On one of the many floating city platforms, Alexis was soaring between the skyscrapers that surrounded her. She looked back for a quick moment and saw that Chloe was no longer behind her. Just as she turned her gaze forward, she saw a black blast coming straight at her. Alexis' eyes widened in fear as the image of herself as the Lost Queen flashed in her head. With that, Alexis was hit by the blast with hardly any of her guard raised. Still, she managed to stop herself from flying back too far. Chloe manifested from the dark blast with her arms folded and an annoyed expression on her face.

"Are you gonna fight me at all? You've been running most of the time." she called.

"I-I can't! It's too dangerous! I-" Alexis tried.

"Of course it's dangerous! It's a fight, idiot! Everybody here knows how dangerous this is!" Chloe interrupted. Alexis lowered her head as her hopelessness became clear.

"You don't understand…" she stated. Chloe sighed as her eyes dulled in irritation.

"Whatever. Just hold still and let me end this already." she declared. With that, Chloe's gray Aura manifested around her before she extended her arms out toward her opponent. Her Aura concentrated itself to her palms, but just before she could fire her attack, Alexis vanished from sight. "Oh, God damn it! Here we go again!" she yelled in frustration as she looked around for any sign of Alexis, who had already made her way to a nearby rooftop while Chloe continued her search. 'She doesn't understand… None of them do! All of the things that happened with Nibiru… All the things I watched myself do… The Queen hurt my friends and I just had to sit there and watch… I can't do that again… I almost killed them… What if I do kill someone this time? And it's like I can feel her there just scratching away… I can't take this anymore…!' Alexis thought as she slowly broke into tears.

A long way from Alexis' fight, Reece came sliding back with a trail of black Aura behind him. He wiped some blood from his bottom lip as he glared at Crow, who had a devious grin on his face as he rested his katana on his left shoulder. However, his grin faded as he looked at the surrounding structures.

"Where in the hell are we? This ain't Earth or any of the other Realms." Crow called.

"We're somewhere you can't hurt anybody." Reece answered.

"Oh, I doubt that. After all, I can sense eight other people. I have to get some payback on four of them." Crow replied. Then, Crow began to grit his teeth as he scowled directly ahead at Reece. "But that doesn't compare to what I owe you for what you did to my people all those centuries ago." he declared.

"It had to be done. You and your people were monsters. Even the Aetherials* thought you should be wiped out. And look at you now. You've possessed an innocent boy, so now I have to kill him. I wish there was another way, but you and your parasitic ways leave me no other options." Reece responded. Crow's grip could be heard tightening on his katana after he heard what Reece said. Still, Reece's confusion started to surface as he saw a smirk come across his enemy's face again.

"Whatever you say, your Highness… But wait, if you're down here, then who's running things up above?" Crow started. Now, Reece's eyes were starting to narrow. "Don't tell me you left? No, that can't be it. You still carry that same high and mighty attitude." he tried. "Or maybe it was something even worse, something that I know your people always feared." Crow continued with his words clearing bringing out the anger inside of Reece. "You got cast out, didn't you?" Crow inquired, with his grin widening almost as if he already knew he was right. In the next instant, Reece's golden Aura exploded outwards, prompting Crow's now black Aura to burst into existence as well. Even from the surrounding platforms, the two pillars could be seen clashing against each other as the city was immediately decimated. From within the remnants of their Auras, Crow and Reece both soared straight at each other, yet they were both noticeably different. Now, Crow had two, black wings sprouting from his back with the same red horns from before reaching up from his head. On the other hand, the glowing masses that were at Reece's back had transformed into six, white wings accompanied by a Halo over his head. As soon as Reece's fist hit Crow's katana their power erupted out around them again and sent waves of wind rushing outwards.

Several platforms away, Alexis was still sitting on the roof of a skyscraper when she felt Crow's Aura and had dark it had become. She unconsciously became visible again as she stood up and turned toward the direction of Crow's Aura. She could see a slight, black glow off in the horizon and that was all she needed to confirm her fears. 'Oh, no… Not again! Not here! If he loses control to that… thing or whatever it was, he could actually kill someone! I need to-' Alexis thought until she heard something off to her right. She was just barely able to jump of the way of Chloe's blast before she landed on another nearby rooftop.

"Finally! Now let's fight for real instead of playing hide and go seek!" Chloe demanded.

"Please, now isn't the time for this! I need to get to Crow!" Alexis replied before she tried to fly away. Chloe's eyes narrowed in annoyance before she flicked from sight, only to reappear in front of her opponent. Faster than Alexis could try to defend, Chloe used her left leg to kick her to the ground. Alexis managed to land on her feet and looked up just in time to jump back and avoid Chloe's right foot from coming down on her head.

Not wanting to let up or give Alexis a chance to run, Chloe extended her hands toward her target and fired another blast. In response, Alexis shot a laser of her own Aura and now the two girls were locked in a power struggle. From Alexis' end, rather than trying to escape, she put more power into her attack and caused the beam to grow. At first, Chloe was clearly surprised by the fact that Alexis didn't try to run, but she got her focus back and used more of her Aura to strengthen her laser.

By now, the entire platform was starting to shake as small cracks started to form from where the two blasts met. The two blasts only continued to grow and grow as time went on. Both Alexis and Chloe were putting everything they possibly could into their attacks, but neither of them seemed to be gaining any visible advantage.

Out of her sheer will to win, Chloe stepped forward and continued her attack. Alexis stumbled a bit, but eventually, she took a step toward Chloe. Slowly, the two of them continued to stagger toward each other. Each step brought out more destruction as buildings started to crack from the shockwaves being released. The ground beneath them was starting to tear itself apart with some of the tiles, hole or broken, rising into the air before splitting. The area around them had even become dyed with the color of their Auras as they both kept pushing against each other. Finally, they reached a point where they were so close together and their lasers were so compressed that neither of them could step forward anymore.

Unable to hold each other back any longer or even endure the strain the power struggle was causing on their bodies, the two blasts finally exploded, releasing a gray and pink wave that easily swept over the city as well as the surrounding cities. The outburst carried debris of every size with it, ranging from tiny pieces of rubble to chunks of the city platform.

Despite such a violent outcome, Alexis and Chloe both came soaring out of the debris cloud. They were both throwing punches and kicks as fast as they could, but neither could land a hit that wasn't blocked. Finally, they both pushed away from each other only to blast one another away with spheres of their Aura. Now that she was getting a fight out of Alexis, Chloe couldn't help but smirk. 'She's a bit better than I imagined, but I know I'm gonna win. These losers won't stop us from getting payback on Team Engelram.' Chloe thought. Even though Chloe was feeling very confident in herself, Alexis' mind was on something completely different. 'I wanted to use the debris cloud for cover to get away, but she was already attacking before I could even try to do anything. She's probably expecting me to run, so it'll be hard to get to Crow. I guess I'll just have to play this thing out until I can find the right moment… I just hope everything's fine until then…' Alexis told herself.

Off in the horizon, Crow and Reece were still fighting. Crow slashed at his enemy's feet, but Reece used his wings to push off from the ground and into the air.

"Why are you running? Afraid I might kill you?" Crow wondered. Reece didn't say anything in response. He could only shut his fist in frustration as he looked down at Crow. 'He's stronger than I expected and down here I'm not as powerful as I should be… I'm going to have to be far more calculated than I thought…' Reece noted. 'Especially if I want to survive against this monster…' he finished as Crow's glowing pupils focused solely on him. END.

* (Aetherials are the new name for the Ancients.)

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