Kingdom Come

"Wait, wait, wait. So, you were looking up stuff about Nibiru and you found a legend about him, but as you were reading it, the computer shut down and then Yorokamu showed up and started questioning you about the whole thing?" Keith recapped.

"Yep. That's exactly what we said." Adrian confirmed. Now, the whole team was back in their room. Adrian sat on his bed and Keith was standing at the foot of the same bed. Crow sat at the closest desk and Rashel was leaning against the wall with her arms crossed.

"I dunno, man. Maybe it was a coincidence. I mean, come on, guys. They're Slayers. They work with the government to protect and to uphold the truth. There's no way they'd be hiding something, right?" Keith asked as he looked from Adrian to Crow and finally Rashel. Crow and Rashel looked at each other as Adrian shook his head.

"Keith, just because they work with the government doesn't mean they're honest. The government can hide whatever they want, and it seems that they are." Rashel answered. Crow nodded along with Adrian. Keith looked at the two other boys in disbelief.

"Come on! You guys really believe that?" he questioned.

"I know it. They hide stuff all the time." Crow confirmed.

"Like what?" Keith challenged as he stood with his arms folded. Crow let out a deep sigh as he prepared to speak again.

"Well for starters," he started as he removed his cloak. "This." he said as he pointed at the bird symbol on the back of his cloak, the Tsukimura Clan Crest. Keith and Adrian blinked in confusion and Crow could tell what he was going to say was right. "This is the Crest of the Tsukimura Clan." he began. "The Tsukimura Clan is an ancient clan that's rumored to have been around since the beginning of mankind, which is why it's called an Elder Clan along with the Okami Clan, the Taiyou Clan, and the Seiza Clan. Since I'm on the topic of the Elder Clans, I guess I'll just add this in. The Okami Clan are warriors that tend to use hand-to-hand combat methods. The Seiza Clan is a clan that can create Aura Constructs similar to that of a constellation. The Taiyou Clan is a clan that is mostly prominent political affairs. The Tsukimura Clan specializes in assassination, and in order to keep the balance while keeping a valuable asset for wars and Wildebeest extermination, the government covers up almost all of our assassinations. The public doesn't know about us and they think our assassinations are just regular killers, not actual hired jobs. Only people deep in the underground have even heard of us. That's how much of a ghost we are because of the government." Crow explained. The color in Keith's face seemed to flush away as he looked at Crow. Adrian, however, looked down at the floor.

"So… So you're a… You've actually…" he tried before running his left thumb along his throat.

"Since I was five." Crow admitted. Keith shakily moved to his bed with a trembling smile. He lied down and pulled his blanket up.

"Th-That's enough secrets for today…" Keith managed as he pulled the covers to his head.

"Maybe I'll assassinate you!" Crow said after appearing in front of Keith with a creepy smile as his eyes glowed an ominous red. Keith screamed as his eyes practically bulged from his head and fell off of his bed. Crow fell back against Adrian's bed and kicked around as he laughed while holding his stomach. Even Adrian was laughing as he hunched over.

"Screw you!" Keith shouted as he shot up onto his feet. Crow and Adrian laughed harder because of his reaction. "It's not funny, you bastards!" Keith yelled. 'They're hopeless…' Rashel thought with her eyes closed after she sighed. Crow opened his eyes and saw Rashel standing normally against the wall still.

"Hey, you don't look surprised or anything. That's strange." Crow commented. Rashel looked at him with her right eye since her hair was always covering her left one.

"Oh, I already know about the Tsukimura Clan." she revealed.

"Oh? How do you know?" Crow asked.

"I used to read about you guys in books." Rashel answered. Crow rolled onto his stomach with his right hand over his left hand as he put his chin on them.

"That's a first. Where'd you read about us? If you don't mind me asking, that is." Crow replied. Rashel shifted a little and looked down to her right.

"I'd… rather not say." she denied.

"Hm. Alright. No problem, really." Crow casually spoke with his eyes closed. Then, he opened his eyes and he was clearly not in his room anymore. He was somewhere else, a vast landscape of trees with burning, scarlet leaves. The sky was its normal blue with white clouds and there were a few mountains in the landscape as well. Even bigger than the mountains however, were two trees. The one on the right had a white trunk and the tree on the left side had a black one, both them having several branches with crimson leaves. Crow stood up and looked around in confusion. 'Strange… I have no idea what's going on or where I am… but I don't feel afraid at all…' Crow thought.

"Hello." a gentle voice called. Then, a white sphere came floating up to him.

"Who… Or what are you?" Crow asked.

