How to avoid talking to people irl 101

Don't tell anyone who you are

Don't approach anyone

Pretend to be someone else so they don't know who you are online

Get angry when such person does not know you are the same person irl

Use weird codes that the other person doesn't understand and cant be bothered understanding

Expect the person to know who you are without providing any correct details about yourself

Do NOT under any circumstances create a meetup group or a facebook group that is on private so no one else can see.

Don't PM anyone ever.

Never change your passwords after someone figures them out. Have the same password on every site so that if its figured out you cant speak to anyone.

Never ever use code language in real life as then you would have to talk to people

Ask everyone except from the person you want to talk to if they are that person

Never smile, this will make people want to talk to you

Expect the other person to know that you are a decent person who belongs to the sae community and approach you, while giving evil glares.