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Chapter 1

She glanced around the coach wondering about the small frays and rips of the seat across from her. The red clothe was worn down to the padding below. As the coach lurched again for what seemed like the hundredth time in minutes her butt made contact with the seat again and pain shot up her back. The ride seemed like it was taking forever but that's where she was going…somewhere forever away. She would never get to return to her home until her husband was chosen for her and she could come home to be his bride. Until the Castile Ceremony took place she would have to work for her dowry. Her husband expected his wife to work for several years until they could gain enough money for a decent dowry than someone would choose you. If you had a substantial dowry, than someone of a higher cloth would request your hand in marriage. Last year Katana had enough money to wed her sweetheart Aaron but bad luck had fallen them both. A large fire had broken out in the fields and engulfed most of the crops in flames. Aaron's crop was burned to the ground and with little to no money he set out to work for the Wolves of Northern territory. They were known to pay extremely well and he wanted to gain enough money to rebuild his dying farm and start a family. Katana's family was not spared in the flame. Her father was in the fields when the flames started after working tirelessly for hours to diminish the fire he collapsed, not realizing he had been inhaling smoke for the duration of the fire. For several days no one thought he would pull through, most days he slept in a cool room away from the family. With father and the fields both in shambles the family had to spend the majority of the girl's dowry on previsions for the home. For several weeks their mother attempted to borrow on credit for the items they needed but once the credit lines dried up she was forced to turn to the dowry of her children. Since Kat was the only one who had worked for a while most of the money had come from her savings and even that was not enough. With their fathers mounting medical bills and the oncoming seasons the family had to think fast. Kat was thinking about Aaron when she realized that the perfect solution would be to follow him. She could see her dearest and work to rebuild her family farm and her dowry. She thought her mom would balk at the idea of her leaving the mountains but she seemed very pleased with the idea and saved enough coins to take a coach to the next town to request employment. It had been two weeks before she was notified that she was accepted. She had waited weeks on end, excited and scared to start. Yesterday she finally packed all her belongings and started on her journey. Part of her was scared but another part was excited. She was the first female in their town to leave for work.

Kat lurched forward when they hit another hole in the road. She was nearly thrown to the floor before she was able to catch herself. She heard an ugly rip and checked her dress. The worn hem was still intact but on closer inspection she found the source of the sound. The fabric covering her slender arms had ripped all the way up to her shoulder. A faint breeze from the cool evening air hit her skin brought gooseflesh also bringing the realization that she would have to change clothes soon. She needed to be presentable when she met her new employer. She was to meet Sir Jamestone in the Middle Colony who would explain to her the job that was assigned to her. She was dismayed to find out that she would not be in the Northern Colony like Aaron, but the Middle Colony was only a half hour ride which was allow her to still see Aaron on Sundays when servants had a day off. Kat moved back to her seat and tried to use her shawl to cover the rip. She was so focused on the actual fixing of her dress that she didn't realize that they had lurched to a stop. The realization finally dawned on her when the door swung open and two women and a man climbed into the coach.

Kat tried not to stare at the new arrivals when they first joined them. It was late in the evening and hard to see as it was but Kat easily made out the beautiful silk of their dresses. The color was so vibrant and the dresses where so massive that they easily took up the majority of the coach. The girls wore loud makeup that reminded her of the clowns that would sometimes venture into their village. When the girls first got into the coach Kat thought that they looked very beautiful but on further inspection both girls where very plain, she could even say ugly without stretching the truth. The girl furthest to the left had a purple dress that was almost a rich color of plum which matched the mass of black hair on her head but the hair had not been washed and stray pieces where flying out from the messy bun at the back of her nape. Her face was too long and her nose was almost hawkish. Kat continued to take in her face, her lips where the narrowest feature about her, because on inspection of the dress she had a wide middle that was covered in the mass of fabric. The lady to the right was in a wine colored dress. She had reddish blonde hair that was more copper than it was red. Her face was a flushed red and her eyes where a deep black color. She would be pretty if her eye brows did not take up most of her face along with horse like teeth that looked like they were jumping out of her mouth every time she laughed. The girls caught Kat staring and whispered something snide under their breath before laughing. Kat had not realized it but the shawl had dropped and the rip in her gown was evident. She knew she looked poor but she also knew that she was going somewhere to better herself and these people knew nothing of her, and she knew nothing of them. She scorned herself for thinking such mean thoughts without knowing the others. In attempts to be nice she smiled at the girls who quickly turned their noses and went back to chattering about someone names Elliot.