"I'm afraid I can't say. It wouldn't make much sense as of now, but I suppose for the time being, you may call me Regis." the sphere answered. After that, the sphere started floating away, prompting Crow to follow. 'What exactly is this place anyways? Is this some sort of other dimension or something…?' Crow wondered as he looked around again. "No, actually. This is the inside of your soul." Regis spoke. Crow jumped a little from being freaked out. Regis stopped in place and hovered as Crow looked at him with his eyes wide in disbelief. "Oh, right. This is your first time here. You see, I can hear your thoughts because I'm a part of your soul." he explained.

"O… kay…" Crow replied. Then, he blinked in realization before looked at a group of trees to his right. "That would explain why it looks a lot like where the Clan is." Crow spoke.

"Does that displease you?" Regis asked. Crow shrugged with a sigh before turning back toward Regis. "Well, in any case, I must tell you why you're here while I can." he started. Crow's left eyebrow rose from interest in what Regis had to say. Moments later, a look of surprise became apparent on Crow's face as Kogarasu Maru appeared in its sheath as it floated in midair next to Regis. The sheath was primarily black. Its design however, was similar to that of a four-point star that never ended in points. Instead, the first one at the top of the sheath connected to one below it and so on and so forth, forming four links. There was a black circle at the center of each of these shapes. "This sword is the key to killing Nibiru." Regis revealed. The katana floated toward Crow horizontally and gently laid itself in his hands. Then, Crow sighed as he shut his eyes and shook his head.

"I… can't. I tried using Kogarasu Maru to hurt him and it didn't work. I stabbed him right over his heart and didn't even scratch him." he said.

"You must have resolve. A sword is an extension of one's self. It follows you. If you tremble in fear, so shall your blade. If you wish to kill, your blade will do so. That is the truth of all weapons. Kogarasu Maru is no different. While you can hurt Nibiru with other weapons, he'll only use his darkness to heal from any mortal wounds. Should you land a strike with that sword, his wounds will not heal as he wishes and he will be vulnerable." Regis replied. Crow looked at his katana in awe. After that, he blinked a few times as he realized something and looked up at Regis.

"How do you know that?" Crow questioned. Regis remained silent. Then, Crow looked past Regis and at the two trees that stood tall even with the distance from where he was. "Well, can you at least tell me about those trees? Or well… At least the black one? It feels like… it's calling me." he asked. No answer, which caused Crow groaned in annoyance. "Fine, I'll just go find out myself." he spoke as he looked back up at the tree.

"No! You must never approach that tree!" Regis suddenly snapped. Crow looked at him with his eyes wide in shock. He thought Regis was a kind spirit and to have him shout like that seemed extremely out of character. There was a slight pause as Crow just stared at the white orb in front of him. "Ahem… I apologize for my sudden outburst. However, you must promise me you will never go anywhere near that tree." Regis spoke.

"S-Sure… If it's really that dangerous, then I won't go near it." Crow promised.

"Good. With that being said, you must be going now. You have the information to beat Nibiru, so go get him. All you have to do is close your eyes and wish to leave. Good luck. I believe in you, Crow Tsukimura." the sphere stated. Crow nodded and closed his eyes. He followed Regis' instructions and the next thing he knew, he was lying in the school infirmary. He had a light blue blanket over him, which fell as soon as he sat up. His team was also around him and they all looked at him with worried eyes.

"Dude, what happened?" Adrian asked.

"Yeah, why'd you just pass out like that?" Keith added.

"Are you feeling alright? Should we let you rest?" Rashel questioned.

"No. As a matter of fact, it's time we had a word with the King." Crow answered with a smirk.

Back in the vast land of scarlet trees, Regis floated in solitude next to the large, white tree. It was wrapped in chains with a few of them crossing over each other. Behind Regis, the tree had a door that was similar to ones that could be found in the Medieval Era. It was made white wood and had three, metal beams running across it. At the center of the door, there was a black strip of paper that had the word "Seal" written down it in Japanese Kanji using red ink. Regis' form started pull through the door in white flicks similar to a flame. 'I'm sorry I couldn't tell you everything, Crow. However, hearing all that you wish to know at one time would be too much for you. For now, the secrets held within you are best left untouched. When the time comes, you will know everything about me, who I really am and what you really are. That is a day that I look forward to because I truly do hate lying and hiding things from you… But I hope the day never comes… when you awaken him.' Regis thought as his shape continued to part. Finally, he was gone. Across the landscape, the black tree loomed over its land. It, too, had a vast amount of chains running around its body, overlapping each other in multiple areas. Similar to the white tree, it had a large, Medieval Era door with three beams running across it. However, its door was black and the seal on its door was red with black ink spelling "Seal" in Kanji. Wind blew and the chains rattled as a small tear appeared on the right side of the seal. END.