He really missed Walsh.

When he saw the freshman through a minivan window pulling to the fraternity house gates, his heart swelled grossly. He could see him staring at his feet through the lightly tinted glass. Dominic walked over casually.

"Mr. and Mrs. Walsh! I'm," the guy fucking your hot son. "Dominic Vines. I'm sorry we couldn't meet until now."

"What a strapping young man! Scott, tell him to teach you a proper handshake while he's at it."

Scott looked at his phone with determination, duffle bag strapped over his shoulder. He stood near the open trunk of their car. At that jab, he glanced up and barely twitched a smile onto his face.

"My handshakes are fine."

They needed some work.

"Scott's been a great fit here, Mr. Walsh. It's great to meet- No, no, please, let me."

Dominic walked to Scott in his father's place and nudged him with his elbow. He drew out his larger suitcase and set it on the pavement.

Scott shot him a look: a look that in no way could ever be intimidating with how beet-red he was 99.9% of the time.

Scott's mom was teary-eyed, reaching out for a hug. Dominic thought it was the slightest bit sweet: parents crying over their kids "leaving the nest" - but at the same time she had that stereotypical 'Can I Speak to the Manager' haircut. Talk about those high school Jimmy John's flashbacks.

Scott started chewing on his inner cheek as he walked to her arms and gave her an awkward half hug as he stared warily at the fraternity house windows. Dominic rolled his eyes away, for once having the decency not to stare and make things worse for the world's personification of anxiety.

No one cares that you're hugging your mom goodbye.

Honestly, for fuck's sake... Zach hugged his mom goodbye and traveled home every weekend up to the end of sophomore year. He even got drunk enough to cry on Dominic's shoulder one night. Which he would refuse to admit to this day, of course.

"You looked a little uncomfortable back there," Dominic piped up springily once they were in the house.

Scott gave a choked scoff in reply. Admittedly, he looked even more uncomfortable than usual: like there was something he wanted to get off his chest but couldn't manage to blurt out.

Had he been expecting him to just slam him against the nearest wall once they were inside?

Because if so, he'd been totally right.

"Woah-" Scott barely managed to breathe out before Dominic had his tongue rubbing thirstily over his palate. His duffel bag dropped to the foyer floor.

He took in the way his eyes widened and glanced around in paranoia.

Then a miracle happened.

Scott closed his eyes and kissed back without a lick of protest. His arms ran around Dominic's neck and rested on his shoulders and he tried to fight back in the kiss. A sigh of what seemed like relief found its escape through his flared nostrils.

"Miss me?" Dominic chided when they pulled away for air. It was at this point Scott seemed to remember their surroundings and revert to normal. He squirmed and pushed against Dominic's chest.

"Ugh, no," he grumbled half-assedly.

The senior's giddy smirk was going to start making his cheek muscles sore at that rate.

"Aw... I missed you."

Scott's lips twitched like he was about to choke on some retort, but a familiar voice and arm slapping roughly around his shoulder made him jerk and make some high-pitched squealing sound escape instead. That sort of noise rang through Dominic's ears even after the freshman cut it off quickly, and goddamn did it make Dominic want to fuck him right there against the wall, Johnny there or not.

"How could you?!" the blonde was whining over dramatically, a wide sneer spread over his sharp features.

"Do what?" Scott asked in bewilderment, his eyes flickering between the two but quickly locking on Johnny after meeting Dominic's gaze. Whatever he looked like at that moment, he figured it spoke volumes about what he was just picturing.

"You didn't call or text me all break." Johnny was leaning his weight all over Scott. He'd never had much regards for personal space, but Dominic found it obnoxious on this one occasion where he was just trying to get Scott in his bed to himself.

Going back to Scott, his expression showed he was both relieved and confused that Johnny was merely talking to him. Did he really think he was still put off by his little white lie over Cassie? He hadn't been in the first place. Hell, Dominic was pretty sure he was completely lost over what all that drama had even been about. He was stoned about 99% of the time and therefore didn't always read social situations quite so realistically.

Even if he had been in tune with that, Dominic was convinced the guy had the brain of a golden retriever and wouldn't even remember a week later or forgive it instantly.

