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PWP (Porn Without Plot), AU of Brutal Brother, one-shot. Read at your discretion.

I'm at a gay bar.

The irony is that tonight's supposed to be a Grindr meet up. Why use the fucking app if I'm going to end up in these kinds of places anyway? It's sick. All the dudes here are over forty. Plenty of them are balding. I stick out like a sore thumb with bright red hair and tattoo sleeves covering every inch of my arms – so I glue myself to the bar and growl menacingly at any lingering stares.

Whatever. I don't have to justify anything. I'm here to get laid – meeting some blonde twink who hasn't really responded since setting the date but I really – really – want it so bad. I need sex. Spanking it just won't do the job.

I want something special.

I deserve something special.

Lately it's been harder than ever hooking up. Running a tattoo shop with my buddies is a huge commitment. So I took the bait without thinking and just as I feel like I've been stood up I take one last, desperate, glance around the place to make sure I haven't overlooked anyone.

Sure enough across the bar, on the dance floor, is a sweet little thing that has caught the attention of quite a few guys.

The moment I lay eyes on him, my breath catches; I don't think I have ever encountered such a gift.

From a careful distance I take in his young face. Barely eighteen. Barely old enough to be here in the first place… but he's undeniably beautiful. Hooded eyes paint this kid's expression ice cold - stoic - but he has stunning features and soft looking tanned skin. Black hair is messy and falls in his eyes as he shakes his head to someone speaking to him.

Next I notice he's skinny. Like he's just flesh pulled tight over bones. It's a fact; he doesn't eat well. And that's haunting for some reason. I feel cold just looking at him.

My eyes trail over his body freely, drinking it all in. The way he's resisting the man hitting on him, but allowing a leg between his, makes me angry for some reason.

No one deserves him, least of all the slimy assface currently feeling him up.

I lower my eyes to the beer in my hands, tipping it back and chugging the rest of it. I have to calm down. I don't ever chase boys... I don't ever make the first move...

But damnit... I'm on my feet anyway.

In seconds I have my arms around him and with a hard push, the assface takes a hint and leaves. I don't need to say much before grabbing the boy's wrist and dragging him off to the side of the floor. My eyes meet his briefly, and they spark – damnit they practically start singing. Eyes can't sing.

I'm fucked.

He's so much trouble…

This kid is beyond anything I can handle. I see it in every one of his needy little movements. Yeah I can read him pretty loud and clear when his lashes flick and he gives me the up and down. Just like me, he's only here for one thing.

My brain explodes, releasing thousands of images that don't make sense. I want to lick him from his lips to his cock and really go to town. Sure as shit I'll give him whatever he's after in this stupid place.

I lean in, pulling him in by his hip as if I already own him and he just melts like he knows it too.

"Hello gorgeous, nice to meet you. My name's Michael, what's yours?"


His response is almost a question – it's said in such wonder. I test his name and he pulls into me a little, tracing a finger down my arms. He looks entranced by the tattoos. Or maybe the muscle…

"You like them?" I ask.

"They're scary –" he responds.

I can't help it – I absolutely can't. There's no thought at all to start ravaging his neck with open mouthed sucks and he squeaks out a really hot sound. There's no way this can be happening. Jonah is so fucking sexy. Exactly everything I didn't want to dare to believe when I got a good glimpse of him.

I grip his ass and lift Jonah up – still so unexpectedly light – and slam him into the wall just to test how broken he really is.

And I confirm he's damaged… maybe beyond repair by the way his grey eyes haze over and he pulls me in to meet his lips. I know Jonah will take anything he's given. He would have fucked that dude and a hundred more if it helped him feel the tiniest bit better.

I know his kind.

I'm getting played like a bitch. I might as well be a fucking dildo on stick, but the anger is hard to hold on to. There's no denying I'm way too hot for Jonah – this boy I just met. Yes, he's out of my league – but he checks a lot of boxes for me. I feel like he's the kind of trouble that's worth it even if it's just once.

