Fang raised his guard as Crow ran in. Crow threw a couple of quick punches, but Fang easily blocked them all. Even though he wasn't getting his hits in, Crow was still managing to push his opponent back. Crow jumped into the air while spinning counterclockwise. He swiped at Fang's head with his left heel, but Fang ducked underneath his foot. Fang stood up, expecting Crow to be finished, but then Crow's right leg swung toward his head. He desperately put his guard up, using both arms to block the attack. 'Shit!' Fang thought before Crow overpowered him and sent him flipping away. Still, Fang was able to land on his feet, but slid to a stop once he landed. Crow smirked a little, which made Fang growl in annoyance.

"Don't you dare go thinking you've won! I swear I will make you pay for everything you did when we were kids!" he snarled.

"Don't you dare go blaming me because you misunderstood! You abandoned me!" Crow replied. Fang's eyes flashed from purple to an icy, blue.

"Really? 'Cause this says otherwise!" Fang retorted as he lifted the left side of his shirt, revealing the scar from when Crow stabbed him during their duel to the death. "We were brothers! And you just left me! You cut me off like it was nothing!" Fang shouted.

"You're mad because I was hurt?! That's what this is about?!" Crow yelled. Fang only growled in response.

"You and I are gonna settle this here and now. And believe me, I won't hold back." Fang declared. He held up his right hand and grabbed the end of the bandages wrapped around it. Crow looked at him in confusion. He couldn't understand what was so important about those bandages. "I hate you more than anything, Crow. I kept the scar as a reminder of my hatred for you. Still, I should be thanking you actually. Because of you, I became what I was meant to be." Fang said as he finished unravelling his hand. Now, Crow was really confused. Fang's hands were completely normal. There was absolutely no specific difference between Fang's hand and Crow's. "I might not be allowed to kill you since this is a school match, but seeing you bleed will be enough." he spoke as he unravelled his left hand. Again, it was just a normal hand.

"Really? You keep your hands wrapped up for nothing? The bandages weren't even intimidating." Crow said. Fang smirked, knowing that Crow had no idea what he was doing.

"Well, maybe these'll change that!" Fang shouted. Then, his nails grew in size and became razor sharp, which didn't mean a thing to Crow as he'd already seen Fang's claws once before.

"I dunno if you noticed or not, but they aren't any different from the last time we fought." Crow called.

"Well, we'll see what you think after this!" Fang spoke before he lunged at Crow with his claws ready to slice. Crow was ready to guard, but then his eyes went wide he sensed it. In the brief amount of time he had, Crow narrowly jumped to his right as the claws came down at him. A slight pause filled the air only to be shattered as the pressure of Fang's slash minced the buildings behind Crow. Knowing that he had to create distance between them, Crow jumped back a bit more while Fang stood in place, still smirking. "What's wrong? I barely even used any power. With all of my swinging strength, I could use these to make steel look like paper!" Fang announced. Fang laughed a little once he saw the slight frustration in Crow manifest. "The hell did you think I was doing for the last few months? I've been flowing Aura into my claws continuously from the second I woke up to the second I went to sleep. Now, they're stronger than ever and I'm gonna put'em to good use cuttin' you up, bitch." Fang claimed. Then, he extended his left arm at Crow with his claws all pointing at his target. "Let's see you dodge this!" he challenged. His claws began to glow with his light blue Aura. Then, five needle-like constructs darted toward Crow. Crow knew that they wouldn't have enough space to weave through, so he leaned back as fast as he could and watched as the needles barely passed over his face with one just barely missing his right eye. He looked back and saw the constructs turn a large building into nothing more that small pieces of rubble. "Hm, you're faster than I thought. But maybe now you'll take me seriously." Fang said, clearly proud of his results.

"You're right," Crow called, still facing toward the pile of rubble in front of him. "I haven't been taking you seriously." he continued as a black katana sheath appeared on his back, hiding Crow's blade, Kogarasu Maru, inside. Crow grabbed the blade's hilt with his right and began to slowly unsheathe it, releasing a red glow from the katana's crimson edge as a breeze rolled in from their left. He turned toward Fang as his eyes let off a scarlet light, ripping the katana through the air. "But that all changes now!" he finished as he pointed the blade at his opponent. Fang's smirk widened as his eyes began to glow the same icy, blue.

"That's right, bird brain! Bring it on!" Fang growled in excitement.

"Careful what you wish for, dog breath!" Crow replied. Then, they shot at each other so fast that they nearly vanished from sight. Crow slashed at Fang while Fang sliced at Crow with his left set of claws. As soon as their attacks met, an eruption of red and blue Aura burst through the area, flooding through streets as shockwaves pulsed through the air. The Aura rushed back in and surrounded them as they clashed. Buildings cracked, some even fell, the ground began to split, and a bloody, crimson and icy, blue pillar pierced the clouds. A few curves broke away from the pillar and swiped buildings before bursting away. Finally, with one last shockwave, the Aura burst away, leaving both Crow and Fang still pushing against each other. Crow looked at Fang's hand in disbelief because it was bare, yet completely unharmed from the katana blade. 'I still can't cut his hands? What in the hell is going on?' Crow wondered as he held Fang back.

