The equation just didn't add up. Looking at it no one thought it was possible at all but somehow it had to be right. It was truly a cause for celebration but no one knew what to do. If they believed it they would be jumping and hollering and sending out invitations to a ceremonial dinner but none were quite sure of what to think.

"It is right, I mean look at it. If you take away the C then it makes 51 but that allows the square of G to be 8."

It wasn't enough. Each one of them turned numbers and figures over in their heads, trying to find something, anything that would allow them to shout eureka. The problem was that they'd all been sure that when they finally did solve it they would be so certain they wouldn't even need to do a double-check. But by now they were onto a check they couldn't count.

"Look we just have to take it as right, it can't be wrong."

The equation added up but in their minds it didn't.

"Shall we organise a party then?" Someone asked.

No one answered, the party would celebrate their achievement and if they were found to be wrong after they sent out the invitations then they would be in trouble.

"Maybe we should get the boss here."

"The boss that doesn't know a thing about this to save his life."

The first one shrugged. "At least he could make a decision on what to do, then it wouldn't be our fault if it was wrong.

They all liked the idea and soon the boss was entering the room and standing before them.

"So you think you've got it?"

"Yes sir."

He peered at what they had prepared.

"And that squiggly line-"

"Is the reciprocal of x."

"And this over here?" The boss pointed.

"That's a tally for what we should get for lunch. Thai is winning at the moment."


They all waited eagerly for an answer.

"Well I don't know what any of it means, but if you think it's right we'll get it all ready."

"We're not entirely sure sir."

"What's wrong then?"

Everyone looked down at their shuffling feet until finally a small woman piqued up.

"It just doesn't feel right."

They looked towards the equation with despairing faces, they wanted it to be right so much.

"If it looks right and it works then that's good enough, feelings don't mean anything in this business."

It was a relief to them, now any mistake could be pinned on the boss.

"I'm going to get this party organised, you should all try to look presentable."

The boss's idea of presentable was a green pin-striped suit with red tie so none of them put too much thought into his comment.

With the boss gone they turned back to the equation.

"Looks like we've done it," one of them said, and for the first time they smiled.

They had finally solved the equation, after hours and hours of work, it was finally done. Now they could have the shower that was long overdue and look forward to the ceremonial party which was going to happen.

Maybe next year they'd find a cure for cancer but for now the age old question was answered; which was better cats or dogs? The answer was irrevocably cats.

The door behind them opened and the boss walked back in.

"I think you all deserve a present, here." He held out a cat towards them.

"Oh how gorgeous," one of them said and went to grab it. "Excuse me," she said as she sneezed.

Then there was a sneeze behind her, and another one and another.

"Is something wrong?" The boss asked, still holding the cat.

"We know what was wrong with our equation," one of them said in-between a sneeze. "We're all allergic."

They all rubbed their noses and looked at all their hard work which was now for nothing. At least this hadn't happened at the party, they could pretend this never happened.

"Maybe we should stick to finding a cure for cancer after all."

Which they all thought was a lot smarter idea.