I was a bit thrown off by the fact that she was gone in the morning. Maybe meeting her had been a dream, and I was just imagining the whole thing. The fact that the ship was still vastly different than the one I thought I had started out with was throwing me off too. Is this what space does to you? Does it really mess with your mind that badly? I almost didn't want to know what the hell was going on in my own mind. Maybe it was so screwed up that I'm imagining people and environments, and none of this is real. Honestly though, I feel like my mental integrity would prevent something like that from happening so quickly. Sure, I may be a bit depressed sometimes, but I'm pretty consistent. At least I think I am. I groggily rolled out of the bed, but instead of collapsing to the floor, I rolled sideways in the air until I smacked into a wall. Right, I'm in space. I forgot. Somehow, anyways. As I kept floating lazily through the air, I started thinking. There were eight of us. Both me and Satan obviously took off in the same direction. Who's to say the other six didn't do the same? Figuring I might just find another person, I dragged myself to the control panel. Satan wasn't in here either. Maybe she just went on a spacewalk, or went to go check out my old ship. Then, I had an idea.

I held the button to broadcast over the radio, and I began playing music. Almost like a cosmic radio DJ of sorts. I doubted anyone would hear it, but I kept my hopes up. It was fun, anyways. Pretending to be the radio host of the stars is a unique experience. Not many people get the opportunity to, or let alone think about being in my position. It gave me a sort of comfort, like something from home to grasp on to. Even though it was little, it was a little thing I sort of cherished. Sure, it was embarrassing almost, and I would scurry to stop if Satan walked in right now. But, I'm alone. I do what I want. And what I want to do is be Space DJ. That sounds silly just thinking about it. Oh well, I don't care. Emotion was playing over the radio, and nobody was responding. There was no noise, actually. Besides the song, of course. It was peaceful, as one would expect from the far reaches of space and nothingness. I've started to accept this new lifestyle of being trapped in space, and it's finally starting to feel, well, normal.

I probably looked like one of those astronauts you see in videos. The ones that are floating around in their spacecraft, throwing things and bouncing off the wall. Because that's what I was doing now in my free time. It was a good distractor from the situation at hand, and it felt nice. So nice, in fact, that for a brief moment, I forgot that everything had gone completely wrong. Then Satan came in, and I was violently kicked back into reality. Turns out she was on a spacewalk, just outside of the craft. "Hey, uh, I guess I should thank you for doing what you did yesterday. You know, pushing it to the limit to the point where it exploded, nearly dying, and all that stuff. It was really appreciated, Seattle." For some reason, her words had a huge impact on me. Was it because she was so nonchalant about it? Was it her strange aura of pure sincerity that came off when she said that? I have no clue. Maybe as I get to know her the reason will manifest itself to me. Until then, however, I'll just have to keep wondering.

"You playing that song again? I take it that's your favorite, so it's your theme song or something! Ooh, what's my theme song, the one that reminds you the most of me? I wanna know!" Shuffling through the pile of CDs, she tossed a random one at me. "And it has to be off of this one, no other one. That's the only condition. You gotta pick mine, since I kinda picked yours." I ejected the CD, and opened the case to hers. I put the disc in, and the first thing that played was a bit of a spacey orchestral thing. It was entitled "Make Love". The peaceful guitar strums did happen to remind me of her a bit, and how gentle the song was overall reminded me of her tender nature. As the song kept playing, she snuck up behind me, and rested her chin on my head, her arms slung around my shoulders. Listening to the music, she looked out into the universe, and pointed at the radio. I wondered why, and I scooted out of the way so she could sit. Instead of sitting where I had invited her to, she just kinda shoved me out of the seat with a giggly smile. Instead of getting mad, I chuckled too. She pressed the button to broadcast the radio, instead of just playing it through the microphone. I guess she did this out of courtesy for any listeners. I helped myself up, and got back in the seat, this time with me shoving her out of the way. "How much do you wanna bet that somewhere out there, there's someone actually listening? Maybe not someone like us, but what if there's a bunch of aliens, huddled around a radio tower, listening to this? That'd be cool, wouldn't it? I'd imagine it'd be like that. Imagine- being the first people to take foot on a planet filled with non-humans. It'd be interesting, wouldn't it? Something for the people back home to remember us for." I went on, in almost rambling for a bit. However, I could tell she was interested. Either that, or she wasn't interested at all and was paying attention to something else. These doubtful thoughts always used to cross my mind, and I guess they linger. Maybe they're just part of me that I can never get rid of no matter what I do. Maybe that's why I see our personalities clash so much. It's like bright, opportunistic, and optimistic versus dull, realist, and doubtful. Then again, don't opposites attract? Maybe. That would surely explain my attachment. It was an instant one though, one made even before I knew anything of her personality. But the happiness and cheerful attitude made it even stronger.

"Hey, Satan, do you think we should try and find a new home? I honestly doubt we'll be getting back to our old one, and frankly I'm getting tired of zero-gravity. It makes me sick sometimes, and it's hard to sleep in it." Satan, who I now know was paying attention, responded with a nod. "Where should we go, then? It's your ship, and your input matters more to me than my own." "Ooh! How does that blue ring one sound? The one that made us meet, by far the prettiest, maybe we'll find a good planet to rest on! Maybe it would have water, pretty forests, pretty plants, pretty everything! What do you think?" I didn't want to sound too pessimistic in front of her, and I definitely didn't want to crush her hopes with my realism. However, I knew there was a possibility of that, so I smiled and nodded my head for her.

Soon after the suggestion went into motion, with our ship aimed at the galaxy, a few questions ran through my head. What if cosmic dust blocks the radio? Or what if we run into a black hole? I really shouldn't be worrying too much about that. The odds of running into one are astronomical. Hah. Astronomical. I should end this before I make more puns, shouldn't I? Don't want to make myself cringe. Anyways, the ship's moving slowly. I don't see us getting to where we want anytime soon. So, basically, that means we've got to kill time. A lot of time. Granted, if it's with Satan, I can't say I mind it. She's a fun person overall, and it's better her than some angry, grumpy person who refuses to speak to me. I'm sure that without her, I would have gone insane by now.

I can't say it was nighttime, because there was no sun to separate the light and the dark. Though, I was getting tired, so time didn't affect that. Yawning, I spun the chair around to Satan sitting on the floor, reading a book. I couldn't tell what it was at first, but I soon realized it was the Bible. "Hey, uh, Satan seems really bad, can I change names or something…?" The entire fact that Satan was evil and horrible never crossed my mind when I gave her the name. "Oh- sure, sure, you can change your name. How about…Sixer? It fits with your ship, doesn't it?" After a while, Sata- I mean, Sixer nodded. I guess that was her name now. Doesn't matter to me, I wasn't used to the name yet. Oh yeah, the whole bed thing. "Hey, you tired yet? Because I am." I stood up slowly, and headed off to the bed. Of course, she didn't come after me. She probably wasn't tired anyways. It wouldn't surprise me, she seems so upbeat all the time.

After I had finally gotten in bed, I could hear her in the distant corners of the other room listening to something. Music, I gathered. Probably the same stuff we were just listening to a bit before then. I wanted to tell her to turn it down, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Of course, I cared more about her feelings than I did of my own. Which may sound bad to some, but I really didn't mind it. I felt in control of my feelings and morals, so I could probably switch any time I felt like those kinds of thoughts were getting in the way of my advancement. As of now, however, they have not been hampering me physically or emotionally to a point where it bothers me. Oh well. I could slowly feel myself drifting off into sleep.