Night Of Terror

In the year 3981 the Empire was on the Verge of complete collapse with the Allies and the Commintern advancing from the south on earth. The Allies were tasked with taking North America and all key cities in order to force the Empire to surrender or fight to New York its self. The Battle that broke the back of the Empire was the battle for oklahoma city.

The Republican Air Force was to strip bomb the city and the Allied Armies would move in but it didn't go according to plan.

From the Allied Point of View

The Navigator stands up from his seat as he is thrown around and he runs up to the pilot and yells "OTHER SECTORS OF THE OPERATION ARE REPORTING MASSIVE CASSUALTIES! THE ANTI AIRCRAFT IS TO STRONG! WE-" A escort fighter blew up and crashed into the bomber in front of them and the navigator kept talking "WE NEED TO PULL OUT NOW!" the pilot yeled back "NO! WE CANT, THIS OPERATION WILL DECIDE WHETHER THE WAR ENDS BY DECEMBER OR NEXT YEAR!" As he says that a string of AA Bullet strike one of there engines and the plane shakes. A Imperial fighter then flew by and a massive air battle began.

The navigator looked out the window and another bomber went down. The Pilot then turned the radio on and yelled into it "ALL FLEETS PULL BACK! ALPHA CHARLIE ZERO!" The Bombers started turning back and the Navigator held onto the seat as they turned with the fleet. The Bombers left for OKC with 5,000 bombers and came back with 200 bombers. The Navigator walked out of the bomber and to the jeep where he rubbed his face "This war is lasting damn to long." The Pilot set int he seat behind him "By god i hope the army doesnt go in we didnt even drop a single bomb." A soldier walks over and looks at the 2 "High Command is postponing all Offensive operations for now."

A Few weeks later the Pilot taxis the bomber onto the runway and turns the radio on "CK 1298 Reporting in and ready for take off" The Tower respond s"CK 1298 you are clear for take off, kill as many of them as you can" The Pilot "Got it!" The Pilot puts the engines to full thrust and the bomber starts going forward. The Bomber takes off and the he looks to the co-pilot "Were gonna burn okc..." as the bombers get in formation the escort fighters fly by and the Navigator walks up "5 minutes and were over OKC!" the Pilot nods and talks into the comm "Open bomb bay doors!" every one opens the bomb bay doors. All the sudden AA fire erupts around them as the bombers keep flying "The Pilot yells into the comm "DROP DROP DROP!" Bombs start falling from the sky and the city turns bright orange from explosions and fire.

The bombers pulled away and headed home.

From the Imperial Point of View

As i awoke i pushed ruble off of me and stood up to see my squad dead and the street on fire. I ran down the street hearing gun fire as i pulled my rifle only to find Allied soldiers marching down the street. I ran the other way and jumped into cover and i opened fire on the squad and i ran off as they fired at me. I met up with a small defense force and the corporal looked at me "Who are you soldier!?" I saluted and responded "I AM PRIVATE ISAAC CLARKE SIR!'' I then continued saying "Allied Soldiers have entered the city and my sqaud is dead!" he nods and looks at me and says "Well your in our defense force now." I nod and get behind the barricade. Allied Troops advance towards us firing and i look to the corporal who yells "OPEN FIRE KILL THE INVADERS!" I stand up and start shooting killing about 20 before i jump back down and reload.

As night approaches more units from the Imperial 5th Army join our barricade. At night the sky is glowing orange from the bombs earlier that day. We lost most of our walkers and have about 3 tanks and 1 artillery unit but the Corporal said we were gonna give em hell. The Allied Soldiers launched another assault. As i jumped up i fired into the charging Allied soldiers but i needed to reload and i jumped down.

As i jump back i fire as many rounds as i can into the group until a bullet hits me in the chest and i fall down, i see flashes of my wife and daughter and my service in the solar sector defense campaign. I see m wife and daughter smiling and offering a hand as i thought to my self as i was dying "We lost...The Emperor has lost...god help our Empire..." i then slipped away to my wife and daughter as the bright light went to a dark.

The Republican medic stood up "He died. Its official the whole 5th Imperial Army died trying to hold us. They will go down in our history as the last true stand against our the road to new york is open." The Imperial Flag flies over the barricade with 20 bullet holes in it. The Emperor and the Imperial Army knew the war was truly lost when there most veteran army the 5th Imperial Army fell to the combined allied assault on Oklahoma City.

The End