Dry humping's not enough for either of us. Jonah – this sex angel - twists and rubs desperately against me as I kiss him deep and grind hard until he finally breaks apart with a gasp and tempts me to do my very worst.

"A-are you going – to fuck me?"

He needs it. Jonah wants it real bad and I'm getting painfully hard at the thought of giving it to him.

"Is that what you want, beautiful? I don't know if you can handle me…"

"I-I can!" he argues but loses some of the attitude when I grope his small ass through tight jeans and make him whine again. "Nn! Do it hard – I don't care… Michael…"

No idea. No fucking clue. Alright here we go. It's just a déjà vu back to my wild youth in five seconds flat as I carry Jonah's lithe little body to the bathroom and drop him in the stall.

The boy starts taking off his pants but he's going to have to learn a few things – like I'm not here just to fuck him hard. With just a small push his body goes flying into the wall of the stall and I flip Jonah by the hip before sucking into his neck again. I barely hold him by the throat but he freezes immediately at the touch… so obedient.

So damaged.

"Someone hurt you bad, huh?" I ask, lifting up Jonah's shirt with my free hand and then bending to my knees so I can trail my tongue down his skinny stomach – around his belly button and then south to the waistline of his jeans. "Not me, Jonah. I'm going to take really good care of you baby."

He's wants it so bad he's soaked a spot through his jeans and I suck it for emphasis, staring up into crystal clear grey eyes. Jonah is so cute – hardly daring to believe anyone would suck him off. Yet here I am tonguing him through denim so good he's cumming – his body twitches hard, he pulls my face in, and a stream of pleasurable whimpers leave his lips.

So hot.

My head spins; my vision narrows… I barely resist the urge to bite him as I slide his pants to the floor.

Jonah's never been played with like this, I'm sure of it. I kiss the tip of his cock and spread my lips over his length; swirl my tongue down in a bob and pull off to feel his slit pulsing for more. He gives a hot whimper and looks down at me, flinching as if expecting pain but instead it's almost like he's cumming again.

Jesus – he is.

His release is burning hot and I don't know what's happening to me. Insane thoughts are filling my mind. Jonah is hot – hot – so fucking hot. I flip him over and bend him so a pale, unmarked ass is sticking out just for me.

I spread him open – and he's totally wrecked. Honestly I feel bad for little Jonah… but going slow seems to be impossible. The poor boy's legs are shaking and when I stick my cum-coated tongue deep inside of him he almost drops to the floor. I hold him by his thighs and keep him up, twisting and drooling excessively. Using a finger, I slowly rub his abused little ring and he cries out again.

"Ahh! I can't – anymore…"

"Ssh," I hush standing back up and working his own sticky mess inside him. He's pretty tight for such a minx. "I know exactly what you're doing here – wanting dick so bad you'd take it from anyone."

He squirms, eyes shutting tight as he's hit with something he can't really handle. I add a finger to make him moan and then he has no choice to look at me with a foggy half-stare. His head shakes, trying to deny it even to himself but I don't want any lies.

"You don't even know me, and you're going to let me fuck you like this?" I ask in an exaggerated voice to make a point. I slam my digits up inside him until his whole body stiffens and hook them around… feeling for his spot… "It's okay, Jonah because guess what – I'm a slut too babe."

"You a-are?"

Cute aggression is a real thing; I read about it once. Right now Jonah is just so fucking cute I can't handle it and my frustration is vented through a growl. There's that urge to bite him again. One day – maybe…

"Yeah, I'm a real bad fucking slut. That's how I know what you're here for, Jonah. So it's okay to feel good with me."

For emphasis, I press into his prostate and watch his legs shake. He's still staring at me in wonder – taking slow, gorgeous blinks like he still doesn't understand.

But he seems to really enjoy it when I twist and push my fingers deep in rhythm. Jonah watches with unfocused eyes as I dig into my pockets for condoms and lube. I was DTF – as the kids call it these days – and it pays to be prepared. I unleash my cock with my free hand, banging Jonah's ass until he's almost squirting with the other, and pull fingers out to roll on the condom properly.

