Darren: The unoffical fanfic

Chapter One: The man with his light novels.

The first sight Darren woke up to was a catgirl staring in his face.

And an knife pointed at his chest.


"Whats this unfavorable situation? Did I teleport into enemy base or something?"

The catgirl didn't respond, and instead inched the knife closer to Darren, her facial expressions clearly forming a look of disgust.

"Another Rank 5 maggot eh. And his appearance is at the lower end of the spectrum. Oh well..."

The catgirl raised the knife upwards and began to chant some kind of weird mystical sutra, one that Darren instinctively recognized as "bad".

"Oh lord Gaben onto the heavens, Let my thirst for half life 3 fuel this ancient spell, and grant me at least edible fodder..."


"Arghh...hitting me with a rock whilst I am preparing a spell, ergh, this simple disruption, how do you know this weakness?"


The reply was answered in a joke like manner that Darren had used many a times before, but to the incompetent mind of the catgirl, the single statement was regarded as truth.

"I see..."

The catgirl put down the knife much to Darren's relief, glad that the catgirl bought his baseless words.

"So what acts of magic do you specialise in? Mind reading? Elemental control?"

"Err...light novels..."

The answer was not entirely true, for he was just a fledgling translator, but nevertheless the vagueness of the words made up for the contradictions he had created.

"The magic of light novel writing huh..." The catgirl mused. "My sister was killed due to the immersion of one ya know..."

"Ah, so it would a lethal weapon then. I'm pretty sure that your majesty would serve as great inspiration for my works then."

The compliment was a natural response for Darren, his 3 years spent training to deal with such imaginary characters somehow paying off.

"No, no, that would be far too cruel." The catgirl declared loudly. "The very presence of I, the great Kagi in your works woud be sufficient to stun the people to a state beyond death!"

Kagi's absurd pride did not even disturb Darren a little, his being already accustomed to this type of bewilderment.

But man was she full of herself..

"I know now." A sinister smile formed on Kagi's face.

"You can be my undercover."


"Yes, Yes. Unlike me, my rival neko-chan is very merciful. And she wouldn't expect an ugly being to betray her!"

"But they always do..."

"Silence. I have made up my mind." A sword materialised in Darren's palm, words on it saying "all hail Kagi!".

"Gain Neko chan's trust and kill her while she is unsuspecting. Then I will consider sparing you..."

Already, a portal formed around Darren, leaving him no chance to retort at all.

The last words that shouted out from the portal were "screw you Kagi!" and repeatedly blaming of Kia Hwee for getting him into this mess...

A typical inside joke story.