The First Elimination

With Crow's shadow looming over him, Reece knew he was staring his death directly in its cross-shaped pupils. Crow's smile was sadistic and twisted as he slowly raised his katana into the air. Without a second thought, he swung his sword down at Reece's neck.

"Enough." a voice boomed, Crow's voice. The blade stopped just above its target's throat, causing Reece to look up in confusion. Crow dropped his weapon and covered his face as he started screaming, almost as if he were in pain. "It took me a minute to get a grip, but that doesn't matter anymore. You've interfered for too long." Crow's voice spoke.

"Idiot! I need to kill him!" Crow yelled as his crimson Aura exploded to life with black streaks running through it. Reece was completely clueless as to what was happening because as far as he could tell, Crow had just yelled at nothing. Finally, his eyes widened as he figured out what was happening. 'I… I don't believe it… That boy is opposing him… That's unheard of…' he realized as he stared at Crow in disbelief. Crow continued to scream and shout wildly as he staggered aimlessly through the streets. Eventually, his Aura cut out and he stumbled a few more times. He got his footing and was breathing heavy as he kept his head down. He slowly put his head back before he sighed and opened his gray eyes to the sky. 'I almost didn't come back. If he took me over completely like he did against Nibiru, I probably wouldn't have been able to break free on my own. Thank God…' Crow recognized. That was when the sound of Reece's coughing shifted Crow's attention. He saw how badly Reece was injured and immediately rushed over to him.

"Hey! Hold on! There has to be something I can do to stop the bleeding!" Crow called as he knelt down at Reece's right side. 'I'll have to take down the illusion over the screens if I want to live… But I won't get a chance like this again…! Damn it…!' Reece considered, with his left hand shutting into a fist as he clenched his teeth in frustration. "Why haven't they pulled you out yet?! They have to see-" Crow started until Reece grabbed him by his cloak and yanked him a little closer.

"Crow Tsukimura… If you ever… Lose control of that monster… I'll kill you…!" Reece threatened as he glared directly into Crow's eyes. After hearing that, Crow didn't respond. He simply stared back at Reece simply because there was nothing else to say. Since it was clear he got his message across, Reece snapped his fingers.

"Have you found the problem yet, or do I need to start-" Yorokamu began until she saw the static start to fade on the monitors.

The first monitor to clear up was the one that showed the fight between Alexis and Chloe. The two of them seemed to be going even with each other. Chloe was forcing Alexis back through the air with a series of punches, but Alexis clearly had no trouble blocking them. Finally, after one last left punch, she spun around Chloe and used her left hand to plant a pink Aura sphere against her opponent's back, sending her flying off-screen.

The next monitor displayed the team fight involving Rashel and Adrian as well as Connor and Naomi. Adrian and Naomi were both running at each other with their right fists pulled back. Simultaneously, they punched at each other, but Naomi was obviously caught off guard as Adrian passed right through her. Now that he was behind her, he wrapped his right arm around her neck and turned, pulling her with him as he threw her to the ground. The momentum caused her to roll a few feet away, so Adrian turned to find Connor while he had space. However, he wasn't able to look for very long because Connor flashed into sight in front of him. Before he could raise his guard, Adrian got kicked in his chest and was launched down the street. As he was sent back, Rashel soared past him and aimed her sights at Connor. She kicked her left leg out at his chest, but he managed to turn and bend his right arm up in order to block it. 'Holy shit! The power behind her kicks is unbelievable!' Connor noted before he was knocked back. As he slid away, Rashel extended her fingertips to him and sent her Aura threads at him. Connor was quickly ensnared and his eyes showed his panic as saw Adrian jump up from behind his teammate. Adrian fired a beam of his emerald Aura directly at their opponent, but then a transparent wall expanded in front of Connor, only defining its size with a white shine across its surface. The barrier sent Adrian's blast arching back over to him, forcing him to lower down to Rashel so he didn't get hit. Naomi and Connor also regrouped and glared at the two members of Team Black Feather across the battlefield.

