Us, Then and Now

Sami and Ben were flattered to be invited to Jillian's wedding. They watched the kid grow up as the best friend of their daughter Nicole and there were times when Jillian seemed like the couple's third kid because she spent so much time around the house. Nicole made a lovely Maid of Honor and Sami and Ben realized that they were getting older now that their kids were getting older!

The Wedding Mass was held at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church in Hillsboro and the reception took place on the South County farm of the groom's step-father. It was a scenic gathering with the mountains of South County in the background, corn fields in the foreground, and cows gazing in a distant pasture. The event was catered by a popular local barbeque business, there was a talented band providing the music, and the gathering had a relaxed, laid back feel to it.

Sami and Ben didn't know a lot of people their age other than Jillian's parents but it didn't matter because they were familiar with most of Nicole and Jillian's generation and they were happy to see them now as twenty-somethings. The couple had watched most of these kids morph from pre-adolescents riding bikes and playing dolls into pre-teens discovering make up jewelry. That was following by the angst age of early teenage-hood with the discovery of menstrual cycles, boys, acne, and the facts of life.

"The Terrible Teens" as Ben called it followed, the period when the kids hated and ignored their parents, resenting anything they had to say or try to do for them. But everybody survived and finally came the maturity and independence of college, dating, and even moving out on their own. Today was the pay-off and the ultimate reunification.

Ben and Sami were seated at Table Seven with Jillian's Aunt Rose and Uncle Simon and the groom's Uncle Henry and his gay boyfriend, Martin. Conversation came easy and by the time the reception was over, Sami and Ben knew all about Rose and Simon's multiple cruise ship vacations and Henry and Martin's artistic life in Providencetown.

Sami and Ben's life sounded boring in comparison – Hillsboro natives who never moved away. Ben owned his own restaurant for a while but he was never home working fourteen hour days so he sold the business and became a Health Inspector for the town of Greenville. Sami worked for Yuli The Florist.

It was a hot summer afternoon even in the shade of the reception tent and Sami and Ben worried they'd have trouble keeping up with the younger crowd on the dance floor. Ben was content on enjoying the food and shooting the breeze with the other "old timers" while Sami was able to shake it up with the younger set although she required several breaks from the dancing.

Ben enjoyed watching his forty-five year old wife fit right in, looking sexy on the dance floor in her white summer dress and her brown hair flapping with the dance moves. She was mostly out of breath whenever she returned to the table to recharge and have a drink, spurred on by the onlookers who said she looked great out there. A flattered Sami laughed with delight, amused to be acting twenty years younger than her stated age!

Sami was having so much fun that she and Ben were among the last to leave. They would have the place to themselves when they got home and both were feeling amorous, romantic, sentimental, infatuated and affectionate after their wonderful day –weddings had a way of spurring such reactions, aided by expensive champagne and an open bar!

Sami was resting her head on the head rest as Ben drove the car through the dark country roads with the last few innings of the Red Sox on the car radio.

"Are we getting old?" Sami asked as she stared out the side window contemplating her life.

"Older," Ben grinned.

"Do you remember my Aunt Josie's wedding?"

"Our first date," Ben smiled. "What were we, fourteen?"

"Thirty-one years ago!" Sami laughed. "That was my sexual coming of age moment," she recalled.

"Because you saw your Cousin Tim porking his girlfriend in the storage room," Ben recalled.

"Don't forget, I was raised in a Christian conservative house," Sami said. "I went to Catholic school. I was pretty naïve before I saw that."

"I was well behaved that day," Ben reminded her.

"Yes, you were innocently romantic and the perfect gentleman," Sami agreed. "It was a magically fun and sweet day. I felt so grown up. When I got home that night, my panties were wet and I was tingling down there! I remember climbing into bed naked and touching myself. It felt very nice."

"Because you saw your cousin fucking?" Ben asked. "That's just a little incestuous, don't you think?"

"Actually, I was thinking about you," Sami smiled.

Ben grinned with satisfaction.

"That night was the first time I masturbated," Sami revealed. "The more I slid my fingers inside the better I felt. That was the first time I experienced an orgasm. I didn't know what in the hell was going on! My mother would have sent me off to the convent if she knew what I was doing so I never told anybody."

"You could have told me," Ben said seriously.

"Are you kidding?" She laughed. "You were more inexperienced and naïve than me back then," Sami noted, throwing him a look.

Ben smirked. "I'd been masturbating longer though," he pointed out.

"It took you another year just to kiss me," Sami challenged.