He's panting – drooling practically – and his eyes are anchored to my dick. It's like lightning shooting down my body, making me question if I've ever felt this good just staring at someone. It makes my heart race, my head light, and my inhibitions disappear.

I kiss him sweetly, popping open the conveniently sized bottle KY and lathering my cock. "Mmm, you're beautiful," I praise. "So pretty – too pretty for anyone here, Jonah…"

He lets out a quiet sob and turns from the wall to pull me in and wrap his legs around me. "N-no… what – what are you – saying?"

It doesn't matter. Jonah's soft, weak voice is like heaven to my ears. I want to hear it crack with pleasure – I want it calling my name…

I just fucking want him and that's so incredibly stupid…

Jonah dangles from my grip as I kiss him quiet – he probably weighs about a hundred pounds soaking wet. He gives off this fragile vibe, but he's grinding like he needs to me to pick up the pace. For a moment, I'm not sure I can keep up. I can barely handle the way he looks so sexy with his back arching off the wall.

I gotta fuck this kid, fast, or I'm pretty sure I'll end up accidentally blowing my load everywhere.

So I'm not very graceful as I hold one of his cheeks in a firm hand and line my cock with the other. A delirious "yes" escapes from Jonah's lips and I swear I'm melting but it's just the heat of his entrance pulling tight over the head of my cock.

Then this sweet boy proves he's special alright. He gives the hottest noise I've ever heard as I fill him slowly. It's hard to lower him just the right way so I don't hurt him, and I regret this position, but it seems being bent over a toilet seat isn't what Jonah needs at the moment. Apparently he needs to scratch my back to shit as he gets his dick fix.

"Oh fuck – Jonah, you want this?"

He's whimpering. Oh man his voice is actually fluttering as he relaxes enough to take me inside him.

There's something insane happening here.

I'm fucking a guy I literally just met, but it feels like my heart has detonated – blasted right out of my chest. It's probably a rush of so many things – hormones, adrenaline, pleasure – but fuck they pack a heavy punch that sends me spiralling into a primal, out-of-control rhythm.

Jonah makes it so easy to give it to him like an animal. He grips me tightly as I thrust my hips and fill him. The heat is so good… it wraps my length, sucks me in tight, and for a minute my vision disappears and I start pounding him against the wall. He lets out a long moan, trying desperately to muffle it against my shoulder, but I'm bouncing him too much for that to be very effective.

Black hair falls in front of his face and I pause everything just to sweep it back and kiss him. This kid is smoking hot. A gem. Not a lot of gay guys – or specifically, bottoms– look like they walked out of the centerfold of some magazine.

His mouth opens desperately, greedily, and I spin my tongue against his just to get him panting. Jonah pulls me by the neck and kisses with so much passion that another lightning bolt of pleasure is directed to my cock. I feel it twitching inside him as I work my member in and out; holding his entire weight in my hands just to get it driving against his g-spot.

I don't know what's going on through Jonah's mind, but I hope I'm blowing it. I hope that after sucking his sweet little cock he's too sensitive and he'll cum everywhere. I haven't seen a lot of bottoms that get off without jerking fast and hard getting slammed from behind, but not once has Jonah even touched himself.

I grunt from the effort of sex and suddenly Jonah loses it. He gasps after a particularly deep thrust and his head knocks against the stall – body squirming and trembling with a coming orgasm.

"Gonna cum baby?" I suck a deep purple hickey into his neck and Jonah's fingers dig into my hair.

"Y-yeah—hh—M-Mich—ael…" he manages. "I'm gon-na!"


My body overheats – my balls tighten. I pull back to watch Jonah's sweet face contort with pleasure and I can't believe how quick I start cumming. I've never seen anything like it; never seen anything so beautiful – so perfect. I just know I'm the luckiest gay guy on Earth as I release.