"Oh... I'm sorry. I lost your number actually. Will you text me so I can save it again?"

"Mhmmm. I guess I'll forgive you. Heh, how was your break?"

"Oh, you know..."

Johnny tilted his head expectantly. "Huh, what should I know?"

"Eh, it was-"

"I actually have to talk to Scottie about some stuff, dude. Mind if I steal him away for a few and then we can all go grab something to eat?"

Johnny touched his heart and finally took his weight off Scott. "B.D.D., you just read my mind. Try and hurry."

With that way-too-long exchange finally out of the way, the following minutes that ensued became a frenzy of heated movement, starting with Dominic taking Scott's hand without a word and leading him to his room and ending with Scott staring up at him from his bed.

"I don't think you've said a word since Johnny. Something up?"

Normally, Dominic wouldn't bother to ask someone he was about to sink inside of such a thing... If they were quiet, he wouldn't really care.

Of course he'd give a shit if they were obviously just wanting to say 'No' but hesitating, or just too upset to ignore, and which point he'd begrudgingly stop.

...Why else had he spent so much time in his room beforehand, consuming so many drinks and pills just to get through ordering pledges to suck each other off against their wishes? To become the cruel asshole capable of doing such a thing, like Zach talked about. Just so he could fit in with the other assholes he'd somehow been voted president of. The assholes who knew about and wanted to keep the initiation in some form. There was a certain pressure of doing so. Hazing was an Alpha tradition... What kind of president would he be to get rid of tradition?

Well, probably a good one, but a disliked one. Zach had already chided at him for going easy on them that year.

...Why else did he instantly lose his boner for Scott that night, when he looked ready to cry up against that wall? That look that struck right through his inebriation and grounded him was impossible to neglect. He polished off that 120 Minute right after just to try wiping the look from his memory.

"Sorry. I just... missed you. Ha..." Scott breathed, pushing a hand through his hair.

"I know that. That's not what you're thinking," Dominic coaxed, rubbing his fraternity brother's thighs way-too-tenderly. For fuck's sake, he could literally push right in and instead he was cooing like they were two virgins on a goddamn honeymoon.

"I'm that readable, huh?" Scott gave a soft laugh. The sound seemed genuine, which made Dominic relax a bit. He hadn't even realized he'd been tense.

"A little bit," he hummed right back while craning his neck down to nudge Scott's cheek with his nose. He didn't know why he thought to do that, but the heart-drop feeling was back. Back ten-fold when Scott turned his face so their noses brushed together in an Eskimo kiss.

"I guess... Don't get mad, 'kay?"

Dominic quirked his brow expectantly, readying himself for a question he wasn't keen on answering as Scott reverted to nervous seriousness.

"I don't like the idea of you sleeping around with other people too," Scott blurted.

That seemed... fair.

Dominic didn't get a chance to reply before Scott started trying to back himself up.

"It's just, I mean you said you wear a condom with everyone else but- I'm sorry, how am I supposed to believe you?"

"I get that," Dominic said simply. "...But that can't be it, right?"

He didn't think Scott was sleeping with anyone else, but the thought of him doing so didn't sit well with him...


Scott was clamming up, making it all too obvious.

"I didn't fuck around with anyone else over break. Why do you think I was so urgent to get you up here?"


"Yeah. I dunno, I would have just..."

Thought of you the whole time.

"Yeah, I didn't," Dominic finished with simply.

Scott was smiling again.

"I guess I want you all to myself a little bit. Haha, sorry," he was muttering weakly. "I know it's probably not ideal... I mean, being just you and me. Me not wanting to come out, hiding it from our other brothers, I'm not super experienced and probably can't bite you really hard yet or anything if you like that, but... I guess I just kind of like you, and it upsets me to think about having to share you."

Dominic didn't know what to do. He didn't know how to articulate. Didn't know what smooth thing to say.

He was impressed that Scott Walsh just spoke his mind to him. The freshman must've practiced and stressed over speaking those words to him for so long... It was why he'd been so nervous. Dominic felt so proud of him. So warm towards him.

So he just said, "Okay" and kissed him, and then he was inside of him, fucking him slow and deep in the most vanilla position in existence, not wanting to be anywhere else in the world.

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