"Sixth, report."

"Looks to be an artificial structure, sir."

"We know that. What kind of artificial structure?"

"Maybe... an outpost or something? I can't tell."


"Bout ten metres high maybe... thirty long? And, uh... dunno how wide, I think we're looking at it side on."

"Any weapons?"

"Uh, no, s- wait, think there's some turrets. Don't look like they're normal guns though. Those look nasty."

"Power? Any sign of life?"

"I think I can see a light or two, so... yeah, power. Dunno if there's anyone in the thing."



"About fifty metres out. Continue?"

"Yes please, Sergeant."


"I think I saw a s- SIXTH, COVER!"

"Sergeant - Sixth, come in!"

"It's definitely armed sir, and we're stuck in range, Dyers just tried to run and was got mown down by God knows what, like a laser or something like a laser, and just sort of boiled, there's nothing left now at all, anything, and oh god oh god-"

"Sergeant, calm down. Can you disable the turret?"

"I, uh. I guess so... Kilian, shoot it."


"Sixth, report."

"Trooper Kilian down, sir. Didn't get a shot in. I think it's trying to melt our cover, getting kind of toasty out here."

"Any of you have decent cover?

"Only Trooper McCallahan, sir."

"Focus fire on the turret, take it down."

"Roger, uh, sir, um... you're sure?"

"Yes, Sergeant."

"Okay. Sixth, focus fire on the turret. I - wait there's tw-!"

"Sixth, report."

"Come in, Sixth."

"Is anyone there? Sixth Squad, come in for God's sakes!"

A sigh.

"Someone get me the Captain. Manager too please."