The third screen showed that Fang and Keith were both still fighting and putting on a light show with their powers. Lightning flashed with Keith's Aura as punched at Fang. Instead of using his arms to block, Fang raised his left knee up to Keith's fist, sacrificing his it to defend himself. Immediately after guarding, Fang spun to his right and used his right heel to kick Keith across his face. Knowing that Keith would try to turn his head back, Fang swung his left arm around just in time to scratch his opponent's right cheek. After getting cut, Keith stumbled back but saw Fang lunging it at him. He countered by drilling his right fist into Fang's chest, stopping him where he was. The impact was enough to cause blood to spew from Fang's mouth and stop him in place, Keith still noticed how close his enemy's left set claws had gotten to his face, specifically his right eye as they swiped past. Despite the damage he took and the sparks crackling around his chest, Fang pounced at Keith as soon as his feet touched the ground. Keith was shocked at first, but he knew he had to challenge the attack. With that, he jumped back at Fang and they both became engulfed in their Auras. A blinding light radiated from their collision, turning the screen white momentarily.

'Wow. He's holding his own against Fang. Impressive.' Raven acknowledged with an interested smile. 'Oh, the fourth screen's clearing up! Hopefully Crow will-' she started until she saw what the fourth screen hid. Like everybody else, her eyes showed the surprise that overtook her. She could see the wounds on Reece's body and it was clear that if he was on the verge of bleeding out.

"Pull him out now!" Yorokamu immediately ordered.

Back inside the Virtual Reality System, Reece's body gained a white glow before he released Crow.

"Never forget this moment… Your life depends on it…" Reece finished just before he became a white mass that shrunk out of sight. With him gone, Crow stood up and turned to his right, the direction toward Fang and Keith.

Outside the VR System, a white mass appeared and it faded away until Reece was lying on the concrete floor. He took a big gasp for air and shot up off of his back. He held his chest where he'd been cut as he shakily picked himself up. Some of the audience clapped as he made his way up to the stands to join the crowd. However, Reece didn't react. He simply stared at the ground, knowing he failed to accomplish his mission. What he didn't know was that there were two people running through important notes regarding him.

'The static started as he summoned his Aura and it stopped just before he was pulled out.' Raven started as she glared at Reece from across the gymnasium.

'It couldn't have been a coincidence. He didn't want us to see his fight with Crow for a reason.' Yorokamu determined as she watched Reece from the Monitor Room.

'What exactly was going on during that time? I remember fighting him from last year, but he didn't seem like this type of person. I can't help but wonder…' Raven inquired.

'I remember him from last year and his Unicus was nothing that could interfere with the System… Magic perhaps? It's the most logical answer, and if he knows how to use Magic, he certainly isn't human. If that's true...' Yorokamu theorized.

'Was he trying to kill Crow?' Raven questioned as her eyes turned to a bloody red.

'Is he trying to interfere with our plans?' Headmaster Yorokamu figured.

'I'll be watching you very closely from now on.' both women declared as their eyes narrowed solely on him.

"Can we have Reece's student file pulled?" the Headmaster asked aloud with a kind, fake smile.

"Yes, ma'am. Right away." one woman answered before leaving the room.

Raven on the other hand, eventually lost the hostility glowing in her eyes as she turned her attention back toward the match.

With Reece gone, all of the members of his team backed off of their fight for a moment after they felt his Aura vanish.

"Damn it… I can't believe they already got one of us." Connor stated.

"Well then, we have to take one of them down now!" Naomi declared, prompting her teammate to nod in agreement.

Fang's eyes moved from the left corner of his eyes back to Keith as he considered the situation he and his team were in. 'This isn't good. Reece is gone and this kid ain't a pushover. I've been trying to keep myself calm until Crow shows up, but it looks like I can't afford to do that anymore.' Fang thought. He clenched his teeth as his eyes narrowed in a matching frustration. 'Looks like I'm gonna have to let loose earlier than I expected. That'll really show these assholes what a beast is.' Fang anticipated with a small, devious grin. END.