** Understanding this poem: Obviously all poems have different meanings. From who writes the poem to who reads the poem everybody interprets things differently. I know this but I just wanted y'all to understand that I wrote this poem when I was about 13 or so. I guess reading it back now having been through all that I have I see what I really meant when I wrote it. It's ironic at best, if not at least unique. Let me know what you think. ~Charly


At the end of life we write a poem.

Put it all aside.

Write about the happy times in a worthless life.

We try to stay positive towards the heavens above.

For when the time comes may it be a better one.

No one can know what you said last year.

No one can realize whom you hated so dear.

And in this worthless tragedy-

A time to near, too soon

We understand the consequence that passes through and through.

One more person unknown,

One more person to pass.

A worthless life gone too soon

Never to seek the past.

And in this happy moment we pray for the rest we need.

So when we see those pearly gates we make it on our feet.

For you were a soul to pass

But one who never knew –

We live life to be safe,

We live life to make it through.

For when that time comes to go,

That treasure will be unknown.

The past will be done.

A life gone to worthless too soon.