There was little noise except the quiet footsteps against the cement road and the grunting of Ethan, trying to keep Kurt's legs off the ground while Dad held his torso. Ethan was struggling, and the weight of Kurt's other supplies didn't make the task any easier. They offered him a rest, but he denied it, feeling that he hadn't done much yet for anyone. Just went with everything, never taking anything into his own hands.

The baby kept waking then falling asleep. Crying, then silence, crying, then silence, over and over. He knew that it would be a problem. Luckily it didn't start this annoying pattern until they were well away from the infected. The woman holding the baby hadn't said much at all, but Ethan caught her name: Susan.

Ethan couldn't help but look at Kurt. The right side of his head was engulfed in a red bruise. He wanted to feel bad, but he couldn't. He couldn't see a point in saving somebody that wouldn't do the same. He had just tried to throw his Dad in a litter of infected, for christ's sake, It wasn't long before he woke. Ethan caught his eyelids flutter open, revealing ugly bloodshot brown eyes. He looked straight at Ethan for a few seconds, then, startled, flailed up, causing Ethan and his dad to drop him on his back. He scrambled up immediately. His eyes were wide.

"Kurt…" Susan started. "These two aren't going to hurt us."

"Yeah," Dad said, "We saved your ass."

"You almost got us all killed!" Kurt burst out.

"Really?" Ethan chimed in for the first time. "You held us at gunpoint twice and was about to throw us right into the infected! I'd say you owe us one more."

"You shut your mouth kid," Kurt snapped.

Dad ended the conversation right there. He reached his hand back and pulled out the gun. "I saved your life once so don't think I won't end it anytime you step out of line. You'd better get yourself under control." Dad stood there with his gun pointed and Ethan's hand had wandered over his gun.

Kurt just stood there, frowning, the huge red spot on the side of his head looking even redder. His wife behind him, Susan, lacked the familiar terrified face that she always wore. She just looked tired and angry. Kurt tried to keep his gaze directly on Dad's eyes but he couldn't. He lowered his head and slightly nodded; Dad put the gun back in his waist.

It was hard to not look at the baby. Ethan kept catching himself staring at it. It had been sleeping for a long time. He didn't even know its name or even its gender. Susan was always covering it up with her arms and a blanket concealed everything except its face. He really wasn't sure why he was so mesmerized by it. Maybe it was because he never expected to see something so vulnerable yet so alive.

No one talked for a long time. Finally, Ethan decided to ask for the baby's name. It was Hayden. Great. He still couldn't say if it was a boy or girl. They walked until the sun disappeared and then they found a spot in a farm out in the country to settle in. It was covered in hay and there was some dry blood splatters but it seemed clear. They all stood looking around at the barn, until Dad decided that it was still too cold to sleep without a fire. They hadn't slept with a fire in weeks though. Dad said that he and Ethan were going to gather sticks to build a fire.

"We don't need a fire, Dad," Ethan said as they were walking away from the barn.

"I know," was his only response.

They walked until they hit the forest. Dad stopped Ethan in his tracks and looked him directly in the eyes.

"We can't let our guard down near these people," he said. "Well, no. We can't let our guard down near Kurt."

"So… Don't sleep?"

"No. You can sleep for a while. I'm going to stay awake to keep track of that lunatic. Make sure he doesn't lure an entire herd of walkers to us."

"Wait. You're just going to stay up all night?"

"No. There's no way in hell I could pull that off. So I need to count on you Ethan. Get as much sleep as you can. I'm going to wake you up so that I can sleep. Make sure he doesn't do anything stupid. But whatever you do, don't fall asleep. There's no telling what he could do if we both let our guard down."

Ethan nodded. He didn't like it; they were sleep deprived enough. If anything they should be trying to get as much sleep as possible. But he knew that he couldn't bail on this. Kurt was more than capable, physically and mentally, to kill both of them in their sleep. So he nodded and they gathered sticks and branches and headed back to the barn.

They got back with an armful of wood and dropped it all on the ground.

"All of this was completely unnecessary," Kurt said. "It's hotter than blue blazes out; we don't want a fire."

"Suit yourself," Dad said as he and Ethan plopped themselves on the ground around the pile of twigs.

Ethan wanted to take this opportunity to find something out. "So what's happening? Or… what happened?" he asked as they sat down across from them.

"Well, kid, the world's gone to hell and we were left on it."

"Do you know about Springfield? About what they're doing?" Dad asked.

"Yeah, I know. It's not just Springfield." Kurt didn't seem to want to talk. Ethan forced words out of him.

"How did you find out? What did you do to get here?" Ethan glanced at Hayden.

Kurt sighed heavily. "We were on our way to one of the government… places… On the way we had met this other family. There was a doctor there. She helped Susan give birth just a few days after everything went down. We walked right up to the big gates they set up and the lady told them that she can help, she's a doctor, but they just pointed their guns and shouted. Bastards. We started to leave but the doctor and her husband didn't. They pleaded to come in. By then we were long gone; I wasn't putting my newborn child in line of fire. We heard gunshots and that was that. We wandered for a long time, getting lucky and finding a stash of formula for Hayden. Eventually we came up on this school. We tested the water fountains and found out it had running water. We took showers in the locker rooms but within a few days the infected found us. It could've even been the same herd that attacked us at the house." Hayden woke up and his tiny hands and arms reached up through the blankets and grasped at air. He began his slow moan of the beginnings of a loud cry.