Kat was so taken back by the appearance of the women that she forgot the man who had entered the coach with them. When the coach lurched again she found herself almost in his lap. Another ripping sound told her that the dress was now unsalvageable. She looked up embarrassed that she was in a man's lap that she had never met before in her life. Short of her father and Aaron she had never so much as hugged a man. She looked up into the eyes of the stranger and nearly gasped. The left side of his face was handsome. He had dark features and the most intense blue eyes she had even seen, but the right side of his face was etched was a white scar. The scar was not as scary as the eye that it tore through. She thought she was seeing things when she realized his right eye was a orb of yellow and streaks of red instead of blue. It was like seeing the face of an angel and demon all wrapped up in the same person. Apparently she had been staring because he gave her a dark look before tossing her back into her seat. As she landed in the seat it took a moment for her to get her breath under control. The two other girls where in the floor where they had flew to, but when Kat looked back at the stranger he wasn't looking at her face any longer but his gaze was slightly lower. When Kat looked down her face burned with embarrassment. The shoulder of her dress finished ripping and the gaping hole left her breast exposed. She grabbed her shawl and covered her chest. The next four hours where on pins and needles as Kat attempted to keep her composure before the three unloaded the coach and Kat continued on to her destination.

Kat thought of the man left with the two women. They did not seem afraid of him when they left but he did seem wary of them. Kat giggled as she realized she sympathized with him. Kat couldn't get the man's face out of her mind. The realization finally dawned on her, he was one of the demon tribes. Originally when the demons first came to be known it was during the original wars. They had arose over night and laid waste to the lands. Apparently a war had been brewing for years that no one had known about but when the last world war was ripping each country apart and genocide was ubiquitously the hidden war joined in. The hidden war was the name for the war between demons. When it first came out everyone thought it was funny to call it the Vampires vs Werewolves because the stories where so well-known but the names stuck. The wolves where more well-known because of the demonic features and abilities that they possessed. Like the stories the Wolves had a heightened since of smell and hearing but they couldn't transform into animal wolves. When the wolves transformed they were in ever since a demon. The ears came to a point almost like a elven but the eyes would burn red. Talons and teeth could rip through flesh as quickly as the sharpest hack saw. Kat thought back of what she knew of the two colonies of demons. The wolves where definitely the more frightening ones but the Vampires where more frequent with masses of colonies that grew double overnight. The vampires looked every bit like a human even when they were in demon form. The only thing that gave vampires away was the teeth. Where wolves could hide all of their transformations the vampires could not hide the teeth they were so well known for. Vampires unlike their legendary name could not fly and rarely drank blood. When blood was shed it was for death. Kat felt chills go up her back thinking about working around the demon's but most of them rarely interacted with their servants other than concubines which sometimes would be hired for the more upscale demons.

Kat looked around the dark room as hands grabbed her waist and held her. She looked up to see those eyes again. The same frightening eyes that she had looked into only hours ago, but this time the eyes where soft for a few moments before they grew hard and fiery. A crimson red took over both orbs and changed the eyes until they looked like they were filled with blood. Kat tried to scream until she smacked into something hard. Kat awoke in the coach and looked around. Outside the sun had finally came up and she realized that they were about to enter a town. She jumped up quickly forgetting the dream as she tried to take in everyone in the town, the town was large and people were quite literally everywhere. A group of kids where playing on the streets and in the roads beside a hitching pole. Along the street, shops seemed to be built up in stone and mortar overpowering the smaller parts of town. Kat looked outside trying to see if she could catch of glimpse of Aaron. Kat kept looking until she seen her reflection and gasped. Her eyes had a light shade of purple below them. The light blue color seemed almost lifeless and her hair was a messy reflection of the girl she had seen yesterday. Even the blonde in her hair somehow seemed like it was dull and lifeless. She quickly patted her hair back into place. Her eyes would just have to wait until she could get a good night's rest. She longed for a bath and food but she would have to wait. In a few moments she would be on her way to her new destiny and she would finally start saving enough that Aaron would soon be able to marry her. Kat was envisioning wedding dresses and babies when the coach finally came to a lurching stop. The driver set out a stool in front of the door to help Kat down to the ground. She looked around the large building in front of her. Concurrent Separation. The sign was over the door, and it made Kat feel a bit taken aback. She was about to be separated from her whole world and this door said it exactly. She turned around and realized that the coach was unloading her things. She needed to find Sir Jamestone immediately. Kat took a deep inhale before pushing through the heavy wood door.