"I wanted to make you wait!" Ben teased.

"The wet feeling kept come back whenever we necked," Sami smiled. "And the first time you put your hand on my breast I thought I was going to die."

"Out behind Mrs. Kemeny's garage," Ben recalled. "After Molly McGill's birthday party."

"Molly's the one who gave me that book," Sami said.

"What book?" Ben asked.

"I showed it to you," Sami groaned. "That sex book!"

"Oh yeah, it had all those educationally naked photos in it," Ben laughed. "Long, short, fat and skinny cocks. Breasts and vaginas of all kinds of shapes. I was amazed."

"I never realized there could be so many sizes," Sami admitted.

"That book of yours was more graphic than Penthouse and Hustler."

"I hid that book underneath my old dolls deep in my bedroom closet," Sami said. "I'd sneak it out late at night and study it, memorizing all the sexual definitions and responses and techniques, learning all about sexual satisfaction."

"You were an excellent student," Ben grinned.

"The methods women used to pleasure themselves both fascinated and frightened me," Sami said. "It also aroused me. I'd lay there under my covers with a soaked twat and aching nipples. I used to fantasize that you were there with me, naked in my bed, reading through the book, looking at the pictures, practicing some of the poses."

"Whatever happened to that book?" Ben asked with interest.

"I gave it back to Molly," Sami said. "I was so panicked and paranoid and freaked that my mother would find it and that would be the end of me as a good girl."

"You're still a good girl," Ben assured his wife and she glanced at him with an appreciative smile.

They were back in familiar and comfortable Hillsboro now and Sami looked out the window with contentment as Ben drove them home to their handsome ranch in the flats section where they had raised their two children and lived a happy life with friendly neighbors and summer block parties.

"Do you think we'll die in this house?" Sami asked as Ben pulled the car into the driveway.

"I hope so," Ben replied honestly.

Ben took the dog for a walk. Hank was older than them now (in dog years) but the pooch remained a loyal friend and companion even if the kids had moved on and left him behind. The dog no longer chased cats or squirrels and he rarely had the energy or interest to even bark but he still loved his rides and his walks to smell the grass and tree roots and dirt and any candy wrappers he might discover. Ben usually had his most fascinating conversations of the day with Hank on those nightly walks!

While Ben was out with the dog, Sami took a shower, hot and sweaty from all that dancing. She enjoyed bonding with Jillian and Nicole and the rest of the younger crowd and she still felt young at heart. She had gone through a rough emotional withdrawal when the kids left the house, overwhelmed by the empty nest syndrome but both kids lived nearby and they were home often enough that it was hard to actually miss them.

Sami heard Ben return downstairs as she sat at her vanity in her short silk robe brushing out her hair and she felt secure in the knowledge that as long as she had Ben she would be fine. A co-worker's husband dropped dead of a heart attack a few weeks earlier. The guy was a couple of years older than Ben and much heavier, a smoker and drinker and while Sami didn't worry about Ben's health, they were getting to a point in their lives when they would be experiencing loss on a more consistent basis - Sami already lost her Dad and Ben his mom (both at relatively young ages) and just last week one of Ben's co-workers announced he had late stage lung cancer so one never knew.

"Hank all set?" Sami asked when Ben came into the bedroom.

"Hunkered down on the couch as always," Ben confirmed as he began to undress.

"Do you remember our second official date?" Sami challenged, eyeing him in the mirror on her vanity.

"Serguci's Italian Family Restaurant for your sweet sixteen," Ben smiled.

"I had chicken parmesan," Sami stated. "You had spaghetti with Italian sausage."

"I remember," he nodded. He was naked now and she turned to give him an appreciative look.

"God, I still adore your cock," she said happily.

He stepped closer and she gave Ben's penis a kiss while he brushed his hand through Sami's hair. "Let me grab a shower," he said. "I'll be right back."

"I'll be waiting," she smiled.

Sami remembered how Ben walked her home that night of her sweet sixteen. They sat in the dark on her old swing set in the backyard kissing and that was the night she touched a penis for the first time. Ben was cupping her breasts and she panicked when he tried to unbutton the first few buttons on her blouse. She tried distracting him by using her hand to stroke his hardness through his pants and it didn't take long before he climaxed inside his underwear.

Sami remembered how embarrassed and self-conscious Ben became, awkwardly coming up with an excuse to go home. It was her first hand job and the sensation fascinated her - the look on Ben's face, the whimper in his throat when he released himself.

Ben was still naked when he returned from the shower.

