With a sudden tensing of muscles, I rose from my bed. Like any other day. There was something different today, something strange. I had awoken to find that the clock read 7:02. It wouldn't have mattered much, but the thought of me awake just two hours before then stuck with me. Is my life so boring that I only need two hours of sleep to maintain it? What do I have to show for my existence? A pile of sketches? My mother calls my sketching a waste of paper and follows up by telling me I'll never be any good at it. People see something different in me. It's weird. No one believes I'm struggling, and I never get the help I need and end up being consumed by stress and overwhelming feelings. I have a great mind, put aside to waste away in the world. I remember a conversation I had with my friend a long time ago. We were talking about his relative having a nice gaming computer and using it to play Farmville. In some ways, I'm like a gaming computer, but I wouldn't do something as mind-numbing as Farmville. It's kind of strange how I compare myself to a computer.

My thoughts were interrupted by a sudden surge of white taking over my vision, along with a ringing in my ears and a burning in my hands. I would've been scared if I hadn't had these same feelings before. I needed caffeine, turned into my elixir of life by one of its own side effects. Addiction, and further dependence. I got to my feet still completely blind, stumbled across my room to find the door as my vision is fading back to me. I open the door to find my brother on the computer in the now named "gaming room." Another surge hit. I didn't want to risk falling down the stairs in my blindness. I walked around until I could see again. Down the stairs and into the kitchen. Luckily there was coffee already brewed. After making my cup I quickly chugged it down without anyone noticing, a habit I hide from people so they don't think I'm insane. Another cup and I head back upstairs. At the bottom of start to feel the onset of another surge. I try to calm myself as I begin to walk up the stairs. Two steps later I was completely blind. After feeling my way up the stairs, I sat on the couch and waited for something to strike my interest before getting up from the couch.