So, this poem used to be in The Original Dump, but I got some cool reviews on it, and decided to make it sperate. Plus, it was judged highly in the Fair...

The Crow and the Butterfly

In the dark of night
Where the Crow crow
There is no life in sight
Except for the Crow.

As it haggles amongst itself
Other beings everywhere loose life to the Crow.
All life the Crow takes, everywhere it's claws delve
Except for the other Crow.

Ah Yes! For another exists of this dark being.
There are always two of the Crow.
Each takes a half from the world of the living.
This is the way of the Crow.

However, there is a creature who challenges the Crow.
It doesn't dwell in the dark but in the bright blue sky.
This creature of life and of joy is called the Butterfly.
It is the embodiment of Good.

It is the light that combats the dark.
The Butterfly is an divine being from the heavens
Here to seek and help the corrupt and other heathens.
This is the Battle of Butterfly and Crow.

And it shall always be.

So like...yea...