"Do you remember that sweet sixteen on the swing in my backyard?" She asked.

Ben blushed slightly. "My first stimulated ejaculation from somebody else's hand."

"What did it feel like?" Sami wondered.

"Like it happened yesterday," Ben smiled warmly as he lay on the bed.

Sami stood and slipped her short and thin robe off of her shoulders to reveal her nakedness underneath as she sashayed toward the bed. "God how I still love getting naked with you," she purred as she fell onto the bed next to him.

"You were the sexist woman out there on the dance floor today," Ben told her with sincerity as she cuddled against him.

"I doubt that," Sami replied. "All those twenty-somethings looked pretty good."

"Not as good as you," Ben assured her. "You were a great dancer in high school too."

"Remember that Spring Dance we went to at the Y?" Sami grinned as they nestled together naked on top of the bed.

"Our third official date," Ben smiled.

"Our bodies were very close that night," she recalled warmly.

"Your breasts were pressed against my chest," Ben confirmed.

"I could feel your erection against my mound," Sami giggled. "It was the first time I had an orgasm without touching myself."

Ben looked at her with surprise. "Right there on the dance floor?"

"I never told you but it felt really good even though I felt as guilty as sin and I was convinced somebody was going to know."

"Wow," Ben said with amazement. "I never knew."

"You were always every bit the gentleman," Sami said. "That's why my mother liked you so much."

"I remember the kiss goodnight you gave me when I brought you home that night," Ben said as he gave it some thought. "It really turned me on."

Sami noticed that he had become hard just reminiscing.

"God, I was really wet and I knew you were the one I wanted to be with," Sami said. "I masturbated very slowly that night to make it last while visualizing your face as I touched myself. The climax I had was one of the best I've ever had."

"We knew from the time we were fourteen that we had strong feelings for one another," Ben said.

"But it took us until we were seventeen to finally act upon them," Sami reminded him as she subtly moved her hand to his penis while giving him an affectionate kiss.

"That Saturday your parents went to Boston," Ben confirmed.

"Sitting on the couch cuddling and kissing and when you touched my breast that time I didn't make you stop," Sami smiled.

"What great pleasure," Ben smiled. "Unfastening your bra like I was a safe cracker!"

"You saw and touched my bare breasts for the first time," Sami reminisced with a dreamy look in her eyes. "I was nervous but not scared. I knew it was right. And I knew it was the right time."

"My hands touched your nipples," Ben said, demonstrating how he did it that first time by doing it again while giving the play by play. "I rolled them between my fingers. I cupped your tits as if I had found the Holy Grail."

"And I instinctively opened my thighs to let you know what I wanted," Sami recalled as they began to kiss. "For the first time I felt your hands on my vagina."

Ben touched her there now too. "You were wearing a skirt," he said. "I went under your panties and felt how saturated you were. I started to insert a finger but you softly whispered that you wanted me to use my penis."

"I wasn't going to let the moment pass," Sami explained. "I put my hand on your penis but this time I wanted to see it so I helped you get your pants down and there it was popping out for me to see. Me – the Catholic school girl, the virgin who was supposed to save herself for her wedding night, staring at your hard cock and then touching it with fascination." She was doing the same thing now too. "I gave you another hand job right there on the couch!" She laughed at the memory as she slowly stroked him in their present day married bedroom.

"We both got naked," Ben continued with warm nostalgia.

"Your eyes were all over me," Sami smiled. "I loved the way you looked at me." She glanced into his eyes. "The way you still look at me."

" "You walked me to your bedroom in all your glory," Ben remembered.

"A naked boy in my bedroom," Sami said with amazement. "You were so handsome. Your cock looked better than those photos in that book! And I remember worrying about how you thought I looked. Was I better than those photos in the book?"

"Way better," Ben smiled, kissing her again while slowly moving his finger in and out of her entrance while Sami continued to stroke his middle aged penis.

"We lay on the bed just like we are now," Sami said, her eyes tearing up. "Cuddling and kissing so passionately, our hands pawing all over each other. I never felt that way before. I remember you squeezed my ass cheeks and I thought I was going to cum right then and there."

Ben started to replay their first time together by making the same moves, gestures, foreplay and ass cheek squeezes in the present moment, kissing his wife all over, moving downward over her breasts, stomach, and along her thighs as Sami began to moan and purr.

"I remember thinking to myself that day that reading about sex in that stupid book didn't mean anything," Sami giggled. "Books are inanimate. What we were doing was real and alive."

Ben's tongue licked Sami's labia and the tip of his tongue spread her vaginal lips.

