Over to the house that haunts

Your worst nightmares. the

Hands inside only mean to

Take you from your comfort, placed




The shore of your mind and

Send you into the horror that

Lies in the seas beneath your skin.

He'll tell you, fangs to your throat,




It's okay. You'll like it. I promise."

Then he'll strip off your skin,

Settle into your bones and make

You scream out though tattered lungs,




Don't want this!" But he'll never

Listen to you. You said that you'd

Be good. You promised that you

Would never try to run. You




To the Devil that you would

Lay their and wait until

He was done with your battered

Corpse. Even if you told, he'd say,


"I'd never


Do that to a sweet young thing,

Let alone the best friend of

My granddaughter." He'd make sure

To let everyone know that he'd never




You the way a man never should,

Especially not to someone

As damaged, and alone, and

Broken, and incomplete as