Susan rocked her arms than grabbed a bottle out of the bag. White fluid washed around in it and she stuck it in the kid's mouth. He spat it out immediately and cried some more.

"I'm taking him outside. Kurt, can you get some diapers?"

"It's a boy…" Ethan whispered to himself.

"What was that?" Susan said.

"Nothing, sorry." Kurt walked out after Susan with their bag of whatever they had, presumably diapers.

Dad and Ethan looked at each other. "You should try to get some sleep. You're going to want as much of it as possible. Ethan nodded and laid down on the sharp hay. The invisible floorboards hidden under the hay had nails that had made their way halfway out of the floor. He rolled until he wasn't laying on nailheads and closed his eyes.

He was awoken by a hand on his shoulder. He wasn't disoriented at all, just flustered. He could hear rain falling onto the roof, making a barrage loud, dull sounds. He sat up straight. He had only just closed his eyes; how was it already time? It was complete darkness in the barn. The only way he could tell that it was Dad looking straight at him was the unclear outline of his beard.

They looked at each other and nodded, showing that Ethan understood that he needed to stay awake and ready. He felt something touch his stomach. Reaching down, he realized that Dad was handing him his gun. Ethan grabbed it and Dad scooted away and laid down.

Ethan sat straight up for some time. He was beyond tired. He would talk to himself to keep himself awake but he couldn't do that with people sleeping around him. Eventually he put the gun down and laid on one elbow for a while. He sat in that position, listening to the rain and wind outside. His arm started to hurt so he rested on the other elbow until that started to hurt. So he tried to do a few pushups but he could barely manage one with his tired arms. He laid on his back for a while. He thought about everything, and what other places were like, and what famous people were doing. Probably holed up in their mansions somewhere, protected by their army of bodyguards. He pinched himself hard when he realized that he was drifting. Jesus, when will it be daytime? It had to have been at least two hours by now. He could hear the rain pounding on the metal roof, wondering how everyone stayed asleep during this.

Then, Ethan finally heard something. To his right. Shuffling, then the creak of one of the wooden floorboards. Silence again for several minutes, then movement. Coming closer, it had to be Kurt. Ethan laid still on his back, his eyes closed, his body tensed.

"Hey. Kid. You awake?" Kurt barely whispered. Ethan didn't react.

More movement. He passes Ethan then stopped walking.

"You brought this on yourself," he heard Kurt whisper even more quietly than last time. Ethan had to do something. He sensed him over to his left now, on the other side of Dad. He imagined Kurt had a knife to his dad's throat. Did he have a knife? It wouldn't be smart to attack his right now if he did. But Ethan had no time to think about that. He felt his hand around the gun, then rolled up and blindly threw his arms to where he thought Kurt was. He hit something hard, probably Kurt. Ethan tripped over something on the ground that then flailed up onto two legs. Someone screamed behind him and a baby's cries echoed through the barn. Ethan had the gun pointed in front of him.

"Ethan! Ethan, what's going on?" Dad's voice said.

"Kurt," was all Ethan said before he was interrupted.

"You're insane, kid! Insane!" Ethan fired the pistol to where he heard the voice. The sound of wood cracking told Ethan that he had missed. Hayden still cried loudly.

Ethan didn't say anything. He still had no idea if Kurt had a weapon or not. He strained his ears to listen for anything, footsteps or breathing, but he couldn't hear anything over the cries of Hayden.

"Stop!" Susan screamed. "Stop it, please!"

"He tried to kill us!" Ethan yelled back. "We can't let him stay a danger to us."

"Then leave! I don't care! Get out of here and we'll never see each other. No more danger." Kurt said through the darkness. A few seconds passed. Ethan's mind was on fire. He didn't want to leave, but he didn't want to kill Kurt. He let his gun fall a few inches, letting his guard down.

Then, he was thrown off of his feet. Something sharp sliced his side. A sharp crack rang out through the night as Ethan and Kurt fell to the ground, Ethan landing hard on the ground with Kurt right on top of him.

His body hurt all over, his ribs, his head, but most of all his side. He tried to push Kurt off of him but he couldn't even try without his side erupting in pain. Kurt was moving slightly on top of him for a few moments, then rolled off. Ethan grabbed his side and felt blood. He wasn't surprised. He looked over at Kurt. He was lying face up on his back, just like Ethan. A small knife was held loosely in his bloodied hand. It looked like he tried to say something, but nothing came out except for grumbles of noise. Susan was now over him, her shaking hand on his face and tears running down her cheeks. Ethan heard his dad yell something but he couldn't make it out. It was like he was underwater trying to listen to all of this. Ethan was propped up onto a wall by Dad. Dad disappeared for only a moment, then he appeared again. Water was poured around the injury. The pain that had left momentarily struck Ethan again and the underwater sounds left him. He heard himself yell. Dad, on his knees, was looking right at him with that same fear in his face that had started all of this off.

"Ethan? Can you hear me? Breath, Ethan. Just breath." Ethan managed a nod and a few words. Then, the noise began to fade out again. He was underwater, drowned, and then the pain returned. Pressure was put on the damage. Ethan yelled again. Dad said something but it couldn't be made out. The rain pounded on the roof. Hayen cried, Dad talked, Susan wept, and Ethan drifted into unconsciousness.