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A single star hangs over a swirling dark blue and purple nebula like cloud of mist and dust. A crack opens in the black empty space around the nebulous cloud. As the star above the cloud spins rapidly and become two stars shining down at the crack slowly opening just outside of the swirling nebula. A pair of glowing yellow eyes looks out of the crack and peering down at the nebula cloud. A creature with the same glowing yellow eyes climbs out of the crack and jumps into the cloud of mist and dust.

One of the pair of stars hanging over the nebula cloud starts to follow the yellow eyed creature into the cloud. The star goes deep into the cloud and passes other stars, nebulas, and galaxies. The star follows the creature into one of the galaxies and down to a planet. The creature lands in an empty grassy field of the planet. The creature is small with dark blue skin and small clawed hands and feet short pointed horns with other imp like features. The creature beady yellow eyes look around at the glass around it and claws at the grass. The grass slowly turns brown and lifeless as gassy mist floats from the grass. The imp like creature starts to eat the dim glowing mist. The star watches the imp creature turning the grass to a lifeless brown and feeding on the mist for a moment before shining light on the creature and freezing it in time. The star looks over the imp as it encases the creature in light then slowly fades away with the imp.

The star returns to the other star hanging over the swirling nebula cloud. The two stars dim to a soft glow then blink and change into a pair of old grey eyes as a man in a suit walk into a clock tower. The man has short grey hair and his face looks young that contrast with his old eyes. He is tall with a lean body and trim build with pale skin. His suit looks new, but in an old style. The suit jacket is a dark blue with a light grey vest over a white button up shirt and dark blue tie with dark blue dress pants and black dress shoes. He takes a pocket watch from his vest pocket. The watch and the chain parts seem to all look different some look to be made by hand and others look to be factory new while other looked like they broke then repaired. He opens the watch and looks down at it. There isn't a clock face inside, but the swirling dark blue and purple nebula cloud. The man is time in the flesh.

Time looks up from his watch as he puts it away. He looks over to a large computer console on at the wall next to the clock face of the tower. He walks over to console as he waves his hand making the imp creature encased in light appears on a scanning device that is a part of the console. Time looks over the imp as the computer scans the creature. When the reading from the scan comes up on the console screen Time turns and rushes over to a door under the clock's gears. Inside is a swirling vortex of dark blue and purple mist and fine white sand.

He steps into the vortex and through a wall of whirling wind and pelting rain. As he comes through wall of wind and rain he enters a black violent storm cloud of mist and sand. While we walks though the storm cloud flashes of wars, plagues, famines and other disaster rushes past him as he walks through scenes of the worse times of history. The cloud shifts from a black storm cloud to a grey rain cloud then to a white cloud as the mist and sand around him lazily float through the cloud. The flashes of wars and famines fade away as he walks into the rain cloud. As we enters the white cloud flashes of peace, prosperity, feast and other good fortunes rush by him as he walks through scenes of the best time of history.

He steps through another wall of whirling wind and pelting rain and on to a beach of white sand. Time looks around at the tiny island and up to a small mill house. It a small brick and stone house that seems like the only thing on the island with a large water wheel on one side of the house that turning by itself. He walks up to the mill and inside of the house.

Inside of the mill is large machinery and gears that fills the mill. He scans over each part of the machinery listing them in his head. The large mill wheel is the real wheel of time ever turning a large metal like ring that shift in color and shine, it's the ring of renewal. The ring turns a tall stone pillar that's the pillar of strength. It drives a red stone like wheel of determination that is grind against a large metal block of shifting blue. It's a mental block. The grinding make bright white sparks of inspiration that lights dark black oil of the midnight oil. The oil burns with a deep red fire of desire it's fueled by ever shifting winds of change. The fire makes a tank of dark pink water boil. It's the waters of passion. The boiling water makes steam that becomes a force of will that turns a stone column of power. The column drives a rusting and renewing gear of progress that is turning a large grindstone of effort again a larger old stone. It's the rock of ages that is being ground into the fine white sands of time. The sand is flows into the water of life.

He goes over to each piece of the mill of time and life checking it for any kind of damage or problems. After seeing that everything is fine, he turns to the door and touches it making mark appear on the door. He takes a hand full of sand. It glows in his hand as he takes it to the vortex. He tosses the glowing sand into the vortex. The sand glows as it mixes with the mist as it spins around the vortex. He takes another hand full of sand and walks back through the vortex again trailing glowing sand as he moves through the vortex. The glowing sand wraps around the vortex. He takes out his pocket watch and sees a gold dot at the center of it.

Time puts his watch away as he walks back through the door to the clock tower. He moves back over to the computer console and take a seat in the chair in front of the console. He pulls up a program and starts to type a few commands into the prompt. After a few second a drive opens up on the console as a small device sticks out. He takes the device and looks it over before he turns to the imp creature. He presses the device to the back of the imp's neck as the device latches on to the imp's neck. The device sinks into the skin of creature. He waves his hand again as the imp disappears.

Time walks over to a set of doors leads out to an office. It's a simple office and looks like a CEO's office. He walks out of the office as he disappears. He appears outside of a recruitment office with the letters T, D, A on the front window. He walks in and the woman at the desk greets him as Mr. Aeon. The woman has red hair that is tied into a tight bun and green eyes. She has tan skin with a slender build with a bit of muscle and is dressed in a navy like uniform.

He asked for file of new potential agents. She turned to a file cabinet and takes a few folders out and hand them to him. He takes the folders and asked for her to call two agents to his office. The woman nods and picks up the phone as Time walks out of t he office. He appears in his office again and sits down at his desk. He looks over the files as he waits for the agent he asked for to come to his office.

A few minutes later a man and woman walk into his office. The man has hazel eyes with dark slicked back hair with a fit and toned body and fair skin. He is wearing a white t-shirt with a black leather jacket over the shirt with blue jeans and a pair of black books. He also has a pouch hanging from his belt. The woman has dark brown eyes with curly dark brown hair that is tied in a low bun. She has a trim and curvy body with honey skin. She is wearing a dark brown shirt with a light tan bodice like vest with light brown tights and tan boots. She also has a small leather bonded book hooked to her belt.

"You wanted to see use sir?" The woman asked.

"Ah, yes miss De La carte, I'm going to need some people picked up." He said getting up with a few files. He walks over to her and hands her the files.

"Alright, who's first?" She asked taking the files.

"There numbered. Once you pick up the new agents take them to a recruitment office with a new recruit waiting room. The rooms with a database library so they can look up any question they may have."

She nods and turns to the man. "Let's go Colt." She said as the two of them walk out of the office. Time walks back into the room with the clock's workings as he makes the imp appear in a cage. He picks up the cage as he turns them both into a mist as they fade away.