"Surprised? Can't blame ya. Thanks to my precise Aura control, my hands are protected by a thin Aura that's so concentrated you could slash away all day and I'd hardly feel a thing. So, whattaya think?" Fang explained.

"I think you talk too damn much." Crow answered. Fang chuckled a little.

"Ya know, you're right. I've waited far too long to waste this with words!" Fang replied. Fang's Aura engulfed him, so Crow manifested his Aura in response. They began to push against each other again. Crow's eyes narrowed on Fang before an explosion occurred. Both of them slid out at opposite sides from the red and blue patched smoke before lunging back in. Sparks flew from the cloud as they attacked each other again.

Raven and her team watched from outside the VR system, sitting in the stands as they watched the monitor that was focused on Crow's fight.

"Fight's gettin' pretty intense wouldn't ya say?" Dante asked with a grin as he leaned toward Raven.

"Mhm. Although, I didn't expect it to pick up as fast as it did." Raven answered.

"So, who do ya think'll win now?" Dante questioned.

"I'm still not sure. I mean, obviously I want Crow to win for a couple of reasons, but Fang is incredibly strong. His Unicus is seriously something, too. Add that to the fact that he should be stronger than Crow at base power and it really looks like he'll take this one." Raven answered again. Dante averted his eyes back to the screen and watched as Fang sent Crow tumbling into a building.

"Yeah, I guess so. After all, Fang actually gave ya a decent challenge last year." Dante added. His eyes narrowed on Crow's Katana as he examined it. "Ain't no normal katana, is it?" he asked while pointing at the screen and looked at Raven.

"No, it's not. Crow's sword, Kogarasu Maru, is an Aura Weapon." Raven said. Dante's jaw dropped as he nearly jolted forward out of his seat. He turned his head to the screen that Crow was on and then back to Raven.

"Ya mean he can actually use one of those things?!" Dante asked.

"Yes. I'd say it's the only chance Crow's got, and I'm sure he knows it, too. Otherwise, he wouldn't have drawn it." Raven answered.

To expand on the current knowledge of Aura Weapons, they come in all forms from swords to guns and beyond. They boost the abilities of their wielder. Strength, speed, endurance, and Aura output are all increased dramatically once the weapon is drawn. Because of this, Aura Weapons are hard to control and can be extremely exhausting to use if they aren't practiced with regularly. After regular practice, they can be used for extended periods of time before one will feel any effect of their weapon. Each weapon also emits its own pressure that the wielder must overcome before using it. If this pressure is not overcome, the wielder is at risk of injury and even death. All of that together is why Aura Weapons are powerful, dangerous, and difficult.

"Plus, Crow is without a doubt the best in the entire Clan when it comes to weapons fighting. It's the only thing he's better than me at. He's actually a master of several sword styles." Raven added, still focused on the match as Crow prepared to fight again.

"Wow… Kid's no slouch, huh?" Dante thought aloud.

"Still… The thing that really gives Fang the edge…" Raven trailed off as Crow lunged at his opponent.

In an indistinct blur, Crow slashed Fang at his right side. Crow turned and expected Fang to be lying on the ground after taking such a deep cut. However, Crow's assumption couldn't have been any more incorrect. Fang was still standing and turned toward his former friend. With his eyes wide in disbelief, Crow watched as the gash on Fang's body healed in a matter of seconds. 'There it is again!' Crow noted.

"It's his Healing Factor." she finished as her eyes narrowed slightly.

"Don't look so surprised. I'm sure you've heard of it. It's rare, but I'm one of the few people in the world with a Dual Unicus." Fang stated. Crow's surprise was clear on his face as he realized what that meant.

A Dual Unicus is extremely rare with only a small amount of Aura Users recorded to ever have this ability. However, the Okami Clan is an exception to this as every Clansman has a Dual Unicus. As its name suggests, it grants the Aura User two Unicus abilities, but the drawback to this is that neither Unicus can ever evolve past its base form.

"That's right. I have two. Like the rest of the Okami Clan, I have Lycan Physiology. I got enhanced senses, night vision," he started. "And I got these things." Fang added as he held up his left set of claws. "Sharp enough to mince steel and they get even more deadly when I put some Aura behind'em." he bragged. "Then there's the Healing Factor. That's only a part of something else, but all you need to know is that no matter what you do, it won't mean much." Fang finished. For a moment, Crow didn't say anything. He just kept his head down. Then, he clenched his katana tighter and looked up at Fang.

"Well, I guess there's no need to hold back at all then. If you heal, I'll just cut you deeper. We'll see where that gets me." Crow spoke. Fang laughed a little and both of them got ready to fight again.

"Not very far!" he declared before lunging at Crow. Immediately, Crow lunged back at his former friend and the two of them clashed again, wreaking more havoc throughout the area as their power lashed out all around them. END.

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