Inside a lady sat to her right, she seemed to be waiting for someone. To her left was a desk with a small man behind it vigorously writing on something. Kat walked up to the plump little man and cleared her throat. "Sir, I'm looking for Sir Jamestone. My name is…"

"Sign your name and take a seat." The little man cut her off before she could say anything else to him.

"But my things are outside, I thought he would just tell me where I was going." Apparently talking to him was a no-no. He looked over the paper under a pair of thick glasses and gave her a condescending smile. At that point Kat was glad she had took a few moments in the coach to trade out dresses.

"Oh honey, I didn't realize you couldn't understand simple directions. This…" He pointed to the paper in front of him, "is a piece of paper, and when you see Sir Jamestone you write your name on the paper. Do you want me to make it simpler for you? Or can you comprehend that?" His voice grated on Kat's already sore nerves. She bent over and wrote her name down. She looked up to see the tiny little man staring down her shirt as it draped open while she was bent over. She stood with a snap and glared at the annoying secretary. Kat was afraid to leave her few belongings on the street so she walked out the door and grabbed the two bags that the men had set out. Her entire life sat in those two bags. She had only 3 dresses, now 2 if she couldn't mend the other one. Her shoes were worn and a small hole was torn in the left one. She tried to patch it but nothing would hold. She looked back at the door before pushing through it one more time. She took a seat adjacent to the lady who was already waiting.

Kat looked at the small room waiting on Sir Jamestone. The walls where decorated in what Kat assumed where automobiles. Most of the people in her community could not afford a car or anything like that. When the second part of the war began most of the oil refineries where destroyed, that was the same time that the alliance with the wolves was settled. The treaty was a small victory because the war continued to wage on.

"Katana Cremore…" A tall man called from the door. He looked very apposing. He was well over 6 feet tall with white hair and a oddly thick handlebar mustache. He reminded Kat of her father. He smiled at her briefly when she stood to walk in his office. He moved to the left of the door to allow her to walk through before closing the door and walking behind a huge wooden desk.

"Mrs. Cremore, how are you doing today?" He looked up at her and smiled again but not giving her a chance to respond. She didn't even get a chance to tell him that she was not married therefore was a miss and not a misses before he continued on with his speech.

"When you applied for the position we originally was going to place you into the central area but we need workers in the Eastern area." He continued to talk but Kat could feel her stomach turn in knots. She couldn't focus on what he was saying. The central and northern area were only hours away from each other where the Eastern was on the coast and was well over a day's trip. "Mrs. Cremore, is something wrong?" She didn't realize that he had asked a question and apparently had been waiting for her response. He was looking at her a little pensively. "Is the pay increase enough, if not we can put you on a waiting list and when something comes open again we can contact you." Kat realized that this was her only chance to work and even though it meant another couple days in that death trap she would be able to save up twice as fast and provide for both her upcoming family and her current family.

"I'll be happy to take it sir, what is the job?" Kat smiled as she replied, trying to sound gracious without sounding needy or greedy.

"You would be the cook, along with other duties that would be assigned upon request by your Lord."

Kat looked at Sir Jamestone and thought maybe for a moment she had heard wrong, Lord. It was a title that was seldom used, and when it was used it was reserved for Wolves that either were pureblood or those that had killed so many in the war that they raised in the rankings over the years. There was only 3 purebloods that was known Kane, Able, Isiah. There real names were converted over a century ago but those where the names that many had called them by. Able and Isiah where in the Western Realm, the western states where governed by them and the western colonies where under their control. The last one was Kane… Kane was the most visious of murderers. Over the years he had wiped out not just colonies but entire countries. No one had ever gotten away from him and those that did wish they hadn't. He was not only a pureblood but known for being pure evil. So evil he had one eye that… Kat's blood ran cold as she was back in the coach looking at the man in front of her with the scar over his eye. The same scar that was etched on his face was the same well known scar that had been part of nightmarish horror stories told to kids to keep them in at night. Kat snapped back to the present and realized how close she had been.

No it couldn't have been him, the stage coach was too cheap for his taste. Surely someone like Kane would ride on a stallion to ever place he went or a fabled automobile. She reassured herself before Sir Jamestone gave her an envelope with all the information she needed. She turned toward the coach and a feeling of dread filled her bones… Not from the next couple of days on the coach but the fear of the unknown and the possibilities that laid in the abyss.

Authors Note:

Okay this is my first attempt at a story…it's going to take a bit because it's a pretty long story in my head. Please bear with me; I will make updates and changes as we go along. Please be gentle. J Thanks for reading! I'm so grateful to have a few minutes of your time, hopefully I didn't waste it.