The traitors are patriots, the murderers are martyrs.
The butchers who should be locked up sit in the judge's seat.
The cowards hold their tongues except to say there is peace.
The rest of us must toe the line and pretend we don't see the obvious.

They shot her mother coming out of church,
They blew up his wife on her way to the shop,
They killed two soldiers driving back home,
And the world admirers them.

They start a riot and the soldiers fight back:
"The soldiers are monsters! We are the victims!"
Their victims seek justice and they are the injured party.

And no one dares speak up.

Justice is blind, but they've made the world blinder.
The few who see what is wrong are laughed at.
Be quiet, their lackeys tell us. Don't rock the boat.
Don't sink the good ship Peace Process!

They have films made portraying them as heroes.
And their victims' families? What victims' families?

Peace, what crimes are committed in your name!
The fear of them turns us all to cowards.
They continue their murderous sprees
But we see nothing.

Don't you know it's peace now?

They rule over us, they make our laws,
The world looks to them with adoration.

They polish their masks, pretend they are spotless,
Smile for the camera as they wash the blood from their hands.
They built their castle from ash, blood and bone;
Be careful, or it will all catch fire!

They are no longer monsters, but her mother is in her grave,
His wife is a charred corpse, the soldiers lie in the dust.
They break down Justice and replace her with Peace,
But our loved ones are still dead,

And their murderers walk free.

In memory of the victims of the La Mon and Omagh bombs.