Author's note: I started off trying to write a little kid's book, but it got off course. So, now it's more for older kids or teens at least. I don't know where this story is going now, but please read and review.

Little Sally pranced along, swinging her picnic basket full of pretend food back and forth with each happy skip. "La la la la la!" She sang at the top of her lungs. In her other hand, she dragged her best friend Rupert along behind her. Rupert was the cuddliest, softest, happiest teddy bear in the world.

"Where are you off to, my happy girl?" Sally's mom asked.

"On a picnic of course! See, we have san-wishes, en apples, en ice cream!" She shouted as she held up her picnic basket proudly.

Her mom smiled. "Okay, have fun Sally." Sally skipped off out the back door and into the backyard.

A few minutes later, Sally ran back inside crying.

"What's wrong?" Her mom asked.

"W-we were having our picnic, when dis GIGANTIC bee attacked us. Then, BAM! POW! Rupert chased him away! He pwotected us! B-but he lost his leg!" Sally started bawling. She held up Rupert in one hand, and his leg in the other.

Sally's mom gave her a big hug. "It's alright honey", she said. I can sew his leg back and he'll be good as new."

"NO!" Sally shouted. "Rupert HATES needles!"

Her mom started to get angry. "Look, if you don't want me to fix him, maybe we should just throw him in the gar-"

"Wait. You sure?" Sally patted her bear on the head. "He says it's alright. You can sew his leg back."

With a sigh of relief, Sally's mom gently took the teddy bear from her daughter. She was afraid it was going to lead to a giant argument.

"Rupert is scared, but he says sometimes you have endure things you don't like to get better ."

"Well, that's one smart bear you have there."

"Yeah, but sometimes he uses big words. What does endure mean?"

Her mom stopped in her tracks. Endure was a really big word for a four year old. Did she ever use that word around Sally? Or maybe she heard it on TV somewhere? "Well, honey… it means… well, sort of like… " She struggled for words to explain it to her young daughter.

"Oh I get it!" Sally suddenly exclaimed. "It's like how you make me eat vegetables. I HATE them but you say they make me healthy. Rupert hates needles, but getting his leg back will make HIM healthy! I get it now! I get it now! HOORAY!" Sally jumped up and down in excitement.

"Well… glad I could help," her mom muttered. She was bewildered. What In the world was going on? She hadn't explained what endure meant at all, but Sally suddenly understood it. It couldn't be Rupert, could it? No that was crazy! Sally must just be a super smart kid.

That night Sally hugged Rupert tightly, as her mom tucked her in.

"Well, that was quite an adventure we had today wasn't it?" Her mom bent down and kissed Sally on the forehead.

"Yeah. Thanks for fixing up Rupert. Rupert says thank you too. You would make a good nurse." Sally closed her eyes and started to drift off to sleep.

"Good night honey," her mom whispered. She quietly left her daughter's room shaking her head. What was going on? She had been a nurse for few months, about five years before Sally was born. She was sure she never mentioned it to her daughter; she never mentioned it to anyone. It was just a logical thing for Sally to say after she sewed back Rupert's leg. But Sally knows about the family doctor she goes to when she's sick, and is always playing "doctor", not nurse. So why did she say nurse?