Seasons come and seasons go

While the breeze blows and blows.

About our lives without woe
come a time we must know.

About our lives every day,

While the animals wait to play.

The sea tide ripples;

A new day at bay.

May the sun come up

The rain not fall,

As we fly a kite

In the midst of May.

Beauty grows amongst the trees

As the birds chatter so triumphantly.

Along the mountains the snow will fall.

The wind will come and blow it all.

The thunderstorm roars;

The lightning cracks;

The rain will pour

And wet the grass.

Thy rose shall wilter and fall to shreds.

Never see the days again.

A seed will bloom in its place,

Take the beauty and leave the space.

Like the earth so tender and free.

The seasons tend to mother's needs.

The song is sung from up above

And we shall wait till next month comes.

* I wrote this back in high school for a friend's English class, apparently my friends were far too lazy to write their own. I actually think this is by far one of my favorite poems that I've created. I love the seasons and I love nature so I guess it would only make sense. :)

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