched subtly before grasping it tighter. Yanking the foreign item out in one go, hazel eyes observed the red coated blade before looking over at his attacker that was peeling himself off of a dumpster.

Reaching around to touch the wound, Robert looked up at Ace when he grabbed a hold of his hand. "What are you-?"

"You need to go to a hospital!"

He pulled away. "I'm not going anywhere until I cut his damn-!"

"Hospital!" Ace snapped as he dragged the man towards the street.

"I'm not going to the hospital," he replied as he pulled his arm free once more. "If you want to help me, give me your shirt."


"Give. Me. Your. Shirt."

"You need-"

"Do you know how much attention we're gonna attract if I walk down the street with a reddening shirt? Give me your damn shirt!" Relinquishing the article to see the other tying it around the wounded area, Ace shifted uncomfortably. "Oh relax. Everyone will be more focused on why you don't have a shirt rather than me. Now let's go."

"What about him?"

"How about we worry about getting home so I can tend to Princess?" he suggested as he started walking. "He's gonna flip when he sees this."


"I'm not worried about Aster. Next time I see him, I'm gutting him like a fish," he said as he tossed the knife into the dumpster.

"Please let me take you to the hospital!"

"Get lost."

Pacing the hallway outside the bathroom, Ace paused now and then when he heard the water running. He would've called emergency services or at least the man's mother if the pinkette hadn't commandeered all the phones before he could get to them.

"Open the door so I can take you to the hospital!" Ace ordered. "Look, I don't know what you're doing but Robbie needs to go to the hospital! Let me in!"

"Princess is gonna be ok."

The PDA hit his fist against the door. "Let me in!" The water cut off before he started knocking again. "Let me in dammit! Open the door! Open it! Open-"

The door swung open, hitting the wall. Stepping back as the pinkette came forward, Ace watched as he walked by before paling when he saw the open wound.

"Wanna be useful?"

"Grab the first aid kit from under the sink and follow me."

Doing as told to see the pinkette laying on his stomach, Ace set the kit down. "Can I just-"

"Say anything pertaining to the hospital again and I'm turning you into scrap so just help me by sewing this wound close. I cleaned it but I can't really reach it. There should be a needle somewhere in there."


"If you're worried about the pain, he isn't going to feel anything until he wakes up so I suggest that you have some painkillers on hand." Ace stared at him skeptically. "What? I can't be expected to do everything."

"You got him stabbed in the first place!"

"Would you just sew the wound close already?"

Grumbling under his breath as he took a knee on the bed, Ace rummaged through the box until he came across the required items. Threading up the needle, the PDA took a deep breath before getting to work. Pausing every now and then when the other shifted, Ace continued quickly before tying off the thread and sitting back.

"Ok, I'm done." Leaning over when he didn't get a response, the android got up to see the pinkette had appeared to drift off to sleep. "Robbie?"

Making out a faint snore, Ace closed up the first aid kit and returned it to the bathroom. Coming across the house phone and cell, he looked over his shoulder to make sure the pinkette wasn't standing behind him before he searched through the contacts to find a certain redhead. Selecting the desired number, Ace walked to the other side of the home as it rang.

"Hey, Robert," came the greeting. "It's rather unexpected to get a phone call from you at this time of day."

"Mrs. Harukana."



"Oh, well, hello there. How are you?"

"Um, can I ask a favor please?"

"Uh, sure," she replied. "What is it?"

"Can you take me to the store? I, uh, need to get some medicine..."

"Med- Ace, where's Robert?" Elle questioned. "Put him on the phone."

"He's sleeping right now," Ace replied quietly. "Can you please take me to the store?"

"What's wrong with Robert?"

"I'll tell you if you take me to the store." It grew silent. "Mrs. Haru-"

"I'll be there in about twenty minutes," she finally said as she grabbed her keys.

"Thank you."

Lowering the phone after she hung up, Ace set the device down before leaning against the wall as he combed a hand through his hair. Staring up at the ceiling as he tried gathering his thoughts, the raven doubled back to the room to grab the man's wallet before stopping to look at the sleeping male. Grimacing at the idea of that not being Robbie on the bed, Ace closed the door behind him before walking out to the front room to wait for Elle.