The January's air was cool and crisp and a blanket of fog covered the sky like it was wrapping in all the tiny freezing children who had been out in last week's snow. I drove up the hill that led me home, the footpath to my right was littered with everything from crumpled McDonald cartons to squashed lucozade bottles dropped the several runners that passed through the villages come rain or shine. It was 8am so the road was dead, my only company was the sound of wind whistling through the small gap in my open window. I was sweaty from the gym so even though the air was cold I needed it. The radio was turned on and I was in my zone, singing along to the chorus of The Weeknd.I looked around and to my right I saw a heavily tattooed girl walking extremely slowly along the path as if every step was a humongous effort.

I turned down the radio and rolled the window of the car down further, "Excuse me" I shouted as the distance between us was quite large and the rattling wind made it hard to hear anything. The tattooed girl looked around confused then focused her eyes back to me through the open window. "Im guessing you're talking to me, right?" she questioned. "No im talking to your massive trail of fans that seem to be on your tail" I joked. As you can tell sarcasm is a trait of mine some people love it and others not so much, so I wanted to see her reaction. She smiled "Well I do have a rather large fan base *turning around to no one* one at a time please" she chuckled. "I was just wondering did you want a lift, I myself know how awfully long and boring this road can be to walk" I asked, her reply was "Well I live two villages away" she spoke it with a polite tone. "All the more reason to get in the car it's going to take you ages and im freezing just with the window down so I can't imagine how cold it is out there". She hesitantly walked across the road with a look of guilt on her face as if she shouldn't allow a stranger to go out of their way to take her home. I leaned across the passenger's seat and opened the door for the girl allowing her to sit down. I re-did up the window as the air seemed to be dropping in temperature. The girl placed 2 fingers to each temple on her head; Im guessing she is suffering from a stinking headache hangover so I turn the music down completely.

I started the engine and once again began to drive along the silent roads. "Nice ink" I say admiring the colourful detailed art that wraps itself around her arm. I become completely memorised by the tattoos on her arm, I love tattoos. I looked to my right her hair was shiny and black and although it looked like no effort had been put into making it look good it just fell into place. "Cheers, it comes with the job" she replied looking down at her arm then back to my face smiling. "Ah tattoo artist im guessing?" I questioned and she just gave a simple nod as a reply. "My dream job that, the only downside is im pretty shit at drawing so I don't think I would get very far in that industry, which is a shame because I just love tattoos… sorry im rambling and you look hung over, not what you want." I spoke quietly, I felt bad. "You're right far too much to drink last night, bad idea *giggles* but hey no I liked that story too many people are so judging of girls with tattoos so it's nice to talk to someone who has a passion for this beautiful art too". I listened to her talking about something she quite clearly loved and I could tell by her body language she felt relaxed.

By this time even though the conversation was only short we had reached the second village along and I needed her directions to lead me to her house. "Ok so carry on down this road and it's the first turning to your right" she also guided me with her hands. "so you're a hand talker as well, I got it off my mum I always have to over emphasis everything by giving motions with my hands to illustrate what im talking about" I looked to my left and smiled at the tattooed girl. She giggled as I turned down the first right only to be greeted by lovely modern house, not great in size but a cosy looking cul-de-sac that was dead like the rest of the drive apart from one car reversing from its garage. She pointed to the left "Well this is me" she quoted as she unclipped her seatbelt and opened the car door. She leaned back in "So…" she was looking for my name. "Shit I never told you my name is Eliza" I said. "Well thank you Eliza for the lift, it was very kind of you and you have made this awful hangover slightly more bearable so for that I am grateful." She grinned as she turned to shut the door and head towards her house, she reached the door and turned and waved to which I returned. I made sure that she was able to get into her house before I reversed into the dead end and drove back on myself to head home. I drove my black Volkswagen UP down the country roads and traffic began to pick up as I joined onto the main road and because of all the cars the silence in the air was shattered so I turned the radio back up to block out the sound of roaring car engines and screeching tyres as the vehicles made a stop. I indicated to the right and turned into the little village I lived in.