The Fox and the Wolves

There once was a forest full of wolves, the land was good and the hunting fair as a whole the pack was well taken care of but despite this some wolves still suffered. And so often on the night of a full moon many wolves would gather on the hills and with heads held high they would cry their problems to the night sky.

But the sky never answered their cries.

One day a fox limped into the forest his leg injured and his stomach empty. He asked the wolves for shelter and to partake in their evening catch. The wolves were torn over how to treat such a request.

"How can we help the fox when some of our own suffer?"

Still others recoiled for other reasons altogether.

"How can we trust the fox will not harm us? He is not a wolf why should we take the chance?"

And so the wolves gathered together once again under the full moon and cried their dilemma to the night sky.

But the sky never answered their cries.

However despite the gathering of his fellow wolves one wolf instead came to the injured fox and brought with him both food and shelter for the night.

For he said, "The fox may not be a wolf but he is still an animal and all animals must live and die equally, so should I not help the fox since I am not one of the wolves that suffer? Since I have shelter and food in my belly?"

And so after a time the fox left, recovered from the food and shelter provided by the lone wolf.

Years passed by and their came a day when the forest land was no longer good and the hunting no longer fair and so the pack of wolves were forced to leave.

They traveled far and wide and found no where bountiful in shelter and food. And so they gathered under the full moon and with their heads held up high cried their grief to to the night sky.

But the sky never answered their cries.

And so they continued their search until the day came that they came upon a forest full of foxes.

Some of the foxes growled and bared their teeth at the wolves and the wolves feared they would have to travel once more in search of shelter and food.

But then from among the growling came the fox that so many years ago had come to their land in search of shelter and food. And the wolves feared even more that they would be turned away for so many of them had wanted to deny him either.

Instead the fox from those years ago remembered the kindness that the lone wolf who had acted rather then cried to the sky had given him and invited them into the lands, for he said

"The world is kind and the world is cruel,

and so we must live by one simple rule.

To never deny help and give an excuse,

to withhold aid to those exposed to abuse.

And the wolf and the fox may not be the same animal it's true,

but both animals we are and both breathe and eat we must do.

So act when you can and help when you can give,

For everyone of us deserves the chance just to live."