"So good… feels – so – good with – you…" I mutter into his ear as I hold him tight and gradually decrease the pace, milking the rest of my orgasm. Jonah's ass is contracting, still squeezing me tight like he doesn't want my dick to leave. I'm still cumming – or it's post-release – and my head gets light as I'm hit with another round of all-consuming pleasure.

We're sweaty and out of breath. My arms are sore from holding Jonah up – though none of those things convince me to drop him just yet. I kiss his dazed face until his weak hand drops from me and then I set him down on shaky legs, making sure to wrap his arm around my neck so he doesn't go falling.

Jonah is unresponsive as I clean him up and rip off my condom – the front of his shirt is soaked with his own cum but I make quick work tidying him up and then pull him from the bathroom that feels like a sauna.

Once we make it back out, Jonah glances up at me and I give him an encouraging smile. "There you are," I joke, brushing back his sweaty hair again so I can see into his clear, colourless eyes. "Have a good time?"

He nods, but the affirmation doesn't reach his lips.

"So… now what?" I ask, but I'm not stupid. Jonah isn't the decision making type. I'm only asking the question to humor him.

Sure enough, no response. Just a dead, lifeless look and then he lowers his eyes completely.

"Want to get out of here?" I suggest with a not-so-casual brush of his arm.


I wait, but nothing else comes out of him, then I resist the urge to sigh and instead, lift Jonah's chin so he looks at me again.

"I've been looking for someone like you," I admit like some stupid, desperate weirdo. "Come home with me, Jonah. I won't do anything you can't handle babe." His eyes go wide at my last statement. I've said something horribly wrong so I immediately attempt to correct myself. "I'd never hurt you, okay? I just want to take care of you properly – get to know you."

Straight white teeth jut out and bite his kiss-swollen bottom lip. His eyes shift to the exit of the bar and even though my heart sinks, I swear to myself I won't fight any more than this.

"Um – I don't… know…" he says, still very unsure.

He could be convinced with a little force…

"You don't have to," I preface reaching out for his cheek. He flinches but then nervously relaxes as I thumb his cheekbone and offer him a smile. "You don't have to do anything you don't want to. But you know… I'm really good at cuddling."

Finally – fucking finally – the heavens open up and Jonah smiles. It's like he's not even sure how to do it anymore but the corners of his lips twitch slightly and he holds my eyes for longer than five seconds.

"Okay…" he gives in. So meak… so delicate – we'd work on that later, but fuck it's so cute I end up groaning in frustration and hugging Jonah so tight he squeaks. Then I lead the way out of the bar with his hand locked tightly in my grip.

A bomb full of wonderful feelings I've never truly known explodes inside me as I feel this breakable little hand squeeze mine back. Though, maybe I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. A very logical part of me wants to sweep all these phenomenal thoughts under the rug. After all, I came here looking to get laid; I came here looking for something special. So it's no surprise that I latched on to those things first chance I got, right?

But no… that doesn't feel right at all. I've fucked a lot of dudes and I've never met anything like Jonah. Not even close.

He's timid, but cuddly – sweet, but slutty – and he feeds a dangerous ego of mine.

I want to take care of him. I want to see his eyes light up at the sight of me. I want to become the center of Jonah's world and I'm quickly getting addicted to this powerful feeling – walking a fine line between protecting and possessing.

He needs it though, and it doesn't take a fucking rocket scientist to see that. Jonah needs to have someone in charge – for whatever reason, he's incapable of managing his own life by himself. There's indulging in sexual whims because you want to, and then there's using sex as an escape.

Jonah would just let guys use him however they wanted. I'd bet there's even a part of him that wants to get hurt in the process. Because that's familiar; it's all he knows.

And if it keeps up like that, he'll end up dead in an alley.

So – like fucking hell I'll let that happen. I know it's selfish but… I-want-him-I-want-him-I-want-him. Like Gollum and that fucking precious ring… I'll make him mine.

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