A.C.: So, it looks like I'm getting some fanart… in a sense. I've been posting some art here and there and now one guy wants to draw Crow. I'll probably update the cover art to this guy's drawing, but we'll see. I'm super hyped to be honest since I never thought my story/art would get this type of response. Anyways, thank you for reading and please continue to do so.


Enter: Crow Tsukimura

The story begins with a sixteen year old boy walking down a street much like any other. He wore a black, hooded, long sleeve cloak that had tattered ends that stopped just above his ankles. The cloak had a crimson trim that popped out from its black color. On its sleeves, it had one red line going from the end of each sleeve to the shoulders before branching off to the front and back of the cloak. On its back, there was a large, red, bird shaped crest, the red lines from the sleeves angling around the crest. The boy wore its hood over his head, covering his midnight black hair that faded to moon gray. Underneath his cloak, he wore a dark gray longsleeve that was tied toward the collar of his shirt. He wore gray pants that had been torn at the knees from various things and he also wore black shoes. A black and red katana hilt poked through the from the left side of his cloak as well. The boy's moonlight silver eyes didn't look at anybody around him as he walked, too busying thinking to pay them any attention. His name, short and simple, was Crow Tsukimura. Crow was walking through a town with his hood up, but as he walked, a small group of five thugs blocked his path. The one in the middle smirked deviously and he wore a bandana tied around his head, standing his hair up straight. The rest all wore bandanas, but it was easy to tell that their smirks matched with that of the thug in the middle. They all even wore baggy, bleach pants with a white tank tops and beige boots. Three of them had swords, one with a sword on his right hip, another with a sword on his left hip, and the other with one katana on each hip. The other two had daggers clenched in their hands. Citizens watched helplessly as they all feared that they or their families would be put in danger if they got involved.

"Hey, brat, we don't let anybody through here without gettin' charged! Got any money?" asked the thug in front of him. He appeared to be their leader. Crow didn't respond and continued to walk in the direction he was going. The leader stepped forward immediately and put his hand out to block the boy's path even more. "Maybe ya didn't hear me. I said nobody gets through here without gettin' charged!" the man repeated. Then, the thug noticed Crow's sheathed katana. That brought a greedy smirk to his face. "That katana looks valuable. Let's take a look at it." said the man. He pulled out the katana, and his face showed his approval. The katana shined brightly at its tip from the Sun's light and the thug could see his reflection clearly from its blade. "Ya know how nice this'll sell, brat?" questioned the man. Crow grabbed the upper-hilt of the katana with his left hand and drove his open, right palm into the man's chest. The man was forced to let go of the katana and was immediately sent flying crashed horizontally into two of his lackies. The leader shakily sat up while glaring at Crow, but his lackies were looking at their boss, surprised that somebody had sent him soaring. "Well don't just stand there, ya idiots! Attack!" he commanded. Crow sighed while kneeling to pick up the katana as four of the men charged him. He sheathed it again as the thugs grew closer. 'Well, whatever. People die every day.' Crow thought. Then, he looked up at them with an intense, red glow in his eyes. A menacing red wave spread out over the land, blending with the edges of Crow's cloak and his eyes as well as making it look like his body was a black imprint on the red. The thugs all immediately froze as they witnessed the event taking place right before their eyes. Quickly, they fled the area without a second thought, so the red faded back into the normal shade of the area. The people watching began to cheer for Crow because it was the first time they'd seen someone scare the group of thugs away.

"Damn it, I wish they would've just let me pass…" he said as he looked around. He walked to a different street before continuing to walk in the direction he was originally going. Crow walked toward a nearby tavern just down the street. As he walked two men came tumbling out through the swinging doors. They were fighting, so Crow simply walked around them. He sat down at the bar with his hood casting a darker shadow over his face now that he was inside. The bartender walked over to him while cleaning a glass. He had short black hair that stood up and dark brown eyes. He wore a white long sleeve with khakis and brown boating shoes. He also had a scruffy beard going along his chin and the upper part of his neck.

"Aren't you a little young to be in a place like this?" he asked.

"I'm not here to drink. I'm just here to ask you a couple of questions." Crow answered.

"Well, alright, if that's all." the bartender replied.

"For starters," the boy started while holding out his index finger and middle finger on his right hand, leaving a space as if he was holding something in between them. Then, feathers formed out of nowhere and came together at the space in between his fingers. After that, they crumbled off of a photo. "Do you recognize this woman?" Crow asked. The man took a closer look at it before backing up.

"K-Kid, I dunno what you're doing with a picture of her, but it's gonna cause you some problems around here." the bartender said, the fear clearly in his voice.

"I'll take that as a yes. Now, why would it cause me issues?" he asked.

"Because, the Purple Cobras didn't like her… and they run this town." the man said as lowly as possible. Crow's eyes narrowed immediately. He stood up and left the bar, causing the bartender to sigh in relief. Crow walked with a glare on his face as he approached the two men who were still fighting. He pushed his way between them, too focused on other things to care about their fight. 'The Purple Cobras… I will find their base and make them tell me what I wanna know.' he declared mentally.

Night had fallen over the town. Then full moon lit the cloudless and starry night as well as the town below. Crow looked down at a warehouse from the top of a large building a small distance away. The moon behind him gave him the same black, shadowy appearance he'd had earlier that day. Then, with a flash, the Moon as well as Crow's eyes and the trim of his cloak were glowing an ominous blood red.

"Boss, how're we gonna get back at that punk from earlier?" one thug asked. Inside of the warehouse, tens of Purple Cobras were gathered. Their leader, the one who had grabbed the katana from Crow, was clearly frustrated and thinking of an answer.

"He's still gotta be in this town! We'll ransack this place till we find'im! That's what we'll do!" the leader exclaimed. His lackies cheered along with him, but their cheering was quickly interrupted by feathers gently falling from the shadowy ceiling above. "Feathers? The hell?" he said. Then, a hooded, black streak drove through several of the Purple Cobras to the leader's right. All of them fell to the ground, bleeding in pain as the streak curved around to its left and slashed through thug after thug. A group of them stood in front of Crow as he slid to a stop, feathers trailing behind him. Without hesitation, Crow drove through them while being surrounded by a red aura, stabbing those that his aura didn't send flying. Within a few seconds, Crow crashed a few people on his sword into the wall across the warehouse. The rest of the group prepared to fight as Crow slightly turned to them.

"CHARGE!" one of them screamed. All of them mobbed toward Crow with swords, knives, and pipes raised above their heads. Crow held his katana above his head, both hands clenched tightly on its handle as he prepared to attack.

"Moon Scar." Crow chanted. Then, he slashed the katana through the air. A blood red blade sliced through the air and crashed into the group of thugs in front of Crow. The power of the attack blew the warehouse to pieces and left a screen of smoke over the area. The leader of the gang sat halfway up with his right hand against his head as he groaned in pain. He looked in Crow's direction and became frightened once he saw Crow's red eyes piercing through the smoke. Then, he became surprised by his memories.

"W-Wait… Those blood red eyes… Y-You're a… A…" he tried as Crow approached.

"You and I have some things to talk about." Crow said as he grew closer to the thug.

"No… Wait! No!" the leader cried as Crow reached out for him.