I couldn't believe it. Only two weeks left. Two! I remembered being told about how important this day was for me since I was little, but it seemed so far away then. I couldn't fathom it. I skipped to my sister's bedroom, sparks coming off my dress and floating in the air. I took a sharp turn and suddenly halted, nearly setting my mother on fire. "Jules! Watch what you are doing!" She then focused in on my flaming dress and hair. She made stern eye contact with me and took a deep breath, urging me to mimic her. I did and released the air slowly out of my nostrils, noticing the significant decrease in heat radiating off of me. "You need to learn the control it. If you become queen, you will not want your subjects to be fearful of you." I nodded, noting how she used 'if'. I always knew my mother favored my sister, but I never thought she'd be so open about it. Saying 'if', was like an exhausted mother saying "If I take you to the park today…". The recipient of 'if' always knew it would never happen. "Now, carry on, but do not disturb your father. He is taking care of some...business."

I scurried away towards Ella's room and, once out of my mother's sight, let my flames rip through out the hallway. The wallpaper curled up the walls with fringed edges and my feet left prints on the floor. Now, I wasn't excited, I was infuriated. But even in my pit of rage, I realized that my flames were reaching as high as the ceiling. A few burn marks on the walls were fine. Those were everywhere. But part of the castle lacking a ceiling was unacceptable in anyone's opinion. I did the same technique that my mom had just used to calm myself down. Once there wasn't even a single spark left, I proceeded to Ella's room.

I walked inside and instantly shivered. Her room was made of everything ice. Ice sickles formed the ceiling, all her furniture was made of ice, and even the floor had a thin layer of frozen water over it. It was freezing in there. It also didn't help that she always kept the curtains closed and never let any sun in. I could never stay in there for longer than a few minutes, and she was the same way with my room. Except neither of our rooms were always like that. It was just when we started practicing our magic. We destroyed so many countless pieces of furniture that our parents just decided to let us make our own so that no money was lost.

Ella was sitting on her bed, making it snow in every inch of the room except the few that she occupied. One landed on my arm and it instantly turned to water and boiled with a sizzle. As soon as she acknowledged my presence, she stopped all the snowflakes in mid air and parted a small path to her bed for me. I carefully walked over there, not really wanting a giant bruise on my butt, and stood next to her. She smiled warmly, but then looked up at my face. When I use a lot of magic at once, it shows on my face. I get these designs all over that look like tattoos and then shine red. "What happened?" she asked, intertwining our pinkie fingers. We had gotten to the point where our magic was so strong that we could barely touch each other without burning or freezing one another. "Nothing. Nothing's wrong. I just...got overly excited about coronation." Her face lit up and she fell back onto her bed, looking up with a dazed expression. "Ah, coronation. I can't wait. Just the anticipation of which one of us is going to rule the kingdom for the rest of our lives is killing me!"

Everyone knows that saying that twins have a deep understanding with one another and can read each other's emotions exceptionally? Yeah, well that is not how it worked with me and Ella. In fact, she was the one person who couldn't read past the emotional wall I always put up and could never understand how I felt. She was a lot like mom. "Yeah," I replied. "It will be interesting to find out who wins the crown." She suddenly popped up off the bed and stared into my eyes with a worried expression. "You won't be angry if it turns out to be me, right? We can still live here with each other?" I gulped, nodding and spreading a smile over my lips. "Of course." She returned to smiling and started talking about the different laws she will pass if she becomes queen. "What will you do?" she asked, looking at me expectantly. I shrugged. "I don't know, make our kingdom more fair to live in. The rich have to share with the poor, no one is homeless, everyone gets the same opportunities. That kind of thing." We both sat in silence for a few moments, neither of us even moving, until she busted out laughing. "Jules, that would never work. The world isn't supposed to be fair. The poor are called that for a reason. If they have the same opportunities as the rich, they wouldn't be considered poor anymore. The kingdom needs a balance of rich and poor, fortunate and unfortunate. That's how it is supposed to work."

Hearing my sister say that people getting handed the short end of the stick was supposed to happen might as well have been her shooting ice daggers into my heart. My tongue urged to retaliate with an argument, but then I recalled that she was as stubborn as mom. Once she had an opinion on something, nothing could change her mind. Nothing. I just slowly nodded and walked towards the door. Halfway to the door, she must have realized she said something I didn't agree with because she jumped off the bed and grabbed my wrist. "Wait, Jules, I didn't mean to…" Before she could finish her sentence, my flames acted with a mind of their own and encased themselves around her hand. She jerked back, her hand slightly red but nothing bad. "Jules, did you just…?" I turned and looked at her dead in the eyes without any emotion on my face. "Yes, I just burnt you. Maybe next time you will think twice about trying to keep me from leaving." I turned back to the door before suddenly being knocked off my feet and hitting the floor. I looked back at Ella and she just stood there with a victorious smirk on her face. "Oh really? That's how you want to do this? Fine!" I lifted my hands and opened my palms towards her, shooting lava towards her. She quickly made an ice wall in front of her but it melted quickly. She jumped on her bed and made the floor turn to water, trying to drench me so I couldn't use my powers, but there was only an inch of water. My dress, completely covered in flames, slowly distinguished as the water inched higher. Ella started melting everything in her room and adding it to the lake on her floor. I started to get nervous, thinking that she might actually have enough water to drench me. I crept towards the door, trying to escape before she succeeded. If she actually drenched me, it would take days to regain my powers. I threw fireballs at her as I walked backwards towards the door. She dodged each of them skillfully but slowed down at adding to the water level. Just as I reached the door and got out of the water, she made it form a wave and sent it right to me. I started running down the hall as fast I could, knowing I could take refuge in my room if I could get there before the water.

I ran down the stairs and saw the door of my dad's office was open. I sped in and scanned the room for him. My heart dropped, thinking that I just corned myself in his study without any way out before hearing him drop a book in the far left corner of the room and curse under his breath. "Father! Help!" I screamed, jumping over a chair and running over to him. His eyes widened with concern when he saw how out of control my flames were with adrenaline. "What is it Jules?" I didn't take the time to explain and just ducked behind him. He looked over his shoulder at me with confusion before Ella's wall of water came into the room. Realization hit him and he held up his hand, forming a huge rock wall from floor to ceiling. I heard the wave crash against the wall and die out, only leaving a frazzled Ella behind. He lowered the wall and then turned towards her. "Ella, how many times have I told you to not try to drench out your sister! You know how long it takes for her to regain her heat!" She stood there, mouth hanging open and her eyes wide. At least one of my parents stood up for me. "But she...I just...She burnt me!" Father crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow. "Show me." he challenged her. She slowly lifted up her hand and pointed at her palm, which wasn't even red anymore. "Sure she did. Go to your room and stay there until supper. I will talk with you later." She sighed and stomped out of the room and up the stairs.

He shook his head and looked back at me, still lit. "Jules. Calm down. She is gone." I did the same breathing techniques but they didn't work. I was still angry. "Jules, calm down or you are going to burn all the books." Instantly my flames died and I looked around, realizing there weren't even any books near us. He laughed and hugged me, tucking my head under his chin. "My little fire ball, what are we going to do with you?" I shrugged and tightly hugged him back, smiling.