"I knew all about the clitoris being ground zero even back then," Sami said as she felt her husband's tongue gently flicking against her clit and her head began tossing from side to side on the pillow just like that first time in their age of innocence.

And just like that first time so long ago, Sami climaxed hard as she pushed her mound against Ben's mouth as he sucked on her vagina, then and now.

"The taste of your wetness has always been so irresistible," he told her as she tried to catch her breath after her remarkable orgasm, a wonderful way to cap a wonderful day.

Ben rolled on top of her and she recalled the first time when his young penis was so red and purple and throbbing. She remembered touching the head and feeling drops of a clear sticky liquid and because of her book she knew it was his male lubrication. She was aware that she was about to surrender her virginity but she knew that Ben was the one she was going to spend the rest of her life with and that it was okay to sacrifice herself with him because she loved him – then and now.

Sami was in sexual heaven that day and she was surprised that she was not scared or hesitant as she watched Ben poise the head of his penis gently against her labia before giving her a long, deep kiss. Remarkably, despite all the gossip and warnings she heard from her girlfriends, it didn't really hurt.

Sami felt her maidenhood stretch as Ben's penis slid inside and she was both relieved and happy. Now, as her husband made love to her in the present day, she thought of all the countless times they made love over the years, eventually graduating to more sophisticated positions. She had taken his wonderful penis in her vagina, her mouth and even her anus on occasion and their lovemaking satisfied her now just as it did the night her innermost pleasures of lovemaking began all those years ago. They even masturbated together from time to time just to spice up their sex lives.

Sami thought about her marriage and her husband and how happy she was. They had settled in as a married couple but their lovemaking still felt exciting and pleasurable. She had put on a few pounds in the ensuing years (though her friends continuously told her how great she looked) and Ben had not once complained about her middle-aging appearance. He too was a bit more flappy these days but still virile and sexy and all hers.

"You are my only lover," Sami whispered as her husband made love to her, proud that after all these years they had stayed true to one another.

After making love to him for the first time, Sami felt guilty. Her strict Catholic upbringing haunted her and she knew that enjoying that first time must have meant that it was wrong to do it in the first place. She continued to use masturbation as her escape hatch to bring herself the pleasure of sex without the actual sex and Ben never pressured her to do it again after their first time. They did do it again, of course, but not very frequently.

Sami was semi-obsessed about Ben's penis from the start, frequently asking to see it and quite willing to touch it, play with it, rub it, "volcano" it (as she called her hand jobs), kiss it, and even put it in her mouth. She knew that made her dirty and vulgar but she couldn't help herself and Ben never complained (of course).

After their "penis sessions", Sami usually went home worked up and she would pleasure herself in the secret dark privacy of her bedroom. After Ben had touched her nipples that first time, she found that to be her new affection and she would play with them too while rubbing between her legs even though she knew that Catholicism frowned on masturbation. She saw it as the lesser of two evils, her secret indulgence that she never talked about with anybody, even Ben all that much.

While the young lovers didn't have intercourse very often, they compromised with oral sex. In addition to Sami's fetish for Ben's penis, Ben was more than happy to perform oral sex on her and because Sami was able to explode in climatic pleasure she was perfectly content on letting him go down on her too. It seemed like the "lesser sin" to her

"I feel so special knowing every time we make love that I'm still the first and only penis you've allowed to enter you," Ben told her as he continued to gently push himself inside of her.

"You're the only one I'll ever love," Sami assured her husband.

She never had difficulty reaching an orgasm once she and Ben began having sex regularly. Her guilt was replaced by positive emotion and she welcomed the new world that was awakened within. The sex was incredible and Sami was convinced that because they were both virgins, they learned together. She was able to orgasm very easily and even now, nearly thirty years later, the sex was still enjoyable because she felt completely at ease with him.

"I feel very beautiful and sexy when I'm in bed with you," she said as they made love. "You feel as sexy now as the day we did it for the first time."

"We are at our best now," Ben told her.

"Seeing and feeling your naked body is still my biggest turn on," Sami admitted. "I am totally addicted to you."

"I can't believe how lucky I am," Ben said as he continued to gently pump her.

He was such a generous and selfless lover, always putting her first. He never came unless he knew she was satisfied. In their younger married days, he was innovative and creative in bed and these days they were gentler in their lovemaking - but never bored.

"It was a nice wedding," Sami said as she moved her hips with his.

"Yes," Ben agreed, not sure if she was talking about Jillian's ceremony or their own!