The terrain was covered in ice; it was a desolate barren wasteland. Little vegetation pushed its way through the dense snow. A flicker of black flashed over one of the icy ridges, it was a sleek, cunning Vernox.

It beat its blade like wings, slicing through the air, his feathers whispering as he flew. Craning his head, he searched the icy tundra for glimpses of life with his deep amber eyes. He veered sharply left as a pinnacle of ice loomed out of the endless white. The Vernox landed heavily in a deep snowdrift, instantly becoming cold.

He wanted to screech his indignation at the rock, but the master said to remain silent. His amber eyes scoured the land below his ridge, where there was a sudden movement. Silvery white scales emerged from seemingly nowhere. A large dragon emerged, fanning its large white wings in the harsh sun that never managed to melt the snow and ice.

The bird concentrated and stared at the dragon, feeling the enchantment form around it. The black bird fell back with exhaustion; the deed was done. Then the dragon's large head loomed over the Vernox, jaws full of glinting, dagger-like white teeth, and its mouth was pulled back into what seemed to be a cruel smile.

The Vernox pulled himself away from the beast, but it was too late he had been noticed. The serpent glanced at him, a look of horror quickly crossing its face then it's lips pulled back into a growl. From his point the bird could see the three rows of teeth that all Asvorian ice dragons have.

The bird broke his silence and squawked in terror, he leapt from his ledge and wheeled out of the dragon's reach. The Vernox went back the way he came, crossing the bleak desolate land another time, although his master would be pleased…

The serpent watched the Vernox leave, feeling the strangest desire to follow it. Instead it turned around and began to bound across the ice and snow. As it surged forward, its muscles rippled beneath its scales. It began to leap over the large rocks that dotted the plain and swerved around large ice pillars that were hard to see in the swirling flurry of snowflakes. The dragon tripped slightly and fell to the ground sinking into the fresh snow. Uttering an impatient growl, it rose and continued to streak across the barren tundra. Pulling to a halt in front of a ravine.

The ravine's mouth was jagged, with icy blue light spilling from its jaws. It seemed to loom up out of the ground as if it were a giant beast trying to swallow the surrounding lands. The dragon unfurled its large silver wings and let loose a loud scream; which echoed through the icy landscape. He tilted its head to the side, impatiently waiting… Suddenly another roar echoed back. The dragon jolted back into focus and jumped into the ravine, plummeting to the bottom. At the last moment it spread its wings and landed gracefully on the icy floor.

Another ice dragon came to greet it. This serpent was smaller in comparison but had many icier looking horns on her head and running down her back. Her silver scales glittered purple in the cold, blue light.

"Greetings Glaxiar." Said the silvery purple dragoness, a growl rumbling in her throat.

"Nirvanna." Responded the larger dragon coolly.

The dragoness' mouth pulled back into a snarl, "I thought I said I never wanted to see you here again." She barked roughly.

Glaxiar growled, anger rumbling deep inside of him, but something was wrong. Something was clouding his mind, he felt as if he… He couldn't feel… He moved forward, his movements jerky as if he were being controlled.

Acting before he could stop himself, he lunged himself at the dragoness; sinking his teeth into her neck, piercing flesh beneath her scales. Glaxiar could taste the metallic flavour of blood, pooling in his mouth.

Nirvanna angrily pulled back; blood dripping from her neck. Roaring in fury, she charged and slashed the male across the face, leaving jagged claw marks and a bloody splattering on the floor. The dragons glared at each other; then Nirvanna struck quickly, her claws locking around the male's neck. The dragons scrabbled, and held each other in a vice like grip. Both refusing to let go as they clawed each other, talons digging into flesh, and tearing out scales.

Glaxiar pulled away, blood pooling beneath his claws. Nirvanna swayed unsteadily on her feet as her crimson blood began to stain the icy floor. The male dragon grinned, it was an easy victory now…
He lunged at Nirvanna jaws closing around her neck a second time, Glaxiar snapped his jaws shut and flung the dragoness against the chasm wall.

Nirvanna stumbled back, staggering as blood spurted from her neck. She collapsed to the floor and Glaxiar took hold of her horns. Drawing in a ragged breath in, she spoke for the last time.

"Brother, I wish I could've told you the truth…"

Glaxiar set his mouth into a grim line and violently twisted her horns, the snapping of the bones in her neck making an audible shattering sound.

Nirvanna; the ruler of the Asvorian dragons was dead. She lay in a crumpled heap, her wings torn and broken, bones protruded from her neck, and blood pooled from her many wounds.

Fighting back the cloudy thoughts that clogged up is brain Glaxiar regained control of himself he stared at his sister in horror and anguish, what had he done?


A/N: Hi guys Alex here, so... This is one of my first works that I am publishing on my own. I am usually an editor for Jaye and sometimes even Maria. I had this little piece sitting in a folder and I was like *shrugs* lets do it.

Just to clarify, this is in the same world as Arden, Glendor and Kenderjouren of Heart of a Dragon, but takes place on one of the undiscovered continents that Jaye is letting me ravage- Ahem, create... So that's why there is a Vernox! Pesky things.

So we'll see where this little tale goes, I'll be very sporadic in updates as HoaD keeps me busy. I'll see if I get time.

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