Strings of red hot fire swirled around Ckh's fist and wrapped around it tightly as Darren said the command, flames spreading across the entire area within mere seconds.

The impressive display of power awed Darren for a bit, then he looked at his familiar and all hopes went down.

"Gah! Burning, Burning!"

Ckh shook his hand rapidly and acted as if his feat were on lava.

"Goddamnit Darren, this buurnnnss..."

The erractic movement of Ckh gave sufficient time for Neko chan to dodge, and they responded with a whirlwind of blades, the weak Ckh unable to dodge any of them.

[Critical damage! -70hp]

[Pushing Effect! -20hp]

The shockwave from the relentless attack threw Darren backwards, and he moved quickly to check the skill list, eyes focusing on the second move.

[Flame body]

"Urgh Darren, you better not try any of that again..."

Before Ckh could finish his sentence, black spiral flames engulfed his body and wrecked havoc on it, the pain making him curse gain.

"You freakin bastard..."

But there was no time to complain as Neko chan edged over, their hp bar still well over 9000.

Ckh attempted to sidestep and failed miserably at it, Neko chan using every opportunity to inflict maximum damage.

[Cat slash]

[Wind sword]


The blows came one after another and Darren saw the hp bar crashing down.

Sighing, Darren prayed for his meaningless survival, then realised he was looking at the wrong target.

"Eh, no damage was done at all?"

Neko chan seemed to have realised this fact, and retreated into long range, the mark of flames still ravaging their body.

"Oh no you don't."

Ckh chased after them at top output.

"This [Flame body] is kinda broken, soooo..."

A barrage of flames came at full force and Neko chan began to be overwhelmed.

[Flame body-duration over]

The notice drove Ckh backwards and Neko chan moved back as well, not eager for flame body to activate again.

"kukuku...I'm not taking chances with close combat again, so..."

Their hands raised in position for a spell.

"All I have to do is spam right?"

The tables turned, Neko chan responded with her own barrage of whirlwinds, Ckh dreading every blow.

[-1 hp]

[-1 hp]

[-1 hp]

The messages came one after another and Darren guessed that it was the magic stat that allowed Ckh to tank these attacks.

"Tch, I'm going to die if this keeps up."

The situation seemed dire.

"But..." The lingering flames on his body gave Ckh inspiration. "I'm getting the hang of this."

Ckh picked the rocks on the ground one by one.

"Don't think you are the only one who can spam."

[A new skill has been learned]

"Behold." The rocks lit with flame. "Flame projectile."

And the tossing of rocks signaled the start